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  1. Help and advice needed

    Hallow I always suggest you natural home remedies. To find the solution of your problem please visit How to Get Rid of Acne Fast
  2. I really need some advice

    Hey, kero34 Don't worry. I think your skin is very much oily and you are facing a lots of problem. Why you stopped to use retin-a%cream? OK, no problem don't use it once again. You most use natural home remedies which has no bad effect on skin, How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Permanently. Hopefully it will be cure within a month. Thank you.
  3. oily skin make me crazy

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  4. Rather confused about my acne

    Hi, You didn't mention how long you are suffering. Have you consulted with any dermatologist? You also not mention that. First of all you have to know cause of your acne. Than you can find out the remedies. Please don't be worried about it about it. I am giving you a link, please click & I am sure you must got the cause of your acne and way of remedies in naturally. Please click on this link: How to Get Rid of Acne Fast
  5. medical or cosmetic?

    Hi poptarts2k17, Pimples are one of the the majority of irritating pores and skin problems that people want to get rid of this. Though pimples occur immediately, it takes too much time to get rid of all of them permanently. Regardless of whatever you attempt, from nasal area strips in order to parlor face, it is this type of disgusting problem that you can not get rid of even though you squeeze these out! Asking yourself what to do right now? Don’t become panic! Although it takes a little long to eliminate Blackheads, you are able to surely take them off permanently along with just a little initiatives from your time to life. Prior to we go to discuss How you can Remove Whiteheads from Nasal area Permanently, inform us what causes whiteheads first within the following. Another thing you may consult with a dermatologist. But there may be some bad effect of medicine. My suggestion is home remedies. That will be the best. To know about home remedies please click on this link: How to Remove Blackheads From Nose Permanently
  6. How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Permanently

    Hi DinaHaines, Yes, I can explain in details. To know the preparing method & applying procedure please click think: How to Get Rid of Oily skin Permanently. I hope it will be helpful for your sister. Thank you very much.
  7. Please help me for my oily skin

    Acne breakout the skin is actually mostly called “Pimple”. Spot is one of the important problems for teenagers. The item kills an important feature about your face. A new pimple or simply acne is definitely not risky, however the scars for its benefit badly inside the face. Every body like your deal with, like your epidermis. But some day the awful pimple indicates its scalps on your even face. They may be scary back to you. Then you hence do your better to protect our skin from any kind of sorts of problems. But don’t worry….. It’s a usual and simple skin illness that is affecting many people. You could get rid of the issue by following the right steps. To escape from acne by home remedies click on the link: How to get rid of acne fast
  8. I want to cry and pull all my skin off :(

    Hello, I was also faced this type of problem. I consulted with a skin specialist, he suggested me some medicine, I continued but no change of my skin. I used some chemical product from the market, It became my skin so rubbish especially face. I could not go out side. All the time I felt disappointed. I used different products time to time, but there was no change. Finally I found some natural products for the skin & which can be made in home. I followed then one month & finally I escape from this skin problems. Now my skin looking so fantastic.