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  1. littlestarinthesky added a blog entry in Curing Cystic Acne Before Accutane   

    Week Three Update
    I'm pleased to say that week three is very similar to week two. I had my cotisone shots and my cysts have gone done almost entirely,I just have the red scarring now.

    Not had any new spots, which is incredible. I was having so many bad ones so I'm really pleased.

    I am having really odd side effects and I don't know what the cause is. I am getting a really tingling tongue and my joints/bones hurt. I will go to the doctor soon to check these out. If anyone has any ideas why this might be I'd be happy to hear!

    I have stopped the acv and doesn't seem to have made a difference to my skin.

    Still having green tea, saw palmetto, zinc, omega 3, lymecycline and azelaic acid and eating healthier and avoiding coffee apart from once a week, and following the Regimen with Cetaphil.

    Seeing the derm in two weeks so looking forward to discussing what might be working.
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  2. littlestarinthesky added a blog entry in Curing Cystic Acne Before Accutane   

    One Week On Update - Great Results!
    I have been following my regime religiously for a week now and my skin is looking fantastic! I honestly cannot believe the difference in a week. Not only is it looking much better but the biggest difference is how it feels - calmer, no painful cysts and it looks the best it has for months. I actually smiled looking in the mirror this morning.

    However, I still have three cysts and the one on my chest has barely changed. It is red and painful and not showing any signs of budging. The one on my face is much better and on my neck almost gone. I had a tiny miniscule whitehead appear and it went within 36 hours, completely gone! Normally this would develop into a much bigger, longer lasting spot.

    Now the issue is - what is it that's helping my skin? I have made so many changes that I don't know if it's one thing or a combination.

    I have changed:

    - my diet, I have cut out coffee and drinking almost solely green loose leaf tea and water. Also lots of fish and avocado and veggies. Less carbs and almost no dairy. I have had some soya milk but a lot less than normally would with having soya lattes and ceral for breakfast.

    - my skin care routine. i am following Dan's regimen and using Cetaphil for cleanser and moisturiser and Finecia azelaic acid as a spot treatment. in between.

    - drinking one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar a day mixed in with water. It's gross. I almost hope it's not this that is causing the improvement so I don't have to keep taking it! Bleurg. But I will persevere for now.

    - taking millinette contraceptive pill plus lymecycline. I started taking millinette about 5 weeks ago so maybe it has started helping? However a week ago my skin was horrendous and so I doubt it it this.

    - my supplements! I have a feeling these are making the real difference, especialy the saw palmetto. The more I read about it the more I feel it is what will help me - but can it help so soon? I went and bought Standardised Saw Palmetto and realised I had the wrong one and it does matter. I am also taking zinc 15 mg and omega 3. I take these at night as my antibiotics say not to take zinc supplements at same time of day as apparently this can affect the body absorbing the antibiotic.

    Side effects:

    - I have noticed a few side effects, the main ones being dry skin and sore joints/bones. Sounds weird but my hip bones and my knees have been noticeably achey since two or three days after I started. From googling I cannot find a link for this except for with zinc. Apparently joint pain can be a side effect. I am not certain though as I am on a low dose and have only been on it a few days, like I said.

    The dry skin is in patches on my arms and legs. I think this may be the saw palmetto? Apparently it lowers testosterone and in the process dries out the skins ability to produce oil, which obviously helps acne. However this is easily solved with some nice body butter

    So all in all I am very happy. I feel happier in general as a mix of good diet, and feeling better about my appearance. I am glad I have stopped having so much coffee though am going to treat myself to one today. Hopefully one will not make a difference?

    I went to my GP on Friday and she has suggested roaccutane and also said she will do a cortisone injection! I was not expecting that! So I am going in first thing tomorrow to get that. However I am pretty sure she has only prescribed for one injection, which means I would have to choose which cyst gets it - which is like Sophie's Choice, except in my case I don't want to keep any of them!! Maybe I am wrong and she will do them all.

