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  1. Keats added a post in a topic bread causes acne   

    It's not the bread itself, it are the simple carbohydrates.

    Here is your acne solution!!

    edit: actually, whole grain (rye) bread is a very low inducer of insulin, so the part of bread causing acne does only count for other variants of bread (white bread, etc)
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  2. Keats added a post in a topic Best book shedding light on acne?   

    Read this article of Dr. Robert Preston first:

    After reading this I dont think you have to buy that book anymore. I have read the whole article and do agree with a lot of what he is saying. I think carbohydrates screws up all. Go Paleo
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  3. Keats added a post in a topic Garlic   

    You know what works when you see a pimple is developping somewhere.. ? Ice cube 'm

    Just put an ice cube on the spot for 5 mins, followed by another 5mins with a break of 15mins.
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  4. Keats added a post in a topic For those who don't use a cleanser.   

    I always only wash my face with water. Hot water first, then cold water. I dont use soaps or anything.
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