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  1. Adult acne and trying to conceive

    Thank you! I'll give them a try ☺️
  2. Adult acne and trying to conceive

    Hello, I'm a 32 year old female trying to conceive. I had acne on my face, back and chest as a teenager and went on a course of Roaccutane that cleared it up completely. I didn't have any trouble for many years until I started to get pimples on my face and a few on my back, chest and neck in my mid 20s (mainly on my face though). It wasn't like it had been when I was a teenager, but went back to my dermatologist regardless and was prescribed spironolactone and the contraceptive pill which cleared it up beautifully. I finished my spiro prescription and stayed on the contraceptive pill which seemed to be fine for me - it kept my pimples away mostly. I usually only had a few here and there occasionally, otherwise my skin was mostly clear. Anyway, fast forward to my wedding just over a year ago and I broke out on my chin and jawline leading up to the big day, so I went on a course of minocyline, which also worked wonders! I stayed on mino up until about 6 weeks ago (I have been off the pill for over a year). Anyway, my skin has broken out on my face (mainly my cheeks and around my chin and mouth) and I don't know what to do! I saw my dermatologist about two months ago and was recommended a low GI and gluten free diet, which seemed to help for a while....it may have helped for about a month, but I can't be sure if it was the diet or maybe there was some residual antibiotic still working (from the minocyline). I thought maybe it could be hormonal due to my cycle or a hormonal imbalance, although my hormone levels are normal (I had them checked a week ago). It's so frustrating!! Obviously there are many antibiotics and treatments I can't take/undertake as I'm TTC, so if anyone has any tips or anything that worked for them, please share! It's so embarrassing leaving the house as a professional 30 something woman with a face covered in zits!! It's really messing with my self esteem!