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  1. STOP WHEY PROTEIN! Ive always had clear skin even though when i started working out. I am 17 and last winter i decided to start with protein shake.. 1month later i started to break out badly with acne.. then i stopped til this summer cuz my skin was pretty much clear.. then i started again and boom.. now i wont use it before im 22 or smth.. and take a shower right after gym + when you wash your face, wash it with cold water.
  2. @HarleyZ I have very oily skin too.. I wash my face and after 4-5 hours my face is so shiny because of the oil.. It is annoying tho. Honestly, it is worth to give it a go maybe once or twice? It didnt make my skin any worse at all, or maybe cuz i got a huge pimple on my forhead the day after using vaseline but i didnt stop and now overall it is slowly healing due to vaseline.. just use it before bed and gently wash it off early in the morning.. It is worth a try, trust me, i was afraid to try it myself but im glad i did. I hear the BP story of yours. It sucks but i think it is normal to get worsen before getting better when you use BP.. I am using bp on my spot and done it for 4 days and no improvement so far... but vaseline on forhead is helping. Yeah i stress about school as well... i sleep 1-2 am and wake up 7 am so yeah, quite lack of sleep... 5-6 hours of sleep is not even close to enough.. i actually think thats what is causing my acne, never thought of it before.. lack of sleep and stress or lack of vitamine D. Last winter I had acne on my cheeks but when summer was getting closer my skin was getting better... and when it was summer - a lot of sun and a lot of sleep - my skin was perfect. Now again around winter time i got my acne and im not sleeping so well lately except weekends. There are too many things that can cause acne so i cant get to a conclusion
  3. Yo man! How is it going now? It really sucks to have pimple/acne in general. When you dont have it at all and it just turns around and says "good morning, im back" before an important meetup sucks! Those whiteheads might be caused by stress/diet. Have you been stressing lately due to some reaons or have you been eating junk/fast food/dairy/cheese/hot food or something lately? If not, it might be the winter if you are living in a cold country - lack of vitamine D. To be honest, the cheaper the treatment is the better is it (with quality ofc). Try to apply vaseline on spots for a couple days and you will see an improvement. Then continue using it - before bed time. If you see no improvements at all then try BP 2,5% but it will be a longer journey for sure. Before bed use vaseline and drink hot glass of water with 1/2 lemon in it. Lemon with water can also remove your acne/spots. Dont be depressed because of this, mate. Acne is an usual issue even though it doesnt seem like it. Noone cares as you do about your skin. You might think "Oh, he/she is starring at my acne" when you are out in public but people actually dont notice too much, they have their own issues. The less you think about it the better will it get - Mental health effects your skin. Try to be as happy as you can and it will be allright. I hope this helped, if not or if it did, let me know cheers mate

    Dont be so depressed man. It is a part of life. Everyone has their own problems, right? Like us, we have issues with skin, just like other people have family issues, mental issues etc etc.. millions of issues. Some people are good at hiding our issues but people with acne (Including me) suck at hiding our problem. We get too depressed because of this. I am a depressed person too even tho I am saying all this, it is really hard to escape depression when you have noticeable acne but honestly, not many people care about you/me having acne. In the end of the day it will be allright, dont you agree? It always sucks to go trough something bad but the most important thing is to learn something from our problems. This is not something you were expecting beforehand - all those breakouts etc. But as it has come you understand how it feels - when it is gone you can understand people you wouldnt have understood without learning from this issue. I am not good at explaining haha but I hope you understand. It will always suck to go trough some hard times but it will make you a better person for sure. Not saying your not a good person lol, but it will bring more sides of you in future.
  5. Soy protein and oat crackers

    Concentrated proteins causes acne.

    Heya! I am so sorry about what you are going trough. I feel you, I am not doing any better myself. What is your age and how long have you dealt with acne? Have you tried natural products such as aloe vera? It has worked for many people. A good and cheap option is vaseline, it works nicely as well. Drink aloe vera juice + lemon + warm water every night for 2 weeks and you will notice a difference. If that doesnt work try coconut water, it works nicely too! I wish you best of luck man and dont be depressed because of acne. See, it has made you a better person. The nicest people are those who has gone trough the most. It is fact.
  7. Maybe I have asked you this before but have you tried vaseline? It has worked nicely for many people. On the whiteheads gently put on thich layer of vaseline for 2-3 nights and there is a chance for good improvement. I know, i just want to end my life whenever I see my refelction. I used to be that guy who was always with friends and doing fun stuff 2-3months back but when this started i just make excuses to avoid everything. I sit in my room most of the time and never turn the light on incase anyone comes in my door can avoid seeing my face. Yesterday I was taking a shower and when I cam out of the shower I heard my brother yelling from upstairs "No, he doesnt have it, have you seen his skin?" And i asked him "Who doesnt have what?" He replied: Mom asked if you had any chocolate in your room. Wow. Okay. Was just hiding under my carpet for rest of the night. It is emotionally taking over me. I am breakingout on my forhead idk why... it was getting better and better but then boom 2 days ago or smth i started getting huge pimples again on my forhead.. but im for now just using vaseline before bed and that other thingy with BP on the red mark on chin.. idk what to do.. i would prefer anything else than this
  8. No i didnt mean that at all.. I meant there are conditions that are a lot, a lot worse!
  9. Valtrex!

