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  1. Does it really take a full year for a scar to heal?

    It will take months and years for the scar to mellow or improve in texture but it will never be fully removed and will always be there.
  2. What has your acne/ scars prevented you from doing

    Basically getting into relationships, Its not the same anymore and it makes a difference I can feel it. Friends you still can make basically because they don't really care if you have scars but finding a partner is hard. I tried dating and stuff but you know subconsciously I cant get too close to girls, because I dont want someone dating me to see my scars up too close and it feels weird and people think im shy (But without the scars im not), its like trapped in a prison, you want to express yourself but you cant. And people can sense you being abit off and they dont dare to look at you. Worst thing is parents and friends keep pressuring you, saying you dont know how to get girls and stuff. Like facing scars is already tough, and the constant berating from others and mental torture is crazy. I know I can get any hot girl I want if I was scar free but there is no way to prove it except it being a fact in my mind.
  3. Scarless Healing

    They look pretty genuine and the pictures don't look like the 80s
  4. Scarless Healing Hey guys, look at this very interesting website. They claim to be able to have scarless healing. They have some very compelling evidence which shows third degree burns and other various forms of scars that regenerate perfectly or close to? Please someone look at this and tell me what you think. I have a feeling that maybe seabs was right all along and that scarless healing does exists but might be suppressed by governments and other institutions.
  5. TCA cross and Subcision update

    yeah i know bro its ruined my confidence tho i was used to getting any girl i want now i cant talk to any mine is much worst then yours trust me, i feel its hard to get a gf. I am good looking so from a far girls think im cute but i get fidgety when they are close with lighting on. It has never happened that way pre-scar. I am still confident about myself, right now just that if you cant accept how I look so be it, I wont force it. We just have to deal with it, live isn't fair. I could think of a 100 bad things I rather happen than acne scars. But there is no use thinking about the past.
  6. TCA cross and Subcision update

    I actually think your skin is fine in the latest pics. The previous pics there were some scarring but it is not disfiguring in anyway, it quite fits your rugged good looks. The fact that you had a hot gf shows that women dont really bother much about it and you are overthinking too much.
  7. No one can tell me what scarring this is

    I would trade my scars for your scars anyday lol
  8. Scarless Healing

    Actually, I have kind of gave up with the scarring issue even though part of me secretly hopes there will be a cure. I just have to accept that with my scars I won't be able/or drastically reduces my chance to find a partner. Somethings in life just happens and you have to deal with it. Although it sucks because scarring is something that you can't change. If a girl breaks your heart, you can find a new one. If a bully bullies you, you can stand up to him. But if you are scarred, what can you do? I also know I cannot dwell on this issue on my whole life. Just lead it and tolerate, maybe blame it on past karma that caused this. I only can say we have to let it go. If we do not let it bother us, it will not to a certain degree. Life is not perfect, there are people who are born with severe disfigurement (which is worst than acne scarring) yet they live on. Then there are other children who are sex slaves to criminal organizations, and other children who have to carry guns and fight wars, you can imagine the fear they have everyday. We should be thankful that at least we are not in that situation and pray and believe that someday, something will be done for us.
  9. Scarless Healing

    If scientists say they can regenerate scars on mice and potentially on humans, why isn't it happening yet?