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  1. The Derminator Thread

    is derminator working pores
  2. Results after 1 session of Fraxel

    damn how about needling
  3. can ı do this to my pores?
  4. how can ı do that with diabetic needles
  5. dear acne

  6. wtf
  7. Bad lighting

    yeah and natural light is sucks
  8. Bad lighting

    what cure
  9. i hate when sun shining upon me and elevator lights hbu guys

    youre beatiful dont mind these scars
  11. Extreme dryness and dead skin!

    yea my skin looks like this i think its genetic my moms skin like this too , you need to peel this dead skin after a shower and use a moister sorry for my english ... oh sorry ı dont read to youre on bp this is the side effect of the treatment
  12. i used 4 month 10mg isotrotenin every day and my skin looks good but in a long term i think causes side effect in a liver (sorry for my bad english)
  13. hey ım from türkiye and add me ı have a scar and acne problem
  14. ı hate these scars

  15. ı hate these scars

    tca peeling and microneedling does it work for me
  16. ı hate these scars

    they are pores not ice picks thanks for advice
  17. ı hate these scars

    what can ı do get rid of these ugly scars ı hate them sorry for my bad english here my photos