    Anyway I hope others find this useful. I am going to stick with my routine for at least a month and if all is going well I will start swapping things about to try and figure out what is helping and what is placebo.

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  3. littlestarinthesky added a blog entry in Curing Cystic Acne Before Accutane   

    Day One - Herbal Supplements, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Omega, Green Tea
    I started getting cystic acne at about 14 and before that had regular acne. It was bad but not cystic. Just to clarify, some people say they have cystic acne and what they have are spots. These are not cysts, even if they are big. Cysts are hard lumps under the skin which are disfiguring. They rarely come to a head though they may burst at some stage. They grow slowly and can last for months. Mine usually last a month or so.

    I started Roaccutane at 23 and it worked a charm. So happy with the results. At 28 I got a random cyst on my chest. Then nothing. Now at 29 I have suddenly started getting regular cysts again.

    My skin is pretty good other than the cysts. I get a couple of big spots at the time of the month. Other than that my issues are cysts.

    I haven't been great sticking to a routine and just found this site and am trying The Regimen. Except I am using Finecia (Azelaic Acid) gel instead of benzyl peroxide. This is day 3 of the regime.

    Yesterday my cysts were really getting me down. I did a lot of reading on here and decided that my acne is likely hormonal. It seems women are opting for Saw Palmetto to help it so I went off to Holland and Barrett and bought a bottle on 460mg. It doesn't specify 'standardized' like some say it should so I'm hoping it will still help.

    My new regime as of yesterday:


    Lymecycline antibiotics (have increased my dose to twice a day while I have cysts)
    Finecia azelaic acid gel on spots and cysts twice a day

    Over the counter & herbal:

    Saw Palmetto
    Omega 3
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    Loose leaf grean tea

    Skin status:

    Large, disfiguring cyst between chin and cheek. Large cyst on neck (think on its way down). Painful cyst on chest probably still on its way up. It'll be a while til I can wear a top without a high neckline

    In the last week I have also tried tea tree oil 100% but didn't feel it was as effective as Finecia, though I may try it again. I've also tried Hydrocortisone cream 1% which made the cyst on my chest develop lots of little white heads. Not sure if that's good thing or not! I've switched to Finecia.

    I hope this helps others. I'll keep you updated with my progress.

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  4. littlestarinthesky added a post in a topic QUICK CURE FOR ACNE   

    TheRealCure, how can you actually believe that sex/masturbation causes acne?!?! What about people who get acne from the age of 10,11,12??? It's hormones and puberty, not sex.
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  5. littlestarinthesky added a post in a topic Vitamin B5 Powder Form :)   

    Hello, have just read all these posts (excellent for taking my mind off work, much funnier!), but I have questions!! Is the B5 powder the same as B50 vitamin and complex? Or are these totally different things

    my skin is quite dry now from using BP so would B5 be a bad idea and just dry it up more?!

    Cheers anyone who answers :-D
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  6. littlestarinthesky added a post in a topic Ibuprofen question   

    Thanks Wynne I'm keeping going with all the supplements and I'm not sure what it is that's working, or even if this would have just gone down on its own (tho I doubt that). But I'm so happy about it. I always thought I took care of myself but now I'm realising a lot more effort is needed than what I was doing, and also more money spent if I'm serious about getting rid of the acne!! I just hope it keeps working well!!
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  7. littlestarinthesky added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Ibuprofen question
    Well, thanks to all the advice I've got from you all, my face is clearing up well and my cyst has completely gone (touch wood!!). But should I keep taking the ibuprofen? I can't believe it has gone, I feel like it's still there and each morning wake up and feel where it should be just to check its not still there and enormous!!
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  8. littlestarinthesky added a post in a topic Help with the regimen   

    I'm using Simple face wash (it has no additives, perfumes etc), BP 2.5% aquagel and E45 moisturiser. Think I might switch to neutrogena moisturiser though cause I hear it's very good and E45 is a bit oily.
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