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  1. Has anyone tried adult acnomel spot treatment? It contains sulfur, and resorcinol. I used this product twice, years apart, on two different occasions, and got terrible blister type lesions where the medicine was. I went on the dr. And was diagnosed with a sulfur/ sulfa allergy. I've had acne for 13 years. Typically located on the lower half of my face. Is there any connection between long term acne, and eating sulfur foods? I would assume if I cannot put it on my face, ingesting it would be an issue, and is maybe contributing to my acne. Any one else out there with a similar issue? Thank you!
  2. Post PMS acne??

    I'm a 24 year old female. Not on BC. Very healthy, active. Past 6 months or so, my skin clears up right after ovulation until my period starts. My skin is almost perfect during this time, and my skin doesn't produce as much oil during this "luteal phase." After my period starts, I break out horribly until I ovulate again. Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know what could be causing it? Any remedies? Thank you!!!!