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  1. I don't drink any milk but since I'm a weightlifter , I was consuming whey protein on the daily.. now changing that I ordered a non dairy powder in hopes it will make a difference .
  2. Yeah I hve been thinking it was hormonal long time ago but my cycle is normal on time I have no pain, they don't come and go they just stay . Yes taking real vitamin c, Maca root , vitamin d, zinc , vitamin e from garden of life , and nothing . Using hemp seed oil to cleanse , glycolid acid , rose water toner, bp and rosehip oil to moisturizer .
  3. So I'm kinda looking for others opinions ok what type of topicals or treatments you think would help my type of breakouts . I can't even describe what type of breakouts They Even are ? I usually go natural route but my skin isn't responding or making any changes maybe I need something stronger ? My acne has seemed to have gotten worse and took a close pictures so you can see the texture the lighting is indoor so color is a bit off but it looks like more red papules and under the skin bumps that just stay there some of the bigger ones pop but they just sit there . I don't know if Bp alone would help this. My skin really can't handle a retinal in fact it went to shit after I tried one bc my skin is sensitive and looks so red
  4. So I'm kinda looking for others opinions ok what type of topicals you think would help my type of breakouts . I usually go natural route but my skin isn't responding or making any changes maybe I need something stronger ? My acne has seemed to have gotten worse and took a close pictures so you can see the texture the lighting is indoor so color is a bit off but it looks like more red papules and under the skin bumps . I don't know if Bp alone would help this. My skin really can't handle a retinal in fact it went to shit after I tried one . Anyone tried azelaic acid, tazorac, differin gel , duac etc???
  5. Nothing moisturizers more than oils . You can go for non comodegenic oils such as hemp seed or rosehip.
  6. Any suggestions on yeast cleanses ? Thinking I have a build up of fungal folliculitis due to yeast buildup the only reason why my skin gets itchy and i live off hydrocortisone and antihistamine pills. I know regular breakouts aren't itchy and this red . So either Candida buildup on my skin or food sensitivities
  7. Acne or Folliculitis?

    A couple of things... as we seen on this forums derms can be wrong there are so many skin conditions that present themselves as acne type characteristics and turn out no to be acne at all . Is your skin red ? Does it itch sometimes? Acne won't itch? If you see it is not responding to any "acne " treatments . If it's gets worse in hot or humid climates or after a shower or it's sweaty . It's prob folliculitis due to a fungus, you can also tell if hair follicles usually stick out of the center of them . Just try the antigungals and give it a shot the acne products do not seem to be working
  8. Good to see you found something that works any update pics ? I think have folliculitis bc my face is itchy doesn't respond to any acne treatment trying lotrimin will eitye Rory the head and shoulders or nizoral shampoo
  9. Acne or Folliculitis?

    First off quit the antibiotics , folliculitis is a fungus and the antibiotics will just have the opposite affect killing good bacteria . Also salicylic acid won't work bc it's not acne , try an over the counter anti fungal, try zinc pyrithone soap bar or the nizoral shampoo
  10. You try taking natural anti fungals capricylic acid ( found in coconut oil ) tea tree oil , oil of oregano , pau d' arco, olive leaf . Maybe do a yeast cleanse . Try baking soda and water and I heard yeast thrives on acidity . Tell me what works I think I have this PF ON MY face and trying over the counter lotrimin and ordered a yeast cleanse
  11. @heykerry Hey there, my acne looks alot like yours in the before pics and your skin looks so great now especially the texture....did you have to do any hormone tests or aything to go on spiro? and not really sure what solodyn is?
  12. @beautifulambition Thanks so much for your input . I am seeing mostly a lot of the candela ng yag laser but mainly targeting veins and broken capillaries so don't know if that would target the PIE. Dumb question but would it make a difference to have it done in dermatologist office vs medspa or one of those laser/aesthetics centers. I don't have insurance so I'm shopping around as you know deems can be very pricey
  13. @beautifulambition Thanks again I wanted to be sure before I book a procedure and it's the wrong laser . I will just stick to vbeam problem is it's so hard to find someone close to me who uses it .
  14. @beautifulambition Do you know if th gentlemax pro laser is equal to the v beam I looked it up and the esthetics an I plan on seeing says it should help with redness from PIE . Online it says the gentlemax pro can target multiple things and is a combo between an alexandrite laser for lighter skin tones and a NG yag laser any thoughts ? The GentleMax Pro can treat many of your skin care needs, including: rosacea hair removal facial and spider veins hemangiomas beard bumps pigmented lesions diffuse redness
  15. Do you have to pay for anything on website to join ?
  16. @beautifulambition Thanks so much! Good to know ,will cut down on acv and the glycolic for now. The oil def helps I believe and honey is moisturizing . How does the steroid help will it not irritate the skin ? I have a topical triciminolone ointment that they gave my daughter for eczema wondering if this is ok to use ? I and am currently looking into places near me that offer a V beam....did you have any redness or reactions afterwards from treatment of the laser ?
