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  1. Diet Changers

    For those who have eliminated dairy, eggs, gluten, or other things from their diet, have you ever had your allergies tested? I'm wondering if your skin can react to anything food related even if you do not have an allergy. E.g. if you have your allergies tested and the results tell you that it is fine for you to drink cows milk, can you still breakout from drinking it?
  2. I remember reading a study which showed that if you are fasting, or eating a low-fat diet, Absorica has a higher absorption rate than the other Accutane brands. Conversely, if you are eating a high-fat meal every day, you will be better off taking the other Accutane brands over Absorica. If you think that your diet will be too low in fat, you would probably be better off with Absorica. As a note though, every dermatologist that I have heard from has suggested that people do not change their diet while on Accutane. I don't think many people will eat a lot of say, bacon and eggs every day. That would be extremely unhealthy. I would imagine that most people just take their pills with a big meal which is their highest in fat for the day, but nothing too much, like lots of bacon and eggs every day.
  3. It is better to treat your scars when the scars are new. It would be better to treat your scars sooner rather than later. Although I am positive that, in this day and age, you will get amazing results either way.
  4. Need suggestion

    Perhaps try Lubriderm or Vanicream. They are both offer fragrance-free moisturisers.
  5. Need suggestion

    Consider using things that are fragrance and dye free. Try to buy a thick moisturiser, like Cetaphil. Make sure to apply your moisturiser while your skin is still damp. If you apply moisturiser to dry skin, the moisturiser will just sit on top of the skin. This is a reason why many people have to moisturise many times per day. Many people have to experiment to find a moisturiser that suits them. Perhaps buy a variety of moisturisers and try them out. Always remember to apply the moisturiser whilst your skin is still damp.
  6. Make sure you clear your active acne before treating the redness or anything else. Perhaps what you have is red PIH, this can be treated with an IPL laser. It is not bad at all, as with time or with help from treatments, your redness will fade. I cannot see any indentations, so I cannot see any scars.
  7. Do you still have active acne? I am not sure if I can see a little acne or not. If yes, you need to treat that first. Also, it looks like you have PIE. If you press on them and they go away its PIE, if it's pigmented and stays its PIH. There are many things that you can do. The best treatment for PIE being Vbeam ( Vascular laser ), and the best for PIH being IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light ). -beautifulambition has a post on here that explains it in detail.
  8. Dates

    Are dates bad for acne? They are high in sugar but they are just dried fruits? Dates are naturally very high in sugar, and as they are dry, the sugars become even more concentrated. Are they okay as the sugars are natural? As, after all, some sugar in a diet is good. Also they are so delicious.
  9. You should always wear sunscreen. Consider Vanicream products. Their sunscreens are formulated for those with sensitive skin. They are free of dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens, formaldehyde and other preservatives.
  10. Stress is definitely related to acne. There is also a direct link between stress and accelerated ageing. Try to reduce stress as much as possible. If something starts to get stressful, try to avoid that subject/topic/activity and think positive thoughts. Thinking "I should not get stressed here as it will benefit my acne" is probably one of the best things that you can do. Also remember to wear sunscreen plenty of sunscreen and apply it regularly. I recall seeing a video about how most people do not apply sunscreen as much as they should.
  11. For the past two weeks I have noticed that the left side of my face becomes irritated for no reason. I am currently taking Accutane, but I treat my skin as carefully as possible. I never touch it, and I sleep on my right side, but for some reason my cheek seems to get a little irritated and red. I am not sure if it is because of facia hair, so perhaps I should shave more often, or if there is anything else that it could be. I also wonder why just my left cheek and not my right cheek. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?
  12. Is a low glycemic low calorie vegan diet a good diet for taking accutane ? If you are going to keep with that diet ( which is very good ), I would ask your dermatologist if you could take Absorica. This is a version of accutane that absorbs better than other brands of accutane if you are fasting or eating low-fat meals, but you should always take accutane with a meal. Although, a study showed that if you do eat a high-fat meal and take Abosrica it is less efficient that taking the other brands with a high-fat meal. If I were you though, I would take Absorica and not change my diet. I have tried laser and they get rids of a lot of my scars but not my pimples. What is isolaz ? I do sleep well. I am very stressed because of my acne. You should never use laser to treat scars whilst you still have pimples. That will have probably made things worse. Isolaz is a laser that dermatologists use to treat acne. If the lasers that you have used helped your scars, then you probably got the wrong laser treatment. There are lasers out there to treat acne, and lasers that help with scarring. Isolaz was suggested to someone on Realself as the best laser to use, as this person did not want to use Accutane. I am very stressed because of my acne. This is, of course, understandable, but try your hardest to not stress out and know that there will be a cure for you. You are still young and have so much time and happiness ahead after this phase passes. And it will. My diet: A low glycemic index low calorie vegan diet. Between 800 to 1800 calories per day. Grapes, apples, oranges, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, mangoes, tomatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, garlic, onions, peaches, carrots, peanuts, almonds, ect. I take vegan protein supplements, grape seed extract, and multivitamines. I drink green tea, black tea, chamomile tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, and spearmint tea everyday. I drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Could peanuts be causing a reaction? Also I have heard of people reacting badly to green tea, this may also hold for other types of tea. You could experiment and just drink water and see if that helps. My skin is very greasy. Perhaps a second course of Accutane is for you.
  13. Some people go through a second course of Accutane. Did you take enough of a cumulative dose? Also, did you take your pills with a high-fat meal? Your face washing and showering seems chaotic. I would stick to washing my face in the morning and showering at night. Or vice versa. Washing your face too many times can be irritating. Perhaps use a fragrance-free soap and fragrance-free moisturiser. You could look up "NinaAndRanda" on YouTube. They cured their severe acne by changing their diet. You can also post your diet and grocery list here and people can try and help see if their is anything that you should eliminate. Have you had your allergies tested? Do you sleep well? One of the hardest, but best, things to do is to reduce stress and be optimistic. Lots of people have acne caused by stress. Laser has worked well for a lot of people, too. Maybe consider Isolaz. Perhaps using birth control could also help. I have female friends who use birth control to stop breakouts. I hope we can find something that works for you.
  14. Hi! First and foremost, stay happy and optimistic. This is good for your mind and body. I will list some things below as it is nicer than paragraphs. (1) Taking your pills with or just after your highest fat meal of the day. (2) Moisturise twice daily ( I use fragrance-free everything ), and make sure that you apply your moisturiser to your skin when it is still damp ( just after you have dried it. This ensures that the moisturiser soaks into the skin and doesn't just sit on top of it. I think the thicker the better. My skin is never dry using Cetaphil! (3) Avoid the Sun and alcohol. (4) This, like everything, varies: Try eliminating dairy, and gluten. You may be able to eat things with dairy and gluten but they may not be good for you. (5) Exercise lightly, don't do anything excessive though. (6) Try and sleep well. (7) Look up "Nina and Randa" on YouTube. They cured their acne without medication. They are amazing and are vegans and can provided recipes and other things. They videoed their journey. (8) Change your bed sheets weekly. (9) Use fragrance-free laundry washing liquid. (10) Avoid touching your face. (11) I would avoid waxing until after a couple of months after Accutane. (12) Stay stress-free. Good luck! Keep us posted!
  15. Spironolactone results with pics

