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  1. So I stopped taking roaccutane nearly 3 years ago, completely cleared my acne and oily skin up till about a year ago... now I get the occasional hormonal break out which I can live with but my oily skin has returned and it's just as bad as before roaccutane.. within an hour of washing my face it will be seriously shiny... have to blot my face all day long which isn't that fun or convienient!! It makes me so self consiocus, I'm always thinking about how oily it is and what people must think of it!! I've tried a few different types of the pill but nothing really helped... I've heard about spironolactone, has anyone had any good experiences with it? Or know of anything else that might help? Don't want to go back on roaccutane just for oily skin because I know it's not permanent ! Thanks!!
  2. accutane and alcohol

    I was on roaccutane nearly three years ago and the only thing I regret doing in that time is drinking alcohol! I didn't drink much, maybe two or three drinks very occasionally, but the longer I was on roaccutane the worse I felt if I'd had a drink. Like I would throw up all night just after a few! The worst part was that even up to a year after I'd stopped taking the drug I still felt TERRIBLE every time I had a drink... as the drug takes a while to be completely out of your system. Obviously everyone's bodies reacts differently but this was my experience! It can be difficult to avoid drinking at times though especially if that's what a lot of your social life tends to revolve around but trust me it will be so worth it! As for your liver, roaccutane already puts stain on it so alcohol is not gunna make the situation any better !