  17. @beautifulambition Thank you for your post I have been trying to pin point what I have and believe it's PIE, the downside is that there aren't many treatments available except v beam vascular lasers for now and the silicone sheets correct ? I can't use any retinal bc my skin too sensitive ... any other ideas for PIE that can help currently using glycolid acid, ACV, raw organic honey and oils to moisturize.
  18. Vitamin e definitely helps to speed up the healing process but Toynbee to get real stuff . On a supplement label, natural vitamin e is listed as d-alpha tocopherol, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, or d-alpha tocopheryl succinate. In contrast, synthetic forms are labeled with a dl- prefix. Alpha-tocopherol is the most biologically active form consisting of only 1 isomer, where as the fake stuff can contain up to 12.
  19. @cloudydreamer Love seeing your responses as you see I'm on a mission to get to bottom of it . I am using a 2% pass from nip +fab at least they are alcohol free and not too strong and doesnt leave my skin dry . I'm glad the vitamin c serum is working for you I have to look into one . Have you tried vitamin e capsules if they have worked ?
  20. Hi guys so u have tried to post on hormonal and holistic threads trying to get down to my breakouts but I have realized I have more redness and red macules (I think ) than breakouts my breakouts are very minimal compared to the redness making my face look a lot worse than what it is . Have had red marks for about a year with no sign of improvements . I have gotten my under the skin breakouts about 50 % better bc of natural vitamins and supplements. I am currently using more natural methods Aragan oil for makeup removal , glycolid acid pads at night for exfoliation to try to smooth out he texture or the bumpiness of my skin but redness still hasn't subsided . Oh and I can't use any retinal I broke out into a a huge red rash . Any thoughts if this is even red marks and pigmentation .
  21. @cloudydreamer Definitely have to be careful luckily my zinc has copper in it to balance it I didn't know though zinc can exaggerate estrogen levels . Honestly my face has been at it's most calm not where I need it to be but it's less angry since supplements . Caffeine and sugar suck just aggravate inflammation and caffeine stresses the adrenals to pump out more hormones. I notices two two days after ovulation my face was the clearest so trying to understand what that can mean for me in regards to hormones . I usually have a healthy diet clean foods but since I am considered a body builder I have to take in certain number of carbs to lift and perform and yesterday was a high carb day and man my stomach was so bloated looked like I was couple months pregnant . Def think food sensitivity or timing of carbs or fact that indonbetter on low carb works better for me
  22. You can try beans and legumes since they are still on higher end of carbs but have fiber and protein . avocados for high fat content , turky bacon , olive oil, ghee Sprouted bread is better than regular or gluten free bread bc the wheat is lower . Load up on spaghetti squash You are not going to gain wait eating carrots and cucumbers . You just have to remember your calories in have to be more than calories out in order to bulk up .
  23. @cloudydreamer I am fed trying to go the more natural route I too am also finding that natural products don't irritate me as much . I am consideing getting functional lab testing done through a homeopathic doctor to finally see whether it could be any of the above and then go from there . i have also incoporated supplements or vitamin D3, zinc, Camu camu powder which is highest form of vitamin c (not fake absorbing acid ). Omega 3 And still adding in probiotics of 20 billion although I am having random bloating throughout the day / some digestion issues . Could be a link to my gut then .
  24. @DeLovely Thank you for the suggestion above I def will look into this saccoromyces and see if it helps . I don't have insurance so I know gonna pay arma nd a leg for any of these tests.. so was considering seeing a homeopathic doctor to run tests are suggests more natural remedies
  25. I posted in hormonal acne section but starting to think maybe my breakouts are something other than hormonal . I'm 27 my skin was clear through my pregnancy 2 years ago even after breastfeeding then last year I got this breakouts only on my right side of my face . Three months ago started not getting them on both sides of my face after I came back from vacation I got the same on my previous side that was clear . ( I had a lot of caffeine and sugar on that trip) I believed it Contributed to my breakouts even more. I eat clean I train gym pretty much everyday so my lifestyle is heathy. So could this be possibly a Candida overgrowth or a food sensitivities ??My breakouts are all under the skin and barely heal by the time another pops up . My skin looks really irritated and red sometimes itchy and you can see the texture is really rough and bumpy . I am am a big believer in diet and holistic care and my body trying to tell me something is off . Any suggestions?