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  1. Have you talked to a dermatologist?
  2. if you find something about supplements,,do let me know, and acne well, I guess, it was just meant to happen? idk. Yeah I'm not sure. It seems like zinc would be fine with Accutane still in your system, but I really just don't know.
  3. why don't you try taking some zinc supplements or something?, I myself have been thinking to take that, just today I saw a bottle of" vit c and zinc supplement". I hope its ok to take those. Hmm I'm looking into it, but I'm really just not sure what's safe to do with Accutane in my system still. I still don't even know why I ever got acne last year in the first place! If it's not hormonal like my dermatologist says/thinks, what would even cause acne out of nowhere when there had been absolutely no changes in my life or routine or anything?
  4. People still socialize with me frequently, however, last year when I had the active acne, I was able to stay home when I wanted most of the time. When I got back into classes, my acne started improving and then stayed clear on Accutane. Now, I'm back with acne and can't stay home. I know nobody will react poorly to me, but I wish there was a way I could let the entire world know I just wanna be alone Right now I'm thinking since Spironolactone did help me and I can't recall any side effects, I'll see if my primary care physician can get me on a lower dose of that before I see my derm, since it does take long to kick in and my appointment is still far out.
  5. I agree. If I woke up by some miracle with my pre-2016 skin, I'd do a complete 180 and be myself again. I think I'm dealing with this all better than last year, but still this is not something I want to continue to battle. And to have suffered through Accutane for nothing will be a shame. I used to be very social and adventurous, but I just can't anymore.
  6. yeah,,it just feel like a never ending thing though you are still comparatively new to all this. Yep. I'd trade having acne as a teen and clear skin as an adult though. I think a large amount of teens do get acne, but it clears up as they get older. I don't see many people my age with acne anymore. There's nothing negative that comes out of suffering with bad skin and then finally getting good skin. There's a lot of bad that comes with growing up with good skin and forming your identity around it, and then getting bad skin. So yeah, I'd never compare my experience to anyone's, and I know many people have it so much worse, but I'm sure we can all agree that acne really hurts people.
  7. honestly, idk why there are such horror stories on retinoids, I mean even when I used it for the very first time 3 years back or something, I didn't get any irritation whatsoever and its not that my skin is not sensitive. anyway, your derm knows the best, all you can do right now is hope that its not the acne coming back My skin is kinda sensitive, and considering how I feel my skin got damaged from Accutane, it's just not something I'd consider if offered. I mean, I definitely have acne coming back. I've got pimples all over lol and my makeup problem is returning. Nothing I can do
  8. That's bad.. I guess your derm should have prescribed you a topical retinoid to keep things under control. ill also be going home on 5th so will probably see my derm next day because I have some itching issues going on after I quit Accutane. I'm not interested in any retinoids. Seen too many horror stories, and my acne is nowhere near severe to even risk that. The derm wouldn't have known either, I was clear my entire course. I didn't do well with an antibiotic I was on last year (fever/hot flashes, nausea, gastro issues, etc.), but my derm keeps saying she doesn't think my acne is hormonal. I'm thinking something topical will be tried (I was on finacea foam before for a long time, never helped). Spironolactone did eventually lessen my acne, but that's a hormonal medication. So just not sure what will be decided on to try.
  9. Well another update: I'm breaking out everywhere and my forehead is still completely covered in pimples. Like, my acne is returning to as bad as it was last year. Treatments take so long to go into effect and I still don't have an appointment until August 7th to get prescribed something! This is gonna be so difficult going to classes
  10. yeah it was HORRIBLE cystic last year just came out of nowhere..but was gone in 2months,,thanks to calamine lotion and other topicals. in terms acne,i was 100% clear 1 month before starting Accutane as I was on topicals, but my derm said that for the scars to be treated she needs to make sure that I don't get any acne and so she put me on this. and PIH, well, I guess my skin just heals very poorly so until any older pih fades,there is already something new. funny thing my skin only gets bad when I am in the city that I am currently in..when I go home, my pih is gone in like 4-5 days,lol. Wow that's surprising you cleared up such serious acne so quickly! Yeah, before I ever got acne I obviously had pimples from time to time, and I was an awful picker, but nothing ever left scars and if I got hyperpigmentation it faded very quickly. Right when I got acne, my PIH would be briiight red and last for ages. And now I have scars all over! I get that. My PIH kept adding up too, lol. My whole cheeks and chin had polka dots. However, for some reason my forehead never got any. That's interesting that yours is covered. Maybe since the skin is thinner on the forehead as opposed to the cheeks, it fades quicker as the new skin comes in. Is it a polluted city or something? That's really interesting. Yeah, different climates can affect people's skin. As for your scars, don't forget to wait enough time before you start treating them, however you plan to do that. They say 6 months is enough, but I feel like it isn't. Edit: Oh nooooo! I just looked in the mirror this morning and there's now a RED pimple above my lip
  11. acne red marks scars

    Just red marks? Not any indentation? If so, no worries, it'll go away! All you need is time
  12. well..in the beginning it was both acne and hyperpigmentation, but I didn't care much that time cuz I was in high school..and everyone had those issues more or less..but my acne was never severe just persistent, until last year when things got really severe.. though it got back to as it was before,,it left me lots of intended scars (even among all this,,the hyperpigmentation was always there lol). and then I took isotretinoin. Yeah, I didn't have severe acne, as in cystic, but it was persistent and basically I got a new spot every day. My entire forehead was covered, my chin got big, red, angry ones, and same with my cheeks. And then just misc pimples in any spot. By the time I started isotretinoin, I had been clear for a month from other treatments. Wish I just stuck with that, but I was still getting angry breakouts so my derm said I wouldn't get any clearer than that with what I was using. So she said isotretinoin was the next step. I didn't know any better, I asked her questions and did my own research but nothing prepared me for this! Did you have cystic acne last year? That would make sense if you got left with scars if you had cysts. Once your active acne stops though the hyper pigmentation will just need time to fade. It really does take awhile at times though!
