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  1. my journey and what i did

    @TeenNick17 While on Tazorac, you will probably break out before your face begins to get better. I believe i was on it for 2 or 3 weeks when i saw improvement. the longer i was on it, the more i saw improvements. at first, id have new breakouts, but like i said above, now that rarely happens. i think tazorac may be why my face gets red, but id rather have that than new breakouts. @TeenNick17 I have been on it for about 6 months now
  2. my journey and what i did

    About 3 years ago, i started to get acne. at first, i thought using over the counter cleansers/acne pads would help, but that was not the case. my acne got so bad that my self confidence went down tremendously and i went to the dermatologist to get help. i went though dozens of prescriptions (pill, topicals). for a while, nothing was working for me and my acne was not getting any better. i got a clump of acne on my cheek(should later turn into scarring) and was so upset/didnt want to go out. bactrim (a pill) worked a while for me along with another cream (i don't remember the names of all that i used). But, i had to stop using bactrim because it was not good for my organs to be on it for so long(i was on it for a year). so, after i stopped that my acne was coming back because i changed my routine. I was on RetinA, and it worked for a while (still some occasional acne coming). I WENT THROUGH SO MANY MEDICATIONS UNTIL I FOUND THE ONE THAT WORKED. When i went back to the dermatologist, she recommended Tazorac(for night) and Aczone (for morning). LIFESAVER. i am still on these 2 topicals and i haven't had a problem with any new acne. i am just dealing with redness/slight scarring. Also use Cetaphil acne prone moisturizer and face wash, i also use neutrogena clear pore in the morning. MOISTURIZER is key. Medications dry you out big time. Along with using these medications, drink ALOT of water.... this is something i have not always done but it clears your system out and helps your skin get clearer. USE careful though, as some are heavy and NOT GOOD for acne prone skin. I use Dermablend (it is AMAZING). it covers redness, acne, scarring. I highly recommend it if your self confidence is not how it used to be. it really helped me gain it back If you have any questions ask away. i have been through a lot with acne and would love to talk to anyone that needs it. i know all of the emotions that go along with having acne and understand completely. I did have the option to go on accutane but i decided not to because i felt as though my acne was too mild (at the time) for it and there were lots of side effects i did not want to deal with in the future. You're all beautiful
  3. What could I do, to better my skin?

    wash your face every morning/night. I personally use neutrogena clear pore in the morning and cetaphil acne prone wash at night. of course, moisturizing your skin helps too (cetaphil acne prone moisturizer). if you're still unhappy with your skin, go see a dermatologist you will find something that works for you. I also suggest Dermablend is amazing. covers up imperfections.
  4. HELP!!! how can I get rid of my acne??

    I struggled with acne , too. i tried every over the counter medication. i finally decided i needed to go to the dermatologist (LIFE SAVER). of course there will be trial and error, but once you find something that works for you, you'll be set
  5. Aczone and Tazorac Help!!

    Hello! I also use both of these products. My skin has gotten dry, as well and the Cetaphil acne prone skin moisturizer works really good. I would say when you put on the product, try to not use too much of it (it won't dry out your skin as much as putting a big amount on). I noticed using a little bit also helps with redness. Maybe try limiting the amount and if your skin is still too dry, try every other day Also, what makeup do you use?? Maybe try switching up what makeup you use?? My makeup works really well with my skin
  6. @RealHammad Yes, my scarring is becoming less visible. It used to bother me a lot to the point I wouldn't want to stand out or even wear my hair up (because I wanted to cover it with my hair). Now, it is fading.
  7. Hello! i also have some hyperpigmentation/slight scarring. I have had this for a while, and it DOES get better. My scarring is going down (its not as visible). I go to the dermatologist and have a morning/night topical cream I put on my skin, it helps lots. Also, I wear makeup (It helps a lot with self confidence- the brand Dermablend is amazing for scarring and redness and acne prone skin in general) It will get better just give it time!