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  1. WaterWings added a post in a topic SUPER OILY SKIN??   

    My skin is super oily, I wash and then about 2 hours ish later its oily again and makes me feel dirty for the rest of the day. Must be lovely not to have oily skin.
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  2. WaterWings added a post in a topic Food Recipes   

    Just had to walk 4 miles to do my shopping today :roll: Anyway i got a few things I havent tried before.

    Dried fruit salad
    Organic apple juice
    Organic apples
    Organic oats
    Organic pototoes
    Organic bread
    Organic bananas
    Alpro sayo yoghurts
    Organic grapes
    Quorn Shephards pie

    All this healthy stuff is rather expensive :-k
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  3. WaterWings added a post in a topic Food Recipes   

    Thanks for those few ideas ****** Im never sure what to eat, and end up eating very little. ](*,)

    Ive just got some organic oats for breakfast and some dried pineapple. Are all the dried fruits good for you?
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