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  1. Antibiotics for transition to Accutane

    It is okay to use a drug if it benifits you in a way. Accutane has side effects, but wonderful benifit too, so it is worth it.
  2. is accutane working? (pics)

    You are right... I think i should give it a go
  3. is accutane working? (pics)

    Yeah, i see It is so much better than before, trust me or not (you should). It worked so nicely on you, im glad for you The thing is, everybody reacts differently - its rare to get insane side effects from antibiotics but i did get them, such as scratching constantly, painful headache etc. And there are some horror stories out there about accutane, thats why im so afraid. I know its rare with long-term side effects, but its still a chance. And im just thinking about... my skin will get so much worse for like 2-3months before it will get better again, when i start accutane. Did you experience any bad breakouts due to accutane?
  4. is accutane working? (pics)

    Holy... your skin is so good now! Congrats! I feel like going on accutane myself but ugh... those side effects :0
  5. -Asian skin. Even though Pakistan is in Asia, is it included in the article? Many people look at Asia as China, Vietnam, Japan etc
  6. my story.... :/can't live with it anymore...

    Bro i can feel you.. you are not the only one. At the moment i have acne, and my acne is quite bad condition. I am preparing myself of the scars ill be facing the next months... It sucks and i dont know how to live with it. I am quite depressed myself. Everyday i wake up with thinking "fuck my life" and everyday i fall asleep with saying "fuck my life." I am not trying to sound unthankfull but ... acne has changed my perspective of life.
  7. is accutane working? (pics)

    That picture in the middle, is that the recent one?
  8. Comedonal Acne

    It most likely does.
  9. Red marks

    Apply vaseline on your spots, it will get better in 2 weeks and eventually fade away soon. Vaseline is really good, works for many people but not everyone. Maybe it can work for you
  10. 5% BP?

    i am not sure but 5% is usually quite strong. you can try to apply it a few days and see how your skin reacts. remember to apply really low dose
  11. A minor mental breakdown

    I truly agree with you. I am a food lover myself but now... i cant even look at food, it makes me feel sick. Whenever i eat something "unhealthy" i breakout badly. Food used to be something i loved... Now food is something i hate. Whenever i think of milkshakes, cookies, pizzaes, burgers and all that.. i feel disgusting. Not cuz its fatty foods, but cuz of my face. I have no idea whats wrong with me... My friends eat so much junk and drink so much soda... im here trying to swallow 3 liters of water everyday... id just wish this didnt affect my the way it does... whenever i talk to somebody and i look at their eyes... guess what they look at? Even my teachers... And the feeling i get whenever it happens... feels like its just better to jump out of 10th floor. Remember, you are not alone... Many people are with you, if not, atleast i am! Tight hugs
  12. Water Only Journey

    it will get better, bare with time
  13. Accutane journey-alex

    It happens to me as well.. i get left alone with huge marks on my forhead... even though there is no pimple there but it looks like there are 100 pimples just cuz of those nasty red marks... its so annoying. 2 days ago i got a fucking fat ass pimple on my forhead and it hurts as fuck... its still there.. its gonna fade away in 5-6 days but the mark its gonna leave.. fucking hell... its gonna last atleast 3 months
  14. Try to apply vaseline on your scars. I am not sure if it works but its wort a try