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  1. My current understanding is that if we have >30% IQR then the test should be repeated as the results are not considered that reliable. I will wait for the answer from a hepatologist who is a specialist for Liver elastography, hopefully very soon. Regarding K2 : i believe it is not just a case of calcification. K is used for proper protein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum which -in our case- is very important i believe.
  2. No this doctor said nothing about it. This requirement exists in numerous papers and also to a paper from Samsung (the same device used for the test) We do expect a second opinion from a Hepatologist and i will report back
  3. Just so that you know the ignorance of some doctors out there. I have attached a Fibroscan of a 31 year old female with CFS symptoms for more than 20 years. The doctor said that she is fine and that she should forget anything about Liver Fibrosis. Upon further inspection take note of the 123% IQR. This should had been less than 30% and yet this doctor dismissed her, telling her to forget fibrosis.
  4. @guitarman01 @tanedout FYI : Post on Phoenix Rising from 2014. A user called "tatt" discusses about an abnormal Fibroscan test but unfortunately does not say anything about the extent of the problem. I am waiting for more results from other people, i will report back.
  5. Perhaps you could do the following tests to rule out (not entirely) Liver Disease? : Blood : Ceruloplasmin, Serum Copper, Serum Zinc, Liver Panel, Urea. then Liver/Gallbladder/Pancreas Ultrasound and Fibroscan
  6. Did they recommend any treatment for this? The woman will go to a hepatologist and get back to me.
  7. @guitarman01 @Dubya_B @tanedout First case of woman with CFS / ME with Stage 1 Liver Fibrosis (one out of two fibroscans so far)
  8. @guitarman01 It appears that we want to be looking at the ratio of undercarboxylated/carboxylated osteocalcin. Not sure if you mentioned this in your posts before.
  9. @guitarman01 I believe there are many places where you can take a Fibroscan in USA, did you look up the name correctly? : I would highly recommend you do this. Liver panels are useless if the damage is not extensive and then it may be too late.
  10. @guitarman01 Wanted to ask you, have you ever performed a Fibroscan? This test looks at possible Liver fibrosis. To the best of my knowledge, the gold standard for assessing Liver Disease is Liver biopsy then the test i mentioned. Has anyone else had Liver Biopsy / Fibroscan by any chance?
  11. @Dubya_B We may be in luck! People over at Phoenix Rising start making the connection between Post-Finasteride Syndrome and Post-Accutane Syndrome and a nice lady saying to me that she can connect me with Ron Davis at Stanford! @tanedout Check out my new blog post regarding Liver Disease and a patent that uses Vitamin K for mitochondrial disease. This is very interesting i believe. let me know what you think Guys.
  12. @Dubya_B Check also CoreMine (Link searches for FADS2):
  13. @Dubya_B I really tried but couldn't go through this and spend too much time (DAVID didn't seem to be working) . Could we set up a Skype call ? PM me when you can. Thanks! I have also used Malacards, here is an example for FADS2
  14. @tanedout Her regimen is personalised. This means that if a person is given -say- Molybdenum for supporting Sulfation, for another individual it may be toxic. This is why i insist that this Research should be investigated under controlled conditions and under the supervision of Medical Personnel. My Goal is to gather around 20 people that became symptom-free and then -as a group- ask for Research done on the specific kind of regimen and Hypothesis on what is going on. She is not on PR but she is ready to talk to a Research team with her real name if i ask her to do so.