    Try vaseline, better and safer imo.
  10. DONT USE IT! It is a pretty high dose or maybe too high... When you start taking it you begin with small dosages like 10-20mg so your body can get used to it... You shouldnt be taking more than 50mg no matter what. It will increase chances of side effects I assume, not sure though.
  11. Hello there, I am sorry you are going trough though times because of acne but to be honest, what I see from the pictures is nothing "bad" at all. It sucks to go trough acne but acne has many different levels - yours is deffo low level one. What is your age if you dont mind? You have maybe heard it before but I need to ask what medicines/creams have you taken against acne? I am going trough acne as well and I know exactly how depressing it is but hey, who is actually perfect? Everyone has an illness even if you can not see it. How long have you fought acne and was it better (I doubt) or worse before?
  12. Yeah indeed. For now im just using it on one spot since idk how i will react to it. 2 years ago i tried benzoyl proxide cream 5% and it messed me up badly for a few weeks. So I am just checking this one out incase. And how about you? Any news? What are you sticking to for now?
  13. I got epiduo yesterday (Includes 2,5% BP). Read some good success stories about it. Trying it on my spot which is on my chin. If I see any difference ill try it on other spots too. Just too afraid to make it worse for myself now
  14. Water Only Journey

    The tomato will dry, yes, but it works pretty nice. Over tomato you use aloe vera which holds your skin smooth and gelly. The day after you just splash or gently wash your face and gently use a clean towel to remove rest of it. Tomato isnt necessary but aloe vera is god given gift, no doubt. You can apply aloe vera gel alone too, it works well for some people and for those it doesnt work for dont end up with any side effects such as a new breakout caused by itself
  15. I feel you. I really do. I havent been fighting agains acne for so long but 2 years now. Last summer was great - my face was acne free and i finally felt alive again. 3 months ago it started to slowly come back and now it is back but with a stronger army. When someone used to look at me, i didnt mind. Now when someone looks at me, i think to myself "What is he/she thinking? Oh he is disgusted by my face" etc etc.. It is depressing. I wish people could understand how it feels to have acne so they wouldnt judge our faces too quickly and pretend like we dont notice anything. I dont know what self confidence is anymore - what is it? Feels like ive never had it before, would like to see how it feels... must feel good i assume.
  16. Water Only Journey

    What do you mean?
  17. Water Only Journey

    I know tomato isnt famous to cover acne/pimples but trust me it works quite well! Yes, it has acids but remember the ph-value of tomato is just like water. There is nothing to lose tbh
  18. Water Only Journey

    Interesting journey! Thank you for sharing Sounds like you have come far in this progress. Closer and closer to your goal, amazing. Just an opinion - I think it would heal faster if you gently rub tomato on your face at night time before bed and sleep with it - gently wash your face in the morning. Maybe try it for a few days and see if there is any difference? And vaseline is pretty good to heal the redness as well, if you havent tried it out. It sounds risky and scary but i havent read one single story so far about their unsuccess. Good luck and inform us/me with news
  19. Awesome! Remember in the morning wash your face with mild-cold water (not ice) and gently remove the vaseline which you used night before (it will be some remains)
  20. I havent used it. Do i need medical certificate from doctor to buy it or? I has a cyst but it is gone after i used vaseline. I have oily skin too but trust me vaseline is pretty good to heal your skin. Many good stories related to vaseline and acne. I will try benzoyl cuz ive heard many success stories about it. The cyst I had is gone, now i have the red huge spot of it which is really annoying to have.. but gladly i feel nothing anymore cuz that cyst was quite painful.. aftera applying aloe vera for a week it started to get smaller and after 2-3 days of vaseline it was gone.. now i need to remove the red mark too and ill be fine.. tired of walking around with plaster on my chin just to hide that damn thing
  21. When can I stop PICKING

    I have pretty much the same kind of spot on my chin and i use a damn plaster to cover it lol.. i got the spot because my skin was really irritated because of a product i used.. so dumb i was .. but it will heal in a few weeks. try to gently apply vaseline on your spots and it will be improvements
  22. Congrats! Always feels good to get something that works for ya can you post recent pictures? would like to see the whole progress