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  1. Scar and treatment. Opinions (Pic)

    Oh, I misunderstood. I know it's a long journey, unfortunately. After doing some subcisions, filler seems to be the solution, even if it's temporary. I'm now watching (in advance) for a dermastamp and a suction device. Do you recommend ones? And yes, fat grafts it's really too expensive
  2. Scar and treatment. Opinions (Pic)

    It sounds so optimistic your "if it still there". I wish it will improve over time, but I'm also realistic. That's why I began to do my "homeworks" and search a solution. So be patient is the only thing I can do for now..
  3. Scar and treatment. Opinions (Pic)

    Thank you so much for your timely answer. I was also wondering if it's better wait some another time before a subcision or can I already do it (my scar is 2 months old). If the subcision doesn't work, do you think my scar could be a good candidate for an excision? Thanks again!
  4. Hi there! I'm here to ask you a help / advice. I had an acne cyst on my cheek 2 months ago. It left this horrible scar. By that moment I feel depressed and I'm searching what treatment would help me to improve it. I think here are great and more prepared people that could help me with an advice. PS: excuse my imprecise english