  15. @Dubya_B @tanedout I was in shock to see this. The OMF has appointed Fluge and Mella (both trying to use Rituximab) for CFS/ME patients. Excerpts from a site i found on Rituximab : <SNIP> <SNIP> The treatment costs $40K
  16. @Dubya_B Thank you for your post. I haven't tried this because -in full honesty- i have no idea how to do it. The tool i use basically generated Hypotheses on the most likely aetiologies of these syndromes. Yet one more tool i use, reads 23andme Data and identifies all relevant SNPs that need to be looked at. As an example , if SUOX/CDO1 SNPs are found then we most likely need to support Sulfation with Low dose Molybdenum and B2. I strongly believe that the software #1 repeatedly was able to identify important information (relevant Genes and Pathways) and all results are reproducible. Unfortunately it is not available as a Web-based application. Also in full knowledge of what i am saying here, the latest case is a 37- year old woman having a mixture of CFS/Fibro, Depression, Constipation, Loss of Libido and many other neurological symptoms and hormonal symptoms (including premature menopause which was slowly reversed) being 90% well after 25 years of disease (Post-Accutane). This happened within 10 weeks. This is why i asked if there is some organization of the Post-Accutane sufferers so we may readily start (=evaluate these Hypotheses by Medical Personnel). Needless to say that this patient does not believe on what she experiences and believes that there may be a relapse. Very soon i will disclose the main node of the Network Analysis on my Blog so all of this is somehow documented. I wil also post some excerpts from-probably- one of the most interesting Papers i've ever read. I will help in any way i can, no compensation involved, but this effort has to be properly evaluated by Medical researchers. Unfortunately this is easier said than done as over and over i hit a wall when it comes to having *any* researcher evaluate the findings of my Research.
  17. This is quite interesting too i believe. You will recall that one of the Genes selected by the Network Analysis i provided has selected MERTK. I added to string-db the term MERTK in order to find associated Genes : You may also see GAS6 (also selected by the Network Analysis i provided) Next we have the following : Notice the lines having as entries : 1) Biotin 2) acetyl-coa Metabolic Process 3) Fatty acid biosynthesis 4) Fatty acid Metabolism 5) Pyruvate Metabolism (...!!!) Then we have the CFS Study by Fluge mentioning impaired Pyruvate Dehydrogenase function!
  18. Actually it gets interesting when Professor Jonathan Edwards who was responsible for using Rituximab on patients of Lupus, starts saying that the method being used for Research using machine learning will be "Garbage In", "Garbage out" I specifically ask him if References in the paper are also considered Garbage and he fails to answer this. I believe that this fact is quite interesting. I recall very vividly that when i crashed with Propecia, i had autoimmune-like symptoms for months including Urticaria ,Joint Pains, dysphagia and dyspepsia.
  19. @guitarman01 @tanedout Is there any organization/foundation of Post-Accutane Syndrome sufferers? Who do i contact for research if we have cases of individuals that have reversal of symptoms? Please see here also regarding Lupus, CFS and Vitamin K. I have searched in this forum for Lupus and there are some hits coming up.
  20. @TrueJustice It is not just about Vitamin K supplementation. I believe that several pathways must be supported so that Liver function becomes optimal again. As discussed, i believe that by taking Calcium you are not helping yourself. The same applies for Vitamin D3 if it is taken in supplemental form. If calcium is let loose and not properly being absorbed it creates problems. Vitamin K takes care of that (does other things as well of course). So we have to support Liver function in any way we can. I believe that if anyone attempts to take a CYP450 inhibitor such as grapefruit, the symptoms will become much worse. I am not suggesting that you should try this at home!
  21. @tanedout @guitarman01 You have to read this ! :-)
  22. What is G? It is the Minor Allele letter
  23. @tanedout The worse one i believe is CYP7A1 - rs8192877, Risk is G . Do you have high Cholesterol by the way?
  24. @guitarman01 Please note the following : [1] : Vitamin K-Academic Press, Elsevier (2008) - ISBN 9780123741134 Regarding hypercoagulation : Needless to say that an expert should be looking at this but since K is abundant in nature , i would expect that the human body is tolerant to it. I do not know however if this holds for people that do have coagulation problems and take warfarin. For those people i would expect that there should be a problem. Regarding the osteocalcin test : I am not sure that the Genes i listed are all associated with Osteocalcin levels so i would take any normal osteocalcin levels with a grain -or two- of salt.
  25. @tryingtohelp2014 @guitarman01 @kynarr Here is another case of someone that *may* have ended up having CFS through Accutane. I am not suggesting that this indeed happened because of Accutane and this hypothesis must be properly evaluated by Medical Professionals : Snapshot from discussion on Phoenix Rising, a Forum for CFS/ME. Look at the lower red rectangle : The user "@JaimeS" that i used in my post works for the Openmedicine foundation. Really looking forward for her answer (which i doubt there will ever be one but let's wait and see)