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  1. doodles19 added a post in a topic WHERE'S MY JAPANESE PEOPLE AT???   

    Hey hey, koko desu yo.

    I'm in the Yokohama area & have seen quite a few acne products, but most seem to be salicylic acid based. Have not found any BP.

    I'm currently lookin for a product (maybe moisturizer?) with AHA in it.

    Anyone else living in the Kanto region?

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  2. doodles19 added a post in a topic Your age bracket   

    26, going on to 27 in april...
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  3. doodles19 added a topic in Store brand Regimen supplies   

    Eucerin Renewal Alpha Hydroxy Lotion
    I just wanted to post that i FINAlly got my hands on some Eucerin Renwal Alpha Hydroxy Lotion and let me tell you, this product is different from Eucerin Skin Renewal Clear Skin Formula Day Lotion. The 'active' ingredients are the same, but in different quantities, and the 'other' ingredients are noticeably different. Anyways, my point is, is I've switched over from Skin Renewal to Renewal Alpha Hydroxy, and my skin is doing a lot better (Skin Renewal turned my face into an oil slick).

    I ordered Eucerin Renewal w/ Alpha Hydroxy from, and after shipping, conversion, tax etc., it came out to $12 CDN per tube (i got 3 tubes). Not bad since it cost me $10 USD plus running across the border to get the Clear Skin formula one.

    I know not everyone here uses Eucerin, but hope this helps to those of you who do! B)
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  4. doodles19 added a post in a topic Getting Dan's bp gel   

    Yep! No customs I guess. I'm happy!
    I too had to pay a crapload for Proactive (gave me red ugly bumps all over my face), and Paula Begoun's stuff...which is ok, but, well, just o.k.

    Cheers to Dan!!
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  5. doodles19 added a post in a topic Getting Dan's bp gel   

    Ooo! My bottles of gel arrived today, and the post person left them inside my screen door. yes! Will post a message in a few days re: how the gel works.

    *jc did you receive my message? i sent you one this afternoon, but it seems to be still sittin' in my outbox?
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  6. doodles19 added a topic in Store brand Regimen supplies   

    Getting Dan's bp gel
    Does anyone know if you have to be at home to receive the bp gel from the post person? Ie. if you're not home or the post person misses you, will he/she leave it for you or do you have to go to the post office to pick it up? :-k Just want to leave instructions for my folks cause I'm goin on vacation soon. (Ordered my bp gel on April 1st).
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  7. doodles19 added a post in a topic Visine eyedrops   

    Using Visine hasn't really done a lot for me. I've soaked some onto a q-tip and held it to my face - it helps a bit, but I think a dab of concealer works better. (Lasts longer too).
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