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  1. Benzoyl Peroxide - Week 2

    Hello again! So I have used BP for a week now. I don't see any notable differences in my skin, which I'm fine with considering that it usually takes a month before people see results. I'm gonna start using BP both in the morning and the evening from now one. These are the products I'm using: Cleanser - Basiderm Oil Control Foam Wash Benzoyl Peroxide - Basiron 5% AC Wash Moisturizer - Basiderm Oil Control Daily Moisturizer I haven't really changed anything in my lifestyle, except that I'm trying to drink less milk and trying to not touch my face as much. I'll do an update with pictures when I start seeing notable results. Peace.
  2. Hello again! So, today I started treating my acne with benzoyl peroxide. The products I'm using are: Cleanser - Basiderm Oil Control Foam Wash Benzoyl Peroxide - Basiron 5% AC Wash Moisturizer - Basiderm Oil Control Daily Moisturizer The cleanser was already foam when you squeezed it out of the bottle so I didn't really know how much to take, but I did use more than 4 ml. Then I used the BP-product and it was a little different from the regiment. Besides having 5% BP instead of 2,5%, it also had to be washed off after 1-5 min, so I waited approx. 5 min and then washed it off. The moisturizer seemed pretty simple, the only thing is that 4 ml seemed to be a lot, I don't know if I should use less with this moisturizer or if it's supposed to feel like a lot. Also, I haven't used any of the product so this comparison I'm making is solely based on the regimen video and the instructions. Lastly, If anyone reading this have used or is using these products I'm using feel free to comment how you used them and what you thought of the results I'll do an update in a week or two! Bye!
  3. Current Situation

    So, this is my current situation. I don't have any products with benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid yet, as I found this site today and I didn't know of these ingredients before. I do have a mild cleanser and a moisturizer which I'm going to use 2 times a day. I'll do an update when I have the other products. Until then, see you later!
  4. Hi :)

    Hey! I'm a 19 year-old male and had problems with light/moderate acne on my cheeks and blackheads on my nose for maybe 2-3 years and I've never really done anything about it. Today I was watching a video of a girl that had acne problems and she followed "The Regimen" and had the products and her skin got much better. So, I have decided to try and do something about my acne, because it has been bothering me, especially the very many blackheads I've always had on my nose so if anyone have some tips in the "blackheads-on-nose area" feel free to share As I don't live in the USA, ordering the products is kind of expensive, so I won't be doing that. I will of course follow "The Regimen", but with other products available in my country. I believe that following the steps in "The Regimen", regardless of what products you use, as long as you use Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic Acid and don't use products with harming ingredients, is the most important part. So follow me as I try to get clearer skin That's all, bye bye! TL;DR: 19 year-old male, light/moderate acne and blackheads, gonna try to get rid of them using "The Regimen", but not the products. Bye!