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  1. My sad life of acne

    Diet could also affect how you body reacts maybe you can also take this into consideration as to what food you take. Have you also tried any natural remedies? It's worth a try though since you're not doing any harm on your skin with organic products. Chemicals might not be working well for you but who knows? The natural ones might be your solution.
  2. If you feel that it's going to do well on your skin then try it. You won't know if the oils would cause you acne or not until you try it but to be on the safe side, always do a patch test on a small area of your skin on your face and see how it would affect it.
  3. Try the pumpkin masque plus Vitamin C Beauty Elixir from Banish. I tried it myself and my pimple dried out fast plus it's all natural/vegan so it''s super safe. If it doesn't work for you, they even have a 30-day money back guarantee so it's worth a try.
  4. I think that's not a good idea. First of all, the sun's rays are harmful especially during 10am-4pm. I agree with SimpleMutton, use products which should lighten them up and using sunscreen especially when going out is one of your best protections. Of course, avoid sun exposure as much as you can too.
  5. You have nothing to be ashamed of. People who cannot look into another person's eyes mean they are guilty of something. You look people in the eye because you want to see their souls or how genuine their words are. Sadly, some people have mastered this skill even if they are lying. Anyway, going back to the topic, if your friends ask, simply tell them that you're shy (because you have acne) and if they are really your friends, they will understand if that's your decision or better yet, will encourage you not to do so as they will not judge you for it. It's not like they never knew you have acne right? I think it's just more of so the focus of the conversation would be on the topic itself and not your acne.
  6. I'm a new sufferer and am hopelessly lost

    Popping pimples should never be done. it will only leave acne scars in the long run which you will regret more. I'd say check for natural remedies first as some would react well to it and if not, that's when you apply chemicals on your face. Don't try to experiment or self-medicate as it could only make things worse. Seek a dermatologist's advise if you have to. And oh... drink lots of water as much as you can! Will help flush out toxins in your body too which might also cause acne.
  7. Clogged Pores on the Chin

    I am thinking now that it looks like chicken skin. Do you pluck any hair out on that area?
  8. Cystic pimple wont pop

    I'd say give it some time as it should eventually go away. I never experienced that on the face but on my underarms at times when I still pluck the hair out. It seemed like there was a mass inside the clogged pore but it would usually be darker in color.
  9. i'm emotionally exhausted

    I really hope that Accutane is the solution that you've been looking for. It is really hard and you just got to focus on the good things that you have in your life. Do not hesitate to share what you feel here as there are a LOT of other people going through the same dilemma as yours. We're here to support each other as we all understand and no one will judge. BEST OF LUCK!
  10. Clogged Pores on the Chin

    Are they milia or something? Have you tried to exfoliate them?
  11. Closed Comedones..Please Help!!!

    Try the pumpkin masque, charcoal masque and vitamin c elixir from Banish. I use them too and works for me little by little. Try and see if it suits your skin. There's no harm in trying especially for natural products like these.
  12. Thank you. It's true, acne should not hold us back from doing what will make us happy. No matter how hard it is, we just need to try to live the life that is being taken away from us. Thank you and best wishes too!
  13. I am so sorry to know about what you have to go through because of acne. I am glad at the same time that you have overcome it. People won't really know what you're going through unless they experience it themselves. You are an inspiration too, so thanks.
  14. Natural way to clear up acne

    Thanks for this. Nice info.
  15. Acne and lifestyle

    Good for you then. I feel that each one of us is different and what works for you might not be the same case for me.
  16. You are an inspiration! Glad to read that you see the brighter side of things. I know that it can be difficult for some but taking it one step at a time is the way to go. Acne does not define who you are. Thank for this!
  17. Huge Dark Spot After Popping Pimple

    Was it really a blackhead? That's left a huge spot right there. I suggest try something with Vitamin C in it as that would help lighten it up.
  18. I just couldn't imagine all of the remedies that you've tried. One thing's for sure, don't try to look for other ways to cure your acne if one is already working good for you. I just hope that everything keeps getting better for you each day. There is life out there. There are family and friends who care for you, Don's shut them out.
  19. Used dermaroller for pitted scars

    I don't think that a derma roller with a .5mm length will make you peel. I think that's what they recommend for personal use. I am not sure why it made you feel like your skin was darker after? I know it will somehow become red just like after an exercise but not darker though. Besides, it's too early to tell the results if you've only used it once.
  20. Oily T-Zone, Clogged Pores Or Pityrosporum Folliculitis?

    They look like milia to me but correct me if I'm wrong. I am currently using a pumpkin masque from Banish and I feel that it greatly exfoliates my skin. Maybe you can also try on that for those bumps on your forehead. By the way, it is made from natural ingredients so it's a good thing.
  21. Teen with acne

    Enjoy life dear! You have too much life ahead of you and don't let acne get in your way. Be with friends who will make you happy. Maybe you can also follow what Ae1976 has advised you. The solution really depends on your skin.. I hope you'll find one that suits you well soon!
  22. If I understood you post right, then good for you. Maybe you exude that certain confidence and everyone around you notices it. If they don't care about your acne, then don't stress yourself with it. You can look for ways on ho to treat acne and continue living your life.
  23. how to be confident?

    I know that it would be easier said than done but don't think about it too much. They say that happiness is a choice. Be with people who do not judge you for how you look. They are called true friends (hard to find these days!lol). Confidence will start with yourself. Love and accept yourself before you share that love with others. Don't ask for anything else in return. Do things that would make you happy, maybe something like an outreach work or helping those in need. It is in both of your struggles and weaknesses that you will find strength and joy in others. I think it is human nature that we want to be needed by other people. Share yourself with them, it could make you feel satisfied that you were able to fulfill their needs. Maybe that could be your first step.