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  1. Hello you guys, I recently had a huge scare. I used this Retinol cream that caused the scar tissue I have had for years on my face/pores to become much deeper. It made my scars so much more visible. I was truly scared. I did all the research I could and I thought that maybe there was no hope. I know there are some methods out there that do work, like needling and possible other treatments, but what has seemed to improve my scars in just a few days is this Estriol cream. I used Life-flo estriol cream. No I am not promoting them. In fact, I am sure you can use any estriol cream. Anyway, this has been helping to close up some of the tinier ice pick scars that had formed. Granted, the scarring was pretty fresh, which may be a reason it helps so much, but if you are looking for something to try before trying more serious methods like needling and surgery, please try an estriol cream first. ALSO, just use the estriol cream by itself. Wash your skin once a day gently and normally and use nothing else but the estriol cream. Let me know how it works out for you. I have only used it for a few days. 2 days. Wishing us all the best in healthy skin.