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  1. Guide to Hormonal Acne - PCOS and Estrogen Dominance

    Unfortunately for me I do not have insurance so pricing for me would be the same. Im not sure what type of tests the ob administers usually its blood tests. I have read so many forums and reviews that other more expensive test panels are better so its so confusing to be paying for something in hopes that results will be accurate.
  2. I know stress for me has been my biggest trigger, stressing about my skin and me reacting to emotional negative situations makes my breakouts worse. I also tried oil cleansing with hemp seed oil (supposedly it has non comodogenic rating of 0) and i believe it clogged my pores that the infection was so deep causing these huge cysts under my cheeks which ive never had any breakouts here ever. Take it easy, stresful events planign to have a baby, moving etc can wreak havoc on the skin . Also I simplified my routine took a vacation put salt water on my face wore less makeup and got more sun and I quit half my skin routine to give myself a break and believe it helped plus being relaxed.
  3. Vitex worked, but I have to give it up

    Sorry to hear that you have to stop what was working for you . What form of testing did you use ? Saliva , blood tests ?
  4. @SmithvfWell unfortunately mine has gotten worse from the picture above ; it's now gone up to my cheeks I quit dairy I quit whey protein, have included so many Whole vitamins etc, tried adding in more exfoliating acids and nothing. I went to a derm she didn't do much as to say what could be causing but gave me antibiotic and a topical retinoid . While it may work for smaller breakouts it's not doing anything for these huge bumps . I'm pretty sure it has to be hormones as to nothing is responding to treatment . Do you suspect yours are due to hormones or something else ?
  5. I've had this happen to me especially bc I covered up with a bandaid . The thing with tea tree is a little goes a long way you have to dilute it.. aloe and honey helps, Vaseline , neisporin, and vitamin e . Anything to keep it moist
  6. Cerave products broke me out with clogged pores bc of all the fatty acids and ceramides . So if you're prone to breakouts I would avoid this . cetaphil is high on the ph scale you want to find a wash that's low on ph or do oil cleanse( I do hemp seed since it's 0 on the comedonegenic scale). Tone with witch hazel and rose water , use an exfoliating acid either BHA OR AHA, then treat with topical . And you have to moisturizer especially if your skin is dry. I find oils to be the best such a rose hip seed , or use aloe+glycerin together
  7. Low progesterone causing acne??

    I can relate so much to this ! I had breakouts only in right side of my face then all of a sudden my breakouts I think We're triggered by stress and sugar. Now I have huge breakouts on both sides and now huge ones up on my cheek . Insulin has the biggest affect on triggering breakouts so if anyone has any suggestions other than eating clean, carb cycle and do not yet on high fat diet but only my carbs since i weightlift . Also , is it recommended to do hormone sting before making assumptions about our symptoms? My period we regular and don't really have any PMS symptoms just fatigue that unbeliever was my adrenals burned out from over exercising and taking preworkout which I stopped now turned more to holistic remedies . Can elevated cortisol or fatigue be related to th see breakouts ?
  8. Success Story Dealing with Hormonal Acne

    Which brand of berberine did you take ? Any side effects at all ?
  9. Hey there DHEA is related to high test and andorgens, simply the adrenals arre not balanced, if you are feeling fatigued, have oily skin, crave coffee ext could mean our adrenals are burned out and producing too much cortisol. I too have almost like a rsh type of acne that just red and all over . I tried Adrenal Health phytocapsules by Gaia herbs and they worked great its all natural herbs and it helped my fatigue and energy levels, not so much for my acne it remained the same.
  10. My saliva test results! HELP!!!

    I have some symptoms like you my adrenals felt burned out and i started taking Adenal health capsules by Gaia herbs all natural stuff it helped me alot from always feeling exhausted. Maca root also helped my energy and regukated my cycle. You can maybe look into DHT block if you're test is high, lmk if you do , I am thinking about getting a hormonal test done, just so many options,,is saliva the best way to test them? Also I heard saw palmetto is natural for raising progesterone so if your estrogen is low or even normal and your progesterone is low this will help.
  11. Homemade Oatmeal Scrub Question

    I just take plain rolled outs grind it up in magic bullet and becomes a finer powder and you can add water to it it works great as a cleanser helps calm skin and reduce oil. Try it with honey too !
  12. Massive Blind Pimple (recurrent) - Adult

    Sounds good I think lasers are pricier but have more an advantage targeting below the surface rather than topicals for the breakouts me and you get. I went to derm and of course says accurate is an option and was so nonchalant about it saying side effects are minimal .... ok no. Got monocycline 80mg for 6 weeks seems a long time to be on an antibiotic I don't think I will be on it that long that's gonna kill my gut. And also topical tazorac. My next option is the laser I also have had blue light when I would get glycolic peels done and it's helped with inflammation
  13. Guide to Hormonal Acne - PCOS and Estrogen Dominance

    Are these labs tests online like ZRT abt different than getting them at a gyno office ? Now the debate on blood spot and saliva tests I've heard back and forth one is better bc of the fluctuations of hormones ? Also would u suggest a basic 5 panel hormone test?
  14. Massive Blind Pimple (recurrent) - Adult

    These cysts are the worst ever , I am going to dermatologist and kinda anxious and nervous as to what they will say , hopefully accutane is not one option . My cysts expanded into 5 on my cheek and lasted a whole 6 days and only 1 ruptured on its own . It's looks like a balloon on my face it's literally the worse I have ever had . It could be the infection is so deep underneath the pores . Let me know if any of the blue light therapy works or any other type of laser works for you. How are the topicals helping ?
  15. What kind of laser did they use? Notice any irritation after ?
  16. Massive Blind Pimple (recurrent) - Adult

    I feel your pain . I am dealing with 3 under skin bumps right next to each other and not going down . Bc they are cysts bp or topicals can't penetrate the infection deep enough . If you can feel it squishy and you move it around usually after a shower , then you can try what I do is lance it with a small needle and usually just blood that comes out but it goes away . This is only thing that's worked for me , but you have to do it when you feel there is liquid inside to r ease the swelling. Ice and then neosporin
  17. Honestly it's cliche, but if you are an outstanding guy who can make a woman laugh charm her and be supportive then she'd be a fool to let acne scars get in the way