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  1. Healthier Diet giving me more pimples?!

    Same thing happened to me , 6 months ago when i started eating healthy things .I Started breakfast cereal with so many healthy vitamins. Lemon juice daily and then my skin breaked out badly, and then i stopped eating these things and got lil bit clear. i was fool and made my acne worse with exfoliators ,harsh cleansers and moistrizers, they made my acne more inflamed and more prone to scaring. so i decided to stop using everything and give my skin time to heal. and after 1,2 months im left with just hyperpigmentation and 6,7 scars. if i had didnt used those products my skin should have flawless now like a baby skin but i had no one to tell me what to do i panicked and jumped into acne medications/anti bacterial soaps etc. so if you just breakout badly because of eating something(or stress or hormones ) wait at least 30 days before trying any treatment , i reconmend just wash your face with fresh water ..and (no soap or cleanser) for 30 days, and see how it goes.then one day you will remember me, (Its my own experiance so i cant give gaurntee) but it is my advice to you. (Sorry for pretty bad English.(hope u understand lol) My dad also breaked out at the age of 17 . he had no money for treatment so he just washed face with water and his acne gone away in 4,5 months , and not even single scar left , my dad told me that after when i doned so many days of harsh treatments :'( now i regret badly. now im jeolous with my dad skin. and im sad not because i got acne , im sad because i ruined my skin myself. so all guys who reading this should not jump into antibiotics or harsh soaps/cleansers so fast. just wait 30-40 days . because more inflamation=more scarring acne soaps or cleansers cause inflamation and put u into risk of scarring and also it make u more prone to acne.. Thanks for reading beautiful people.
  2. And also tell which type of scars you see here,, Thanks
  3. Here is another new clear pic. so what you guys think. its 3 months old and how much improvement can i hope? pleasereply also my skin is shedding so any deadskin cells as u can see in this photo
  4. Actually scarred pores.
  5. Do over headlightning or see your face in flourscent overhead lightning .. if u see indented then its scar
  6. I used to get everyday a new pimple or after 2 days. but last 8 days no new pimple or whiteheads. and the active acne is also healing. How much time it will take to hyperpigmentation to fully heal. and also i have scars hole like and the are black from inside.They are not too deep but dark and red . will they fill in or become unnoticable or become skin like colour? are they parmenant or temporary? Its 2/3 months since i got them. Thanks
  7. its not pie when i press it ,it does not go away. and theres 3,4 active pimples im sure they'll go away in week.but what about my scarring is it bad?
  8. This is my both cheeks condition. Texture is rough and redness and these scars are 3 months old. Can i hope improvement
  9. Large pores, oily red skin, acne scars

    Hello I also have same problem and im 17 too. waiting for replies
  10. @arianarx Yes Im also noticing improvement. HOPE THEY FADE INTO SKIN COLOUR IN NEXT 6 MONTHS, BCZ MY GIRLFRIEND IS COMING BACK FROM INDIA and i dont want to disappoint her. Because she use to say that '' You are perfect Hammad'' lol.
  11. Yes great idea. Share your num so i can add you.
  12. @arianarx Thanks for sharing your experience. So you are saying that scars(not hyperpigmentation) are becoming less visible day by day or your hyperpigmentation is becoming less visible day by day?
  13. @Ae1976 thank you so much for your precious advices. And yes i care so much about my looks and that makes me look so much in mirror.and when i think about my flawless skin that was 8 months ago this makes me more sad .i will try to follow your advices and thank you so much for your precious time.
  14. Thanks . It is effecting me alot. But im noticing these days that that is redness and hyperpigmentation that is making my few deep and shallow scars look worse and ugly.i will post before and after pics after 1 year. And 1 more thing is the scars effecting me is the reason .im very handsome and pretty light and good skin.i had flawless skin before breakout thats why its disturbing me so much .and im mirror addict too.not just these days.So lets see the scar turn into skin colour then i will have no problem .so i should wait now Thnx for response.waiting to hear more from u guys.
  15. Deep Acne Scar Will It Ever Fade In Time?

    Great man.after watching these my hope boosted.thnx dude .love u man stay clear forever!
  16. Hello! im going to ask a simple question to the people suffered from acne and now dealing with scarring. my age is 18.I had flawless skin 1 year ago(not even a single scar on whole body) but then i had worst breakout i controlled my acne but it left hyperpigmentation+redness+lots of scars some are deep and red . So lets come to questions.. Do redness make scars look way worse ugly than it really is? Does new scar look bad and ugly and will they heal to a point where they become invisible and unnoticeable? please answer these because i spend hours in front of mirror and cry like baby.just regrets.bcz the breakout happnd bcz of using too many harsh products on my skin and sweat. Do redness make scar look alot deeper? Does anyone saw improvement in thier scars after waiting 1 year? Sorry for too many questions. But please answer me to clear my doubts.i will be gratful for every answer i will recieve. Thanks ☺