    You were 33 last summer!!!????? I would ID you for alcohol, and then not believe the ID! Was there something that you changed or that changed last summer that could have caused it? Find the solution, find the cure! I can't even see anything, but: Have you tried changing your diet? Cutting out dairy, gluten, and sugars can help, maybe even eggs. Is there some added stress in your life? Try yoga or meditating. Try to sleep well, also. Good luck with everything!
  16. Hyperpigmentation

    I have read over the link that you have just posted. You mention that Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) is related to brown spots, and permanent red spots. In the treatments you do not mention Vbeam. Can Vbeam be used for the permanent red spots ( PIH ) just like you can for PIE?
  17. My Diet / My Acne (can you help?)

    That looks like a really good list of foods to me! Do you ever cook your meats in oils? If so, which ones? You may want to consider using oils that contain the "better-for-you" fats, and less saturated fat. E.g. olive, canola, corn, peanut, safflower, sunflower, or soybean.
  18. Exhausted

    I am really exhausted everyday whilst on Accutane. My eyes hurt a lot all day and I am so tired from morning till night. I struggle to stay awake throughout the day. Does anyone else feel this way while on Accutane?
  19. Runny Nose

    Can Accutane cause a runny nose? If this has happened to anyone, can they suggest something that I can do? I have noticed it for around two weeks or so now.
  20. Cook Books

