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  1. How To Get Rid Of Back Acne? (Pic Included)

    Topical treatment will only do so much if anything at all. For most adults, topical treatment does nothing and actually makes acne worse because it is disrupting the natural oil balance and ph of our skin. When we clean and scrub too much, we break out even more because the skin produces even more oil to compensate for the oil taken away during cleansing. Adult acne is different than teen acne. It is more of an internal issue than external. I have suffered many years of acne on my body, and I promise you addressing it internally will give you promising results. I know it is a daily emotional battle going through this. You are not alone with your pain.
  2. How To Get Rid Of Back Acne? (Pic Included)

    I'm glad you are seeing improvement. You will definitely see an improvement cutting out sugar. Dairy is a big culprit of acne because of all the hormones in it therefore increasing sebum production so I highly recommend cutting dairy out as well to have clear skin. I indulged over the holidays with too much sweets and dairy and paid the price big time. Had new big zits pop up on my face and back, the painful ones that take forever to go away. Luckily it has cleared up a lot since I've cut those out of my diet, and I'm going to try very hard to stick with it this year. Also limiting coffee intake as well.