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  1. 14 Years Of Acne

    No problem about the long reply. Acne is a complicated topic and is never simple For the past five years, my diet has been 98% whole foods. I mainly follow the guidelines of the Primal Diet at Mark's Daily Apple. I had allergy tests done and only wheat came up, which I haven't eaten in years. These foods make up the bulk of my diet: 100% grass fed Australian steak 100% grass fed Australian ground beef Kerrygold Grass Fed Butter Raw, Organic Pasture Raised Cheddar Cheese (I recently just added this) Spinach Broccoli Romaine Lettuce Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil - I ensured to buy a quality brand that is certified. I do not cook with it. I only use it on salads and other mixes. I cook with Nutiva coconut oil. Avacados Berries Pasture Raised Eggs - I cut eggs out for months (6+) at a time and it made no difference in my acne so I do not think I am sensitive. Spices (tumeric, oregano, cumin, chili powder, etc) Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon My diet is really basic, but I am sure to only eat whole foods and buy organic and grass fed always. I get 8 hours of sleep a night, only lift weights for 30 minutes a few days a week and do HIIT sprints. I don't do any chronic cardio. In the summer, I get 15-20 minutes a day of sun with no sunscreen. In the winter, I take a vitamin D supplement. I take an expensive magnesium supplement as well in addition to K2. And yes, I have tried leaving my face alone. ALL HELL broke loose lol. Literally the worst breakouts of my life so that is not an option. For the cod liver oil, I used Green Pasture's Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil blend. Honestly, that helped the most. I was clear at one point for 3 straight months! When I got off of it, the acne returned. The problem is I need to take a pretty high dose and cannot afford it at the moment. It literally sucks all of the oil out of my skin though. I feel like something involving vitamin A is my best chance at results. Maybe even Accutane. I know its a villain here, but many people with persistent acne used it, and their acne never came back, despite them never finding their true "trigger." This is even true for adults 25+ that weren't teenagers who would have grown out of it anyway. Before that, I am really considering eating liver a few times a week. That seems like the best way to get cheap and natural vitamin A in me, which my body clearly wants more of. All in all, it is really frustrating. I escaped with few scars from 14-23, but as my acne got more severe after 24, I have annoying pitting, which bothers me a lot. Who knows, maybe I will finally make that Accutane appointment and see if it works for me. Even if I can manage to keep my acne at bay with all of the diet changes and skincare routines, it still makes me anxious having to stick to it so closely. I would love to just relax for one day, and not worry about when my next breakout is.
  2. With my 28th birthday passing last month, I realize that I have now had acne for half of my life. When I joined this forum in 2007, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would still be here in 2015. I have had a lot of temporary victories and things that have somewhat helped, but it always comes back. I have been on the Regimen so many times for years at a time. I first tried it in 2004 or so when it was just known as The Clear Skin Regimen. Then it became Dan's Regimen. Now it is known as the Regimen. Unfortunately all of the name changes have led to no changes in results for me. In the middle of my time on the regimen, I went through all of the retinoids and antibiotics. Diet changes including paleo, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no nightshades, zinc, fish oil, vitamin b5, cod liver oil, etc. Definite improvements, but still acne to deal with. One thing i realized is if you have a genetic predisposition to get acne, there is not much you can do to stop it. Right now, I am on the regimen again. I slather so much BP on my face every morning and night. I never miss a day. I hate wasting an hour a day on my skin. And yet, it doesn't keep me clear. Don't get me wrong, the Regimen probably helps a TON. If I was not on it, I know my face would be full of pimples and cysts. After 14 years with Acne though, anything less than fully clear isn't good enough for me.
  3. I have been on and off the regimen for over 10 years now. With my acne worsening as I get older, I find I have to use more and more BP in the morning and at night. Since I breakout around my hairline and eyebrows, I have to do the regimen around that area. Unfortunately it is bleaching my light brown hair towards the front of my hairline and my eyebrows. I have tried everything. I wipe my hair immediately after applying. I have also put vaseline on my eyebrows and front of my hairline before applying BP. No results with that either. Any tips?
  4. 17 Years And Nothing's Changed - Depressing Rant

    I can relate as well. I am going to be 28 next month, and am pretty much the only guy in my age range that I see with acne. 14 years of dermatologists, antibiotics, all of the retinoids, the regimen numerous times, diet changes (paleo, no dairy, no gluten, etc) have only provided marginal, temporary results. At this point, slathering as much BP on my face as I can provides the best results, but I am still not clear and it is bleaching my hair and eyebrows like crazy. Maybe by the time we turn 30 we will clear, but I wouldn't bank on it at this point.