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  1. beau-desordre added a comment on a gallery image 1 year and 1 month later   

    Hey ALL!

    I honestly and totally forgot about this site! :-S hmm, guess that's a good thing right? *knock on wood* everything is still great, skin wise. Wish i could say the pink marks have completely gone but they're still there - fading...sllowwlllyyy! However, the main thing is no more bloody acne, they have seized and i'm SUPER happy about it!

    This is a fairly recent pic of me, i'm wearing a bit of loose powder and a little goes a long way! i mean, it manages to cover up the remaining pink marks nicely where as before i had to wear heavy makeup.

    Dunno what else to say, but if any of yas have questions please feel free i guess...

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  2. beau-desordre added a post in a topic mino   

    how long did it take to clear you? i'm so impatient!
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  3. beau-desordre added a post in a topic mino   

  4. beau-desordre added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    100mg of minocycline once a day. does this sound like enough?!! i used to take 250mg tetracycline twice a day, and just switched from 500mg twice a day of erythromycin
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  5. beau-desordre added a post in a topic acrylic nail tips question   

    well it might be different there, but everywhere i go here does those designs and they do cost extra but not much, only maybe 5 dollars more! just show them the pic and say thats what you want, any good nail salon should be able to do it

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  6. beau-desordre added a post in a topic Suggestions please!!! :)   

    its not as harsh as most bp products but maybe just try erythromycin then, i only use it once a day though cus it makes my skin feel pretty tight. most of my little bumps turned into spots, probably cus im stupid and dont leave them alone
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  7. beau-desordre added a post in a topic Suggestions please!!! :)   

    there are quite a few posts about what topicals worked best for people. a lot said what u used before was really good, but benzamycin (bp and erythromycin) is apparently really good. retin a etc is a bit harsh and causes redness if your skins already sensitive. otherwise you could just try a deep wash kind of thing, like neutrogena and apply sudocream after (only at nite, cus it looks icky and only a little) my friend said that worked wonders for him
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  8. beau-desordre added a post in a topic Suggestions please!!! :)   

    i used erythromycin topical as well, although it doesnt do anything to me, i dont really know why i use it! but the little bumps are just undeveloped spots arent they :s? back when i used tetra it cleared me in literally about two weeks, the little bumps everything. it did stop working though, and my skin broke out in a gazillion little bumps on my forehead
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  9. beau-desordre added a post in a topic Suggestions please!!! :)   

    maybe you should just try oral antibiotics, if you're desperate enough that is. most topicals are pretty similar in my experience, i pretty much get what you have and tetracycline cleared my skin up
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  10. beau-desordre added a post in a topic this is what my skin looks like...   

    lol, that's exactly what i was thinking. your skins fine, you're obviously just more susceptible to burning than most..
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  11. beau-desordre added a post in a topic Yasmine   

    my doctor said it takes 3 weeks for the bc to adjust to the antibiotics or something, not sure how true that is. it doesn't completely cancel the bc, it just won't be 99% effective during the entire course of antibiotics
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