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  1. Low dose with topicals is fine. Maybe you can start with .025% first
  2. What has dramatically reduced your oily skin?

    Slight hairloss but nothing really alarming
  3. What has dramatically reduced your oily skin?

    Vit d3 5000 iu, zinc 50mg, vit a 10000 iu and vit b5 500mg timed release. Oil disappeared. Been oily for 20 years. Scalp acne still giving me problems though. Big painful pustules. Maybe bcos of the dryness. I dunno
  4. Low dose Accutane

    if you're not breaking out actively why take it? scalp acne that hurt. I get them everyday. Clogged pores on cheeks and chin that get inflammed. I just want to stay clear forever. Im a 33 year old male and have had acne for 20 years already
  5. Low dose Accutane

    I was on low dosage from 2013 to 2015 (10mg every other day). I want to start again but I always get a small initial breakout. I really dont want a small breakout right now. Can i start immediately with just 1pill per week? Or do i have to build up the medicine into my system by doing 10mg a day for a month and then do the 1 pill per week? By the way my bloodtests from before were not always good. I have elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. My derm prescribed statins to lower them down.
  6. Shipping to the Philippines

    So, amazon is the best way now for PH users?
  7. Skin is peeling and a bit inflammed. Discoloration from sun exposure maybe. You can restart regimen by applying half a finger's worth of bp and please moisturize properly to prevent peeling/scaly skin. Wear sunscreen asap.
  8. Glycolic destroyes my skin

    Those are very inflammed and i can see cysts/infected nodules. You should see a derm cos i think you might need something oral (antibiotics/accutane)
  9. I looked up products from amazon and it can now ship directly to my address in the Philippines. Anyone tried this or can anyone confirm this? Shiiping is only less than $20 and I heard that it is door to door shipping.
  10. Accutane Log, 26/M

    Hey man. I read your vitamin b5 log before and you were doing good with 4 to 5 grams a day. What happened that made u switch to accutane?
  11. Ultra Low Dose Accutane Experiment

    Ive been on a low dose accutanr treatment for about 2 years. Ive been contemplating if i should start a low dose treatment like 20mg a week again. The reason why i stopped before is because of high cholesterol and triglycerides everytime im on the pill but my derm gave me statins to lower them down. I took my last pill 8 months ago and had my bloodtests done yestrday. Cholesterol and triglycerides, ldl are still high. Just high but not alarming. My bloodtests before taking accutane was all normal though. Im just wondering why the lipid profile levels arent returning back to normal even though im 8 months off the pill. I workout 2x a week and follow a very strict low fat diet, gluten free and dairy free. I eat Chicken and fish. I limit my beef and pork intake. Im not overweight.