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  1. Background:Hi everyone! Acne for me started around the age of 12. I had tried every over the counter product, with no success. By grade 11, I was desperate and finally went to see my family doctor. I asked him for Benzaclin (Duac), as my sister had success with it. Benzaclin worked well for me, clearing up about 60% of my acne, but never making my skin fully clear. I was on it for 3 years, even though around the 2 year mark, it stopped making any difference what so ever. I went to a derm last week, to which she prescribed me Epiduo as a last topical attempt for my skin, before switching to oral pills. I thought I'd create a progress log to share with everyone how this product is working for me. The type of acne I have is pretty stubborn. I don't get very many cysts, but a ton of small whitehead and regular spots all over my face. The major trouble area are my cheeks that get lots of red, hard to heal bumps. I definitely do think its hormonal, but don't know for sure. First application/routine: Since this medication can be irritating, the derm recommended I use a gentle cleanser, and good moisturiser before application. I wouldn't necessarily categorise my skin as sensitive. I don't notice much burning with this product, just slight stinging only if I really focus on it, although that doesn't last long. At night, I wash my face with CeraVe hydrating cleanser, and then apply CeraVe Hydrating cream. I wait ten minutes then apply the product to my face. In the morning, I just rinse thoroughly with water to give my skin a break from the chemicals, and then repeat. With this routine, my skin hasn't been drying out bad.Week 1: Within the first couple days, my skin seemed to be getting better. It seemed as if my new routine was quickly healing the pimples already on the surface of my skin. I'm at the 6 day mark to be exact, and am noticing a slight breakout. I may already be experiencing an initial breakout, or purge. I have a lot of stubborn acne that has always been stuck under the surface of my skin. These pimples may finally be purging out. Hopefully this breakout doesn't last too long. Will be back for week 2 to update! If you guy have any questions, I'd love to answer!