  13. 6 years of acne in general or just the hyperpigmentation? That would be a loooong time for HP lol
  14. well..im a guy so ive never used any makeup stuff so I don't do anything about them,,i just want to get rid of all this and stop hiding myself really. I'd trade my scars for hyperpigmentation any day! It goes away! I had it pretty dang bad last year. If it really bothers you that much then if you are close to any girls, maybe have them show you a few tricks haha
  15. NOO..dont do that, don't extract.. your skin is still very fragile..yeah its hyperpigmentation..and I live in a very very humid place so the excessive sweating just makes it look so much worse. I know! I said I won't extract them! They haven't let up and the clindamycin hasn't done anything so I'm stopping that. It just sucks that my dermatologist is booked so far out, so I don't know what to do in the meantime. Usually small pimples like this go away in 1-3 days. As for the hyperpigmentation.. Have you considered wearing concealer?
  16. What's wrong with your forehead? Just hyperpigmentation? All the bumps on my forehead look like they need to be extracted, but I obviously can't do that since I took Accutane lmao. I had a tiny pimple awhile ago on my forehead that i extracted and it left an indented hole.
  17. Dang, you previously said your problems went away after Accutane. Oh dear.
  18. because your skin is dehydrated, some scars appear worse, and they might not even be scars, just some texture issues which should be gone once the skin goes back to normal in about a month or so because Accutane stays in your body for that time. Hope so! The bumps on my forehead haven't gotten better and now I'm getting pimples on my chin. Ugh. And now the tip of my nose has 4-5 pimples/bumps. Weird.
  19. What Kind Of Acne Is This?

    Sorry, no
  20. Could you elaborate on what you mean by "superficial scarring"? Mine certainly look worse in person. Grainy cameras aren't going to show many flaws lol. Yeah, I wish I hadn't gone on Accutane as well. Especially since my acne may be returning, and my makeup problem (which was horrrrible) is now coming back too. So basically I suffered for 5 months just to give myself scars. Yeah, believe it or not I'm relatively calm day to day. It's still hard and I'm not happy. If I was sitting at home 24/7 that would be one thing, but having to go out is stressful. I hope my skin bounces back too! I do have some actual scar scars though from picking. One is raised Good luck to you too!
  21. It's not a photo of my whole face lol I have about 20 scars. Obviously nothing horribly noticeable but I looked in the mirror for 20 years with clear skin, so it's a lot to me. I'm just physically uncomfortable as well. My skin just gets hot and tight and whatnot. And I've had really bad dry mouth before I even started Accutane, so I can't blame it for that, but I've had it for at the very least 2 years, and it's extremely difficult to live with. Things just keep adding up and get frustrating, I'm sure you understand. I wouldn't even be able to do needling for over 6 months anyways so don't worry, it's not happening.
  22. Your skin looks completely flawless in your photos too. That's just a small portion of my face with an iPhone camera. My skin is dehydrated, breaking out again, and the makeup problem I used to have right when I got acne that went away finally on Accutane is coming back. My makeup would separate and leave dots all over my face. I traced over the scars/lines (the bigger the picture, the harder to see, when it's as a small thumbnail I can clearly see the lines):
  23. yeap, I got them right after finisihing the pills and they lasted for like 5 days, but its smooth now. Okay, hope that's the case for me too! Now to try to deal with this dehydrated skin... Not sure what to do
  24. woah hold on, give your skin some time, seriously, you didn't take these pills for several months to go back on what you did before taking this. Right now, try not to do too many things. Yeah I know I'm just feeling really low. I was glad to be done with the acne for so long but then the scars and bad/dehydrated skin were worse to be honest, so if I got acne back on top of that I'd be devastated. I just got blood work yesterday from my PCP, hoping something comes up...
  25. well, I cant see any lines but maybe they don't appear in the photos, and about the small bumps, I also got them, I even got a lot of bumps on my nose but theyre all gone now, I guess its just the skin adjusting itself, so don't be worried abt that. Like you got those soon after stopping Accutane or what? Yeah I called my dermatologist but she couldn't give any advice for the nurses to relay to me. I asked if I could use my Clindamycin gel and they said sure. So far they're not letting up My whole forehead is bumpy and feels rough unlike the rest of my face. It's just difficult to have these things keep piling up, ya know? Plus I'm in college so I have classes to go to so I'm just embarrassed to have to go out.