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  1. Alternative (drugstore) products

    maybe one day I'll try using cetaphil and cerave, but until my skin really gets to where I feel comfortable, I just feel better using I used to love Cetaphil but I've always been wary of Cerave, I think I've tried it in the past but I can't remember. Doesn't it contain ingredients that cause acne in rabbit ears, according to dan? Idk. I tried the neutrogena moisturizer and it's okay, I prefer Dan's.
  2. Alternative (drugstore) products

    Thanks guys! I ended up getting clean and clear foaming face wash, the Olay and neutrogena moisturizers from Dan's list that you posted. I ordered more of the regimen but for now this will do!
  3. About to call it quits on regimen

    I used to love apple cider vinegar before the regimen. During a moment of weakness and extreme flakiness I broke down and used it during my third week of've never let it sit in my skin, I always apply it to a warm damp baby wash cloth and gently rub it over my skin, Then I do the regimen. It removes a lot of the flakes and makes my skin So smooth the next day, and my products just melt into my skin much easier. I wouldn't recommend doing this often, but if you're thinking of quitting the regimen, try this until it's safe to use the AHA. It might help! I used acv for like a year before the regimen and never felt like it broke me out, so there's that.
  4. Extreme dryness and dead skin!

    I've broken down and resorted to using apple cider vinegar to remove dead skin and gently exfoliate. It's an acid, so I figure it will act similarly to the glycolic acid but maybe be gentler? I take a warm, damp baby wash cloth and apply the acv(braggs) to a small corner and then to my face as gently as possible, THEN do the regimen. I don't leave the acv on my face. I've only done this twice in my first month of the regimen, in desperate times. I did this on my 3rd week with great results. It made my skin smooth and less flaky, the next morning it looked great and I felt like my products sank into my skin so well for some reason. Desperate times, desperate measures. I did what I needed to make it thru lol Also I used acv for maybe a year before and always loved it so there's that lol. I used to put it on before applying ponds cold cream and remove with a warm rag with good results but not 100% clarity like with this regimen
  5. Help!! I've run out of my products. I purchased the 8oz initial kit, and it hasn't even been a month and I'm out of my cleanser and moisturizer. I still have plenty of the bp, thankfully! But I really need to know the best cleanser and moisturizer to use in a pinch from the drugstore until I can order more from the line. I once found some info on this website about alternative products but am having trouble locating it again. Please help before tonight, when it comes time for me to wash my face. Lol