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  1. Accutane week 3/4

    accutane seriously my ankles hurt a lot. I want to say it was all the running but pretty sure its the drug making it 10 times worse. Such an annoyance Day 20 - 21/04/2017 Everything is so so dry My nose is really dry My face is pretty dry which i only realised after putting on makeup I have felt that my legs feel a lot better My lips are not too bad my breakouts are getting a whole lot worse though to be fair My cheeks are quite spotty and my chin is quite bad too End of day 20 - completely broken out all over my face! Maybe the initial breakout is coming super late? Im getting quite anxious! Will I have bad skin forever? Thought I had dodged the initial breakout but turns out i didn’t It is day 21 and my face is a bloody mess but I’m just going to have to deal with it My cheeks are so swollen and so is my chin Forehead isn’t too bad yet but it will be side effects - dryness, dry lips but not too bad, dry hands and vivid, tossing and turning nights of sleep AHHHH my chin is so so painful jeeeeeez I look like an ugly mess but this is what you have to go through to get clear skin my skin hasn’t looked this bad in a while its inflamed and itchy and i feel like its only gunna get worse ugh Day 22 Skin feeling a little bit less inflamed than yesterday but still pretty bad. Its like I have gone back to square one which is so frustrating. I thought right good i have been the lucky one to not get the initial breakout but noon i was wrong My face feels dry and tight, my lips are very dry and cracked on the right side My forehead has erupted ugh I feel so unnatractive and its really sad that I feel that way about myself I really hope that about mid-way through month 2, my skin starts to chill out a bit fingers crossed.
  2. Week 3 Day 5-18

    Beginning - excessivly oily omg No other side effects but everything is disgustingly oily My face is completely broken out but because i am tanned it is easier to handle Left cheek - 16 active spots approx chin- 10 spots approx forehead - 15 spots approx left cheek - under the skin ones 9th april - day 8 - dry hands and general skin skin breaking out lips kinda dry had a bit of an unexplained anxiety thing when kita mentioned noam. Very strange, almost like i was unconscious and my mind was making my lips move. i don’t know how to explain it but it didn’t feel like me but i must have just been super tired. I am very tired even when just writing this so it makes sense Day 9 - everything normal nothing to document I will be documenting every 10 days so i get the satisfaction of throwing away my sachets one by one Day 12 very soft skin no initial breakout dry hands Day 14 face is a lot less oily but getting spots on my lips and my general spots look a bit shit my cheek is broken out (left cheek) My forehead has a spot my chin has all the tiny little spots I am using lancombe facial cleanser and toner with dermol moisturiser The texture of my skin is super super soft i have to admit though Softer than it has been in years and my lips are quite dry but not unbearable I am still feeling anxious about this initial breakout thing My skin i can feel will explode in the next few days Day 18 Lips okay today My shins seriously hurt I have been getting dry hands I have the occasional spot but loads of under the skin ones My skin texture is pretty awful especially on my chin Big one on my forehead Been getting really really tired but thats all really Feeling a bit down but not sure if it is me coming on my period, feeling shit about the lack of excercise im doing or the accutane. Who knows?!?
  3. Week 1 Day 5

    Super super super oily skin and hair but apart from that absolutely no side effects.
  4. Week 1 day 3

    No side effects yet. I do feel my cheeks breaking out though with big cystic under the skin bumps My forehead is also breaking out quite a bit My skin isn't unbelievably oily Tiny bumps everywhere on my chin Feeling super tired I want to see whether if i ignore that I am taking this drug, it may just be easier to take. So i am going to begin to update every few days, not daily but documenting anything important :)
  5. Accutane day 1 (02/04/2017)

    HALLOOOOOO, For starters my skin isnt looking terrible right now to be fair but before it did and I am now beginning my course of Accutane 30 mg for the first month and then going up to 60mg a day for the rest of the 4 month period woohoo. I am super super nervous might I add. I dont know what side effects will come with the drug. Who cares though right? Anywayyyyyy I have taken my first pill (well pills because it is a 10mg and a 20mg) and have woken up with no side effects at all. The dry lips thing was already a thing from skiing holiday so ye really nervous for the initial breakout but trying to not think about it too much because to be fair skin shouldnt dictate your life as much as it definitely does. Peace out GG xx