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  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in Toothpastes

    Hello Gracie, keeping fingers crossed! Hope it atleast helps me with lip peeling problem.
  2. Hello, I have just learned that Sodium Lauryl Sulphate found in toothpastes can be a major cause of breakouts. Has anyone here experienced breakouts due to chemicals like SLS? I am so concerned I have been using this toothpaste for years. I plan to immediately replace it with a organic product. I have already eliminated gluten, dairy, sugar, heat inducing foods(mangoes, papayas, chicken) from my diet. I have recently started taking Spinach juice as it contains magnesium. I have stopped using chemical products on my skin and hair. I only apply honey mask every alternate day and use turmeric sometimes for spot treatment.I use shikakai and Ritha( Soapnuts) to wash my hair. But still experiencing breakouts. I will stop using the SLS toothpaste from today. Will update soon.
  3. Mcdonalds gives pimples

    potatoes makes my skin breakout badly
  4. hello @royalty,please give us an update. How is the caveman regimen working for you, are you still following the regimen