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  1. Quick question about Cyst/Nodule

    You are one hell of a lucky dude. I got very severe cystic acne and infection on my left face and rosacea (Which lasted for 3 months). I didn't know what to do with it, my parents did not care and assured it wasn't anything serious. At the very last ditch of effort that they showed (after I begged them to do something), I was sent to some crappy dermatologist who just took a 10 mins look and prescribed some benozyl peroxide which I then applied which caused the skin to be very dry and peeling. (Which I think might have contributed to my scars). I found out much later this chemical is very toxic and I would not recommend it what so ever to anyone. I was 18 years old with barely any money to do anything. If I had money and was older, I would have seek treatments myself. I now have severe scarring on my left cheek and moderate scarring on my right. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong basically.
  2. Scarless Healing

    Don't know how they could apply SkinTE to scars/stretchmarks / hairloss without removing the complete skin? I mean if you have hairloss it makes no sense to remove the entire sculp to get new hair! Same goes for scars in face, it would be to extreme to remove the entire skin! I got a tons of stretchmarks on my arms and chest. I don't think it makes sense to remove the entire skin on my biceps 20sqcm of skin each site. It would be great if they could develop a microneedling + SkinTE application so that only the scarred tissue can be regenerated! But to remove the scars completely, I think you would have to remove the skin? If its proven to work I really do not mind going such a procedure. I do not think just miconeedling would work (For scarless healing) because the scar tissue would always be there. A broken vase, no matter how you glue it back would still have cracks. The best solution is to buy a new vase.
  3. Scarless Healing

    I got severe scarring since I was 18, now i'm 28. Could not ever get into a relationship because of it and people always think i'm shy because somehow I act fidgety (Afraid of how people view my scars). I really wish all this will end someday and I can be my true self finally.
  4. Scarless Healing

    Do you know how to take part in the human trial. I will be willing to try, anyway to contact them? They don't seem to reveal their email to public, From what I know they did not regenerate third degree skin damage of swine models unlike polarity. Swine skin is more complicated then humans, so if it works on swine it is highly likely it works on human skin. Polarity is more promising then them. I am actually glad we have something to look forward to (which is in the near future) after several years of suffering. Yes, my youth will not comeback but i'm still eternally grateful if this works out and we all have a new lease of life.
  5. 302 Avogen combined with needling

    Thanks. Should I approach a derm to get TCA cross done? Is there any chance the scarring could potentially become worst after TCA and subcision? How many % improvement to expect? As for breaking out, I haven't had once in years. My hormones are pretty balanced now, I only have the occasional spot pimples and even then still quite rare. The only thing not going too well for my skin is the dryness and slight rosacea I suffer, I think because my skin's protective layer has been damaged?
  6. 302 Avogen combined with needling

    The article recommend 1.5mm dermarollers. However, I read that anything above 1.0mm might do damage and cause atrophy to the fat cells if not done right. Do you have any experience which is better? Also, I have permanent rosacea, redness on my cheeks mostly, not really all that bad but its there and I have a daily routine of putting moisturizers and toners yet the redness still persists. I do not have any acne now, but I wonder if needling would be a good choice because of this condition. The scars I have are icepicks and deep boxscar scars on my cheeks from the result of cystic acne during my teen years.
  7. Has anybody tried 302 Avogen combined with needling? According to this author below, she uses a combination of needling, 302 serums, supplements and ultrasound techniques. She claims it to be the "holy grail" of scar treatment and that she saw 80% improvement in the first year and 95% within 5 years. This seems like a very promising figure and she seems knowledgeable about the procedures and benefits. You can read more from below this link: I have decided to follow through with these treatments, after years of barely any noticeable improvement in my numerous scars on my face. Maybe 10-20% maximum? I would estimate. I think it is time I do something for myself to improve my situation.