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  1. Dotty1 added a post in a topic -   

    Well, I've read health problems like asthma, arthritis pain, lupus, MS, Diabetes Type 1, Celiac Disease and not to mention acne all seem to lessen or disappear when grains are removed from the diet. Humans brought large amounts of grain/legumes into their diet 10,000 years ago (roughly 330 generations ago). I don't believe we are capable of eating these two foods in the large quantities we do now. I am assuming humans were designed to eat vegetables, fruit and some protein (eggs, fish, etc.) which is more similar to the diet of chimpanzees.
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  2. Dotty1 added a post in a topic -   

    There is a women running a blog who reversed her TYPE 1 DIABETES (considered incurable) when she removed all dairy, grains and legumes from her diet. Isn't it interesting that a lot of people on this forum fix their acne by removing dairy, grains and legumes from their diet? Not a coincidence as nature never intended humans to be on these foods!

    Here is the blog:
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  3. Dotty1 added a post in a topic -   

    About 1-2 months. But it can take several more months (like 6 months) for the sensitivities caused by wheat to go away.
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  4. Dotty1 added a post in a topic -   

    I noticed about a 5% improvement when I removed gluten from my diet but only noticed the BIGGEST improvement when I eliminated grains from my diet. It took about 1 month. I was also avoiding legumes at the time (another common acne trigger) so I don't know if that had anythign to do with it.
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  5. Dotty1 added a post in a topic -   

    Can anyone find HealthNews' source for saying that? I am VERY interested and can't find their source.
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  6. Dotty1 added a post in a topic -   

    That is crazy. Would you happen to know of a page that talks about that? I had no idea about this.
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  7. Dotty1 added a post in a topic Gluten free diets and gluten intolerance   

    However, you might be one of those people who need to cut out all grains to see a difference. I didn't see any change when I stopped all gluten --- okay, maybe I noticed a 5% decrease in acne. But it wasn't until I removed all grains that I improved significantly. And I ONLY saw the improvement when I removed ALL TRACES of grains from my diet -- such as citric acid (corn), my toothpaste (corn), in my vitamins and pills (you need to just stop taking them because grain is in everything).

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  8. Dotty1 added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Zonulin & Factors that increase intestinal permeability (grains, legumes...)
    Most people who clear themselves on this forum naturally do it by removing all grains, legumes and dairy from their diet. Some find the need to eliminate all sugars too.

    Coincidently, these are the four same foods that gluten-sensitive individuals must eliminate to be 100% healthy over on the Celiac forums. If they just remove wheat, barley and rye, they deal with symptoms of depression, food sensitivities and a hundred other health problems.

    I just read a blog by someone who REVERSED DIABETES TYPE 1 (considered incurable) by removing grains and legumes from their diet. I don't think this is a coincidence --- nature never intended humans to eat grains and legumes and dairy and sugar in such vast quantities.

    Read blog here:

    Here on the acne forums, we are fighting leaky gut syndrome.

    In 2009, researchers discovered the protein zonulin which is responsible for intestinal permeability. Now they know that Gliadin (found in wheat) actually regulates the protein zonulin which controls intestinal permeability. Zonulin is now thought to be a protein that plays a large role in a number of autoimmune disorders.

    "Lectins and increased gut permeability

    Lectins are a family of glycoproteins (a complex protein containing a
    carbohydrate combined with a simple protein) found in the plant
    kingdom, including grains, legumes and solanacous plants (tomatoes,
    potatoes, eggplants and peppers)."

    "Gliadin up regulates zonulin (a protein expressed in gut tissue), thereby increasing gut permeability (not only in celiac patients, but also in non-Celaic patients), which is a very important factor underlying T1D2.

    Other factors that increase intestinal permeability: "This includes lectins (present in legumes and grains), saponins (found in legumes, potatoes, peppers, alfalfa sprouts, root beer, quinoa and amaranth), and alcohol."
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  9. Dotty1 added a post in a topic Gluten free diets and gluten intolerance   

    You can get a gluten sensitivity stool test done by for $130. Its the most accurate test available at the present.

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  10. Dotty1 added a post in a topic Vitamin D3 supplements   

    I would get the 2 ingredient Vitamin D3 by Douglas Labs for $22. There is gluten, grain, dairy, soy, or anything else in it.

    Although you need a prescription to buy it from Douglas Labs site, I've seen it for sale on Froogle ( and on the Gluten Free Society's website without prescription.
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  11. Dotty1 added a post in a topic How to use the baking soda mask !!!??   

    Alternavista, do you happen to know of anything better than baking soda as a mild scrub?

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  12. Dotty1 added a post in a topic 1 banana a night=worst my face has been + stomach cramps   

    Auto- do you live in the US? If so, certain states have doctors who work with Cyrex Laboratory, one of the best labs that offer really accurate gluten sensitivity tests.
    Joris gave me a site that has a few doctors in it by state (Although they are few):

    If you are not near a state that has a doctor who works with Cyrex Labs, you can use EnteroLab: $99 stool test -- the lab works directly with the patient
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  13. Dotty1 added a post in a topic 1 banana a night=worst my face has been + stomach cramps   

    Autonomous - Do you happen to know if you are gluten sensitive? In all the research I have read, Crone's Disease is now a disease that is hand in hand with gluten intolerance. Also, I know one family who has about 10 cousins with Crone's Disease and they all just discovered they are gluten intolerant as well.

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  14. Dotty1 added a post in a topic 1 banana a night=worst my face has been + stomach cramps   

    Depending on how far reaching your sensitivity could be, you may be sensitive to amines which are high in bananas. You'll have to see if you are sensitive to other high amine foods as time goes on.

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  15. Dotty1 added a post in a topic what if I only ate Fish/fruits/vegg   

    You eat raw grains? How? How long do you need to soak the rice to make it edible?
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