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  1. thebignosebandit added a post in a topic Accutane users, how long did it take...   

    oddly enough, my t zone is pretty clear, but it stays the most oily. maybe its more sweat than oil, i dunno. because today i woke up in the morning, and realized i had NO oil on my face, but before accutane, i always have a slightly oily face in the morning. i dunno, maybe its a combo of sweat and oil, but when i get nervous, tired, my face gets oily.....
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  2. thebignosebandit added a post in a topic Accutane users, how long did it take...   

    im closing in on 1 month and my oillyness still lingers. Not as bad as before, but around my t zone, i still get that ugly shinyness all of us oily skin sufferes know so well. Keep in mind i have the most excessive oily skin ever, so it has improved, but not enough. hopefully things will get better.
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  3. thebignosebandit added a post in a topic Can you drink alcohol on minocycline?   

    it wont affect mino's antibacterial effect, but its not a good idea because of the fact that mino is already putting a strain on your liver, and adding alcohol in the mix is putting that vital organ in extra overtime. its not fatal or deadly, just kinda harsh on the liver.....

    but i guess u can call me a hypocrite because im currently on accutane, and last saturday i got drunk off my ass. so its really your call, aspirin and tylenol put a strain on your liver also, but you still see people taking them and getting drunk too.....
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  4. thebignosebandit added a post in a topic Clear at last. Happiest day!   

    congratulations, your story is an inspiration to us all and is everything we all dream of, now go out and live your life, you are now one of them, the clear people!!!!

    but before u go, i have a few long ago did u finish your course? how long did it take for dry skin to kick in? how long did it take for acne to stop? and you never get zits now? cool man. take care.
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  5. thebignosebandit added a post in a topic Celebrities With ACNE breakouts   

    check this pic out.....yes thats britney spears.

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  6. thebignosebandit added a post in a topic Celebrities With ACNE breakouts   

    wow in that pic cameron definately looks a lot worse than me........
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  7. thebignosebandit added a post in a topic CANT TAKE it anymore   

    many people here WISH they only had 3 pimples on their face, consider yourself lucky!!! man just hang in there for a few more days, within a week they'll be gone, within 2 weeks you'll barely notice the marks. im at the point where i only have 2 zits on my face, i have mild acne, but i have about 5 marks from a huge breakout! its tough man but if your going to school just use this time to study really hard, or watch a movie, or play videogames......

    good luck
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  8. thebignosebandit added a post in a topic Has Retin A Worked For Anyone?   


    havent had any new zits, blemishes in 4 days........i know, i know, 4 days isn't really anything, but i just feel like this retin a has finally shed layers and layers of skin and my pores are clean now........i dunno, maybe the tetra is kicking in? anyways, so far things have beem going well, im now motivated to clear these marks.......
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  9. thebignosebandit added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Has Retin A Worked For Anyone?
    OK i understand retin a is suppose to exfoliate your skin, which initially will cause more breakouts and bring new pimples to surface, but i've been on retin a micro for 7 weeks, still breaking out, i switched to retin a gel avita, still breaking patience is running long does this exfoliate period last? how come im still breaking out? why arent my pores unclogged? it seems as if every 5 days i get a set of 3 new face can't take this anymore!!! has anyone experienced good results from retin a after a long period of time or am i just wasting my time!
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  10. thebignosebandit added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    "oh he use to be cute.......
    but now he has all these pimples and zits on his face"- april.

    this girl in my english 1002 class, had a thing for her, last year i heard she had a thing for me, this year things got weird, now my friend just calls me and says that she had that to say about me........

    acne sucks. thank god for school, something to keep me motivated and keep my mind off this thing.

    note: im on retin a, tetra and vitamin B and haven't gotten one blemish in the past 2 weeks, i just have to deal with these marks, i hope you all try this method, keep in mind you need patience.

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  11. thebignosebandit added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    you guys are being very ignorant.....
    do you know what people think of people with acne?
    the general understanding is people with acne simply have bad hygene, and if they washed there face regurarly like they are suppose to things would be fine........
    do you know how many people urgue me to order proactive like its a sure way to cure my acne?
    same goes with people that are overweight!!!
    now some people who are overweight can blame themselves because of their diet, poor choice of some people with acne can blame themselves for bad hygene......BUT

    take me and my sister, we both have problems, i have acne, she is 60 pounds overweight......the funny thing is, i eat MORE junkfood and fattening foods she does, she is on a STRICT diet, she has a full time membership to the gym, and a strict regimen, she STILL cannot lose it, the best she has gotten is 20 pounds off, she quickly gained it back. however on the other hand I eat whatever i want, never work out, sleep, and eat, and stay at a perfectly normal weight. its not as simple as excersize more, eat less calories people.........
    genetically she got it from our grandmother, you people are very ignorant if you think all fat people can blame themselves for there obesity, because i've seen my sister her whole life struggle with the problem and fight it everyday just like we fight our acne to no success.

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