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  1. Eyevan added a post in a topic those who are on accutane or have been on it...   

    Vaseline should do the trick.
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  2. Eyevan added a post in a topic is zinc the answer   

    Hardly an answer to acne. Though it helps with maintenance of healthy skin and helps with healing.
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  3. Eyevan added a post in a topic lack of sleep   

    Its possible, i think your skin recovers while you sleep?
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  4. Eyevan added a post in a topic BP Gel rocks my world!!!!   

    If you dont want major breakouts i would suggest using very very little then a little more every 2nd or 3rd day.
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  5. Eyevan added a post in a topic skin after acne   

    Yes its possible, my skin is finally starting to show improvements as years of picking and squeezing have left me with pretty bad scars. Just drink lots of water, eat healthy, and take care of your skin, but you have to be very patient. Try not to use too many products and if all fails then you can try a derm for microdermabrasion or fillings into the scars.

    Good luck
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  6. Eyevan added a post in a topic skin after acne   

    Its very much possible for it to return to like when we were 5, but if you've picked at it constantly and have indented scars then its most likely its not going to return to normal without treatment. Maybe you could try cleansing your body and taking supplements for skin repair, i have heard many great stories about their skin after cleansing.
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  7. Eyevan added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Liver Flushes
    Can someone tell me all the pros and cons of doing a liverflush, plus all the dangers associated with liver flushing. I have heard from some people that stones get stuck and they had to be hospitalised or had constant pain after liver flushings.
    Also what are those P&B shakes everyone is taking to kill parasites? Where to get them? or how to make them?
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  8. Eyevan added a post in a topic Differin not working yet after 1 month   

    You really should finish about 2-3 tubes before deciding if the drug is working for you or not.
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  9. Eyevan added a post in a topic Roaccutane and alcohol   

    my derm told me taking in some alcohol once a while is acutally good 4 u. He sed that it gets ur liver working hard again so its not slacking off all the time. O:)
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