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  • Interests I'm currently majoring in biological sciences and minoring in Mass communication in Nanyang technological university. I'm studying this both because I have loved biology since my secondary school days and since then moved on to like microbiology and genetics but I hate biochemistry and biophysics and anything mathematical. I started taking mass communication in my sophomore year, wanted to minor in psychology but after crashing my friend's class, I realised that mass comn interests me more.<br /><br /><br />My interests include watching Television, hanging out with friends, swimming and playing tennis. I am currently into martial arts and am taking Tae Kwon Do. <br /><br />I am a christian, used to be Catholic, now Evangelist<br />I have a younger brother 5 years younger who doesn't have acne problems. I am also kinda short only 4ft11, 149cm so I dislike people who make fun of my height.


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  1. Hi Maddy,
    I have a question for you.
    Im also Asian guy, mild acne (Oily face), my problem also is persistent acne and left a brown scar after that, after a month right now(20mg /day), what i did glad about that is my nose area feeling dried,feel like black head all coming out,so i know i have to be patient , i hope i will have dry skin experience. My question is: Will dried skin lessen my acne marks ,discoloration mark?>