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    The word "anti-biotics" means against life. But good luck with your treatment
  2. My saliva test results! HELP!!!

    Hey there! I feel like I also need to see an endocrinologist. I take dim, saw palmetto and chaste tree.
  3. Ummm...only time heals redness. Sorry!

    I'd be scared to take an antibiotic for a year and peacefully keep doing it. It literally destroys your good bacteria in your body and that can lead to so many other problems, including worsened acne. Short term antibiotics help, but long term they mess you up and you become dependent on them PLUS your problem never gets solved and it worsens. My derm told me that he'd put me on antibiotics only if I had a special occasion coming up, but he'd never keep me on them long term. Then I bounced to a different Derm like I always do and 2 years later I got on accutane. Now I'm back with the same Derm who didn't want to even put me on antibiotics because I respect his decision and his standards.
  5. That's weird, because any medicine should only improve your skin by month 3 and you're getting the exact opposite effect, so my take is get on a different medication because this is not working for you... waiting won't help.
  6. Vegetable, Beans, Legumes and Seeds Diet Blog

    I'm still breaking out here and there, but I know I have to give this process time. I've added sprouted food to my diet, but it's not something that I have every day. I'm also getting rid of any non-natural makeup... I'll figure out if my acne is hormonal , not only by considering my period, but also noting all the other hormones that come into play. I've done a liver detox and I follow an anti-inflammatory diet, so my hormones are the last thing to check off my list. Need to figure out a way to balance: -testosterone -cortisol -estrogen -melatonin -insulin Toodaloo
  7. How much does subcision cost?

    Omg I'd never play with accutane and any scar treatment at the same time. I was on a low dose and my skin was soooooooooooo thin by the end of my treatment. I also developed sensitive skin AFTER accutane, as well as benzoyl peroxide, aczone, lidocaine and adapalene allergies. I'd break in hives shortly after application all over my upper chest, neck, arms, ears and itd last for hours. Nevertheless, I'm glad I was on accutane because I literally had the worst skin ever for a girl. Bottom line, don't play with accutane AND treating scars- you're asking for trouble. Your skin will not heal properly and no medical journal has even tested low dose accutane and scar treatment. I'd never experiment on myself like that or recommend anyone doing it. I know you're still hurt over your niece's comment, but come on- be rational.
  8. I'd like to combine tca cross with microneedling because I managed to get 4 days all to myself. I think I should test my skin with 25% tca cross, just 1 spot, and when the time comes for the real thing I'll use the full strength 50%. Shortly after that I will put lidocaine, wait 30mins and microneedle. Do you think the deep penetration of lidocaine in my tca treated pores will counteract with my injured skin? I've used lidocaine about 5 times and I had an allergic reaction once.... Sooo would it be better maybe to put lidocaine first, microneedle and the following day do TCA Cross with a smaller percentage, like 25%, since the skin would be extremely fragile? The same area will get the tca cross and the microneedling. I don't want to mess up my face.
  9. When I was on accutane I was using aquaphor at night, during the day Cerave and I always wanted to try the yellow moisturizer by clinique, but never got the chance. However, I have used jojoba oil during another dry flakes skin period and it was very soothing... sorry to hear you're doing course #2, I was considering it too.
  10. Vegetable, Beans, Legumes and Seeds Diet Blog

    I'm thinking of adding zinc mask to my regimen as well as mint tea. I'm doing better with my diet now that I've started using raw vegan recipes. I made non-cooked Thai soup, chocolate no-crust cake and (seed) cheese Everything was so delicious! Food is becoming more pleasurable like it used to be. I also don't mind the weight loss... I'll never see a gym again in my life. I actually save myself 2 hours from going to the gym! Preparing the food is fast, because all I do is blend and chop products in the processor.
  11. Lol I believe you- I've seen plenty of those during my babysitting days.
  12. drinking on roaccutane

    D O N O T D O I T. XXXX unless ure into near death experiences.
  13. Honestly, the child just made an observation (which you already knew, as well as everyone else in your life) and the fact that it was an honest statement hurt your feelings. Other people will tell you "It's not so bad", "I didn't even notice", "what are you talking about, you're exaggerating," especially if they're friends and family...so after a while, you think that maybe beauty/sexiness, like many other things, is a matter of a person opinion, as if there is no certain standard. Unfortunately, there is such a standard and it is based on good skin quality, age (youth), teeth (white and good shape), having "average" facial features (not being too unique/weird looking), facial symmetry, healthy hair (shiny, long, aka for women that means non dyed or done at a salon), good physique (for women waist to hip ratios, etc.), and a bunch of others depending on each gender.... for men: height, rectangular face (masculine features), low body fat % and a bit of muscle, etc. Don't forget that ADULTS care beyond the physical appearance of people. We want to have friends and partners with good personal qualities and values. Our employers want skilled workers and our coworkers don't want to pick up others slack. Partners want someone who is loyal and caring. These are just examples. 1 thing that society does today is to equate appearance to a person's value. Subconsciously, it seems like your acne scars are the center of your self-worth and everything else about you is insignificant in comparison to your skin. You could have replied your niece, "I had an illness, but I am okay now- I'm healthy and that's what's important in life."
  14. How much does subcision cost?

    I agree. The only thing one cannot do at home is subcision.
  15. How much does subcision cost?

    Trust me, it will be worth it if done by a good doctor. I'm starting a 2nd job just to get this problem out of my head and face. I also can't take many days off from work, but I don't care, I'll just say I have a medical procedure to be done. I'm ready to show up at work with a swollen face and purple/blue spots....anything goes. No pain no gain. Downtime can vary, depending on age, diet, water intake, sleep and post-op care.... I've heard subcision takes about 7 days to heal. Oops!
  16. Can TCA Cross help this deep pore?

    For some reason I believe derms charge less than plastic surgeons, but I might be wrong. From my own experience, they all charge pretty much the same when it comes to lasers. Good luck!
  17. Where did you buy your 80% tca peel from? The highest percentage I've seen on the Internet was 50%.
  18. Coconut Oil Fiasco

    I use it for cooking and my hair masks. It's not exactly non-comedogenic. There are better oils out there like rosehip seed oil, hemp oil, etc.
  19. It came back after accutane

    Mine also came after a course of accutane. I changed my diet and it's almost nonexistent.
  20. How much does subcision cost?

    so you're not going to get them fixed? Does he offer financing?
  21. How much does subcision cost?

    Hey, Dr. Novick is amazing from what I've heard. I'm seeing another doctor in the same area in a month. I'm expecting to pay $1,000 for subcision from what I've read online, but I haven't been quoted.
  22. Not all doctors charge for a consultation and most provide financing options.
  23. Vegetable, Beans, Legumes and Seeds Diet Blog

    I'm adding fermented foods to my diet in the form of vegetables. I exfoliated my face today with fresh pineapple juice. It's a very mild and gentle exfoliator, that's also very cheap, natural and non-drying. I applied fresh aloe vera juice afterwards. I had a terrible experience with organic activated charcoal- it stained my face and it was very hard to remove. Also, thyme oil even when highly diluted can be very harsh on the skin. No matter how much I love natural products I'll have to let certain ones go.
  24. Acne Scar Treatment for Sensitive Skin

    I made an appointment with one of the doctors you recommended By the way, I did a pineapple mask by simply blending a chunk of fresh pineapple and even though it stings my face, it's bearable and gentle enough for frequent use.
  25. Results after 1 session of Fraxel

    You got much better results than I did with 2 Fraxel treatments. The improvement is amazing! Whoever treated you, keep him as a doctor.