    I would like to try a dairy-free, gluten-free diet, egg-free. One which includes healthy dietary fats, and a mixture of meat and meat-free dishes, for beginners. Can anyone suggest a cook book, or multiple books that fit this criteria?
  21. Hi, I have decided that after I finish my Accutane course I am going to treat my PIE with a PDL. I looked up that a dermatologist nearby has Vbeam Perfecta. How long after accutane would you suggest I wait before having this treatment done? My idea is the following ( any suggestions and comments on this are appreciated and welcomed ): I will wait 3 months ( should I wait longer? ) and have a blood test to see if my platelet count is back into the normal region. This will help give me an indication that my body is healing at its usual rate again. Then I would make a consultation with a dermatologist and ask for a test patch to be done. I will also ask the dermatologist to use lower settings to result in less bruising/downtime ( I have read that the Vbeam Perfecta causes less bruising but can still cause some ). I understand that this may result in more treatments, but I am okay with that. Further, I am happy to say that it does not look like I have many indented scars. I am not sure how I will feel about them as time goes by, though. Can anyone list some dermatologists/plastic surgeons throughout the states ( I would be willing to travel around the US ) that they would recommend from experience or something else that suggests they are very experienced in treating acne scars. Someone who uses dimmed lighting and maps out the scars. Someone who plans out and can think outside the box, and uses a combination approach, not just someone who suggests Fraxel. The reason I ask early is because I would like to do a lot of research and decide a year or so in advance where I would like to go. Who I know of: Dr Jason Emer, CA, Dr Chris Zachary, CA. Also, what are peoples opinions on Dr Davin Lim. He seems to be the best in the world in my opinion. His approach and knowledge in the area are truly amazing.
  22. It's okay. That is normal for someone who is doing an accutane course. Your cumulative dosage at the end of your course should be around 120 - 150 mg/kg. You are still quite a way off that, so there is plenty of time. I hope you don't have to wait this long, but you may have to wait until your final month until you are all clear, hopefully it will be faster, but patients is ket here. Accutane has an amazing response rate. Here are some tips to help you. First and foremost, stay happy and optimistic. This is good for your mind and body, and will help you get through the accutane journey. (1) Taking your pill(s) with or just after your highest fat meal of the day. (2) Moisturise twice daily ( I use fragrance-free everything ), and make sure that you apply your moisturiser to your skin when it is still damp ( just after you have dried it ). This ensures that the moisturiser soaks into the skin and doesn't just sit on top of it. I think the thicker the better. My skin is never dry using Cetaphil! (3) Avoid the Sun as much as possible, remember sunscreen! (4) This, like everything, varies: Try eliminating dairy, and gluten. You may be able to eat things with dairy and gluten but they may not be good for you. Diet is key. I would avoid fast food and other really greasy foods.(5) Exercise lightly, don't do anything excessive. (6) Try and sleep well. (7) Look up "Nina and Randa" on YouTube. They cured their acne without medication. They are amazing and are vegans and can provided recipes and other things. They videoed their journey. They cured their acne by changing their diet.(8) Change your bed sheets weekly. (9) Use fragrance-free laundry washing liquid. (10) Avoid touching your face. (11) Stay stress-free. (12) Avoid waxing. If you do not already do some of these, perhaps consider them and maybe it can help you along the way.
  23. I remember reading a story from a dermatologist who was talking about one of his accutane patients. His patient did not seem to improve at all for four months. The dermatologist during the fourth and fifth month attended a course at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting "What to do for the Patient who Fails Accutane" he was thinking about this patient the whole lecture. When he returned back to his office, his first patient was the patient who was not improving from Accutane, but to his surprise, this patient's acne had cleared during the fourth and fifth month. Some people respond to Accutane earlier than others, some may not respond until the final month(s). You have improved a lot and I'm sure that you will be clear at the end of the course! Accutane has such a high response rate and you still have plenty of time left to improve massively! What dosage are you on? What were the doses of month 1 - 4? When you reach your total cumulative dose I bet that you are clear.
  24. I've been on Accutane over 8 months, but please, please don't worry about that. You will more than likely not be on it that long. The reason I am still on Accutane is because I had truncal ( back ) acne and that is more stubborn. My face has been free of cysts for months and months. But my back as taken longer to clear. My results are amazing, so stay optimistic as I'm sure yours will be, too! Although I do have a lot of PIE, which I plan to get treated using a Vbeam Perfecta laser ( when I am allowed as you have to wait a while after taking Accutane before you can use any lasers ). I take 1mg/kg. Alsot be careful when waxing. When you are on Accutane your platelet count will probably decrease, which means that your skin will heal slower than usual. Maybe one of the ladies can help you with this but I recall reading that it is advised to not wax during an Accutane course.
  25. Since you weigh 50kg, the highest dosage that you should be put on ( in the UK ) is 50mg/day. This depends on the severity, location and environment you live in ( e.g. in Las Vegas you would probably not be given about 40mg/day, no matter what you weigh. The heat and accutane is just too much to bear ). A lot of people opt for a low-dosage accutane course, and a lot of people start low and increase gradually. Some dermatologists will start you at 0.5mg/kg, which for you would be 25mg/day, so you are on roughly 0.5mg/day. I recall that it is hard to find 5mg capsules so 20mg/day is perfectly fine, even starting on less would be okay. If the side effects become too much at a higher dosage, going back to a lower dosage would be fine, too. It is the cumulative dosage that counts. I have done SO much research before taking it. Perfect! Remember to always do this before you do anything. Straight after I eat my breakfast I take my pill with a spoon of peanut butter (for the fat) and big glass of water, what do you suggest? Don't change your diet because you are on accutane, but perhaps take your pill(s) straight after dinner/supper if your breakfast does not contain much fat. Say, if you have spaghetti bolognese, or a stew with potatoes for dinner. I also moisturise my entire body with the Cetaphil moisturiser after every shower, and I have been applying lip balm 2-3 times a day to prepare for the dry skin... maybe that's why I'm not dry yet? I think that is probably it, but also you are only 6 days in, so don't worry about it. I use Cetaphil and I do not feel any dryness at all! It is so thick and perfect! My lips get extremely dry, though. So perhaps you will never feel any skin dryness, because you are already prepared with a thick moisturiser that suits you. I bet your lips will get dry at some point soon, though. E.g. when you wake up in the morning. Have you been on accutane? I am currently on Accutane, I will happily share and help whenever I can.