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  1. I'm going on 9 months of being off the drug. I'm honestly just annoyed at this point that the hair loss is still happening with no signs of stopping and no regrowth. Annoyed that Doctors don't feel it's appropriate to warn that this is a side effect. I'm literally going to have no hair left for my wedding in August and I hate it. I hope everyone else is experiencing some kind of hope because this just sucks!
  2. How is the biotin going? I have been taking 2500iu since my hair loss started but haven't noticed a difference in anything other than my nails growing faster. I'm thinking I might try 5000iu as I'm also getting desperate. I don't want to try Minox, especially this close to the wedding. My hair loss just isn't slowing down and I STILL have no regrowth anywhere. Have you been seeing any regrowth? This is just so frustrating and disheartening. I read somewhere online that onion juice masks aid in hair growth so I might try that. I'll keep you posted. Hang in there!
  3. I've been taking 2500iu and it doesn't seem to have affected my skin.. although it doesn't seem to have any affect on my hair either. My hair loss is getting worse it seems with still no signs of regrowth.
  4. I hope so too! I saw my derm around 3 months post to discuss the hair loss but he didn't say much and just recommended Minoxidil (which I'm still hesitant to try as I know it makes the hair loss worse at first and I don't have any more to lose). I just can't believe mine is this bad from just being on the drug for a month. I have been having regrowth fall out as well but read somewhere it sometimes takes a few regrowth cycles to get back to normal. I'll keep updating as well - it helps to know I'm not alone!
  5. I'm in the same boat.. at this rate I won't even have any hair left by my wedding. I was only on the drug for 30 days & stopped. I guess this just shows how incredibly powerful (and horrible) the drug actually is. SO frustrating and disheartening to have to deal with this.
  6. I'm now past 6 months off of being off the drug and am still shedding. I thought for awhile it was slowing down but it has seemed to pick back up. I have thin, blonde hair to begin with so I'm visibly bald in multiple places and my hair is so thin you can see through it. My wedding is in 3 months and I have no clue what to do. No signs of regrowth or this turning around...