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  1. Has anybody tried 302 Avogen combined with needling? According to this author below, she uses a combination of needling, 302 serums, supplements and ultrasound techniques. She claims it to be the "holy grail" of scar treatment and that she saw 80% improvement in the first year and 95% within 5 years. This seems like a very promising figure and she seems knowledgeable about the procedures and benefits. You can read more from below this link: I have decided to follow through with these treatments, after years of barely any noticeable improvement in my numerous scars on my face. Maybe 10-20% maximum? I would estimate. I think it is time I do something for myself to improve my situation.
  2. Scarless Healing

    They used human samples but that is a good sign because previously it was animals. Now that it has been shown that scarless healing can occur in human cells in a lab setting the last step is to bring it to the masses.
  3. Scarless Healing From what I read in the articles they were successful in reprogramming myofibroblasts (which causes scarring) to adipose fat cells (which will look like normal skin) in human and mouse cells. I would say keep your hopes up. It seems we do have the technology for scarless healing. It just a matter of time they make it available to common folks.
  4. Scarless Healing

    Actually the future is closer then you think. Interplanetary travel, humanoid androids and advanced flying crafts are all here. The thing is these kind of stuff are kept under the rug by the military/government and assessed by only the elites and need to know basis. It may be the same issue with scarless healing. I once read that military tech is AT LEAST 10-20 years ahead (If not maybe decades or centuries ahead even) of public technology that we know. It is not surprising since TRILLIONS of dollars are spent on research and black budget programs.