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  1. Teenager with super oily skin

    Hi erin367 The actual oily pores and skin comes from hereditary issues. Anybody of close to blood deliver has greasy skin, you will get it through birth. You will get the slimy skin from the father, mom, grandfather as well as mother. Apart from genetic cause, you can gain fatty skin with regard to various factors. Oily epidermis comes from a good oily or even sweaty coating on your skin area. It leads to for the more than productivity associated with sebum and also comes from the experience of the sweat cell, a sort of skin lubes. In consistency, this lubrication comes out along with heavy along with thick plan. There are so many great get muck skin. To know more please click on this link what Causes of Oily Skin and How to reduce it?
  2. Help and advice needed

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  3. I really need some advice

    Hey, kero34 Don't worry. I think your skin is very much oily and you are facing a lots of problem. Why you stopped to use retin-a%cream? OK, no problem don't use it once again. You most use natural home remedies which has no bad effect on skin, How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Permanently. Hopefully it will be cure within a month. Thank you.
  4. oily skin make me crazy

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