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  1. I just turned 43 last Thursday. I've not tried Spiro, but I'm trying to avoid prescriptions. Have you tested your hormones? You can get them through your doctor, or order them yourself. Also, for some it's the thyroid and the only thing that worked for them was thyroid medication. Sorry that you are struggling like frustrating.
  2. Spironolactone results with pics

    You look beautiful!!! Very impressive results! 6 months is a good amount of time...since you know the source of your acne is hormonally based and you can't take the Spiro forever, it would probably be a good idea to look into what long-term adjustments you could make to help balance your hormones in preparation for when you come off of it. Bravo! Congrats! Please, keep us posted!
  3. AHA+ Breaks me out now?

    You can look at the ingredients more closely at: I had a similar experience with AHA. At first, great, after 6 to 8 weeks it just went downhill. But no, I don't think it was the AHA itself. Over-exfoliation can make your skin more sensitive and vulnerable, resulting in more acne from that could be a possibility. You may need to cut back on the frequency of use. For me, cutting back the frequency at that point helped. Ultimately, I think the real reason is because further exfoliation was not really the cause of my acne and not really the problem that needed fixing. I think it's mostly now I'm focusing on getting that right. I still use GA on occasion. Overall, it was a good addition to my skin care regime.
  4. If it's so deep, topicals won't really be effective. Do you take any supplements?
  5. HELP!!! how can I get rid of my acne??

    I've used Clinique for years. They're "customization" is off...always has been. Whatever they tell you...step down at least one number for best results. Also, the whole acne line is just an add on for competition in the market...all "acne lines" are basically formulated the same and way too drying and irritating... I've had better success and calmer skin from using products that are generally good at cleansing and as low as possible in comedogenic ingredients. I rotate just a couple of simple acne spot treatments. Bombarding it only ever made things worse.
  6. High dose zinc = no period?

    Aromatase...turns excess testosterone into estrogen. Zinc inhibits this process. High T, not enough E, no period.
  7. Zinc raises testosterone?! Worsened my acne

    BAH! I just read about this and discovered what's really happening here! I've been reading up on balancing my hormones...well, the term is "aromatase"...they turn excess testosterone in the body into excess estrogen, in an effort to try and balance things out (our bodies are actually trying to balance things out, if our environment would just stop screwing things up already! ). As it turns out, Zinc inhibits this process, thus leaving the excess T alone. It doesn't increase it, per se, it just doesn't let it convert and lower the levels. More T left lying around for androgens...TA-DAAAH! (I got a little excited when I saw this--had to share!!!)
  8. From these pics...your skin looks great. I really don't see a problem. You are really young (good for skin repair efforts) and whatever scars you have can't be too bad, if I really can't see and issue from your pics. (Less is more in this case.) If you are seriously looking to significantly reduce some scars--The peels that would be strong enough to do really make any difference--they can cause some pretty nasty burns and make the situation worse if you aren't properly trained and experienced. (Insert WARNING here!) I recommend going to a salon or spa nearby that offers "resurfacing" services. There are places that offer AHA peels at professional strength that may help. Also, I've heard of some people having great success with microdermabrasion (go for the "diamond", not the powder/dust variety). Do some web searches on'll find a lot of info. Good luck, handsome!
  9. Estrogen dominance and severe acne

    UPDATE: I thought this was relevant...regarding that cystic nodule I was talking about above. Shortly after posting that, the spot (actually all/any of them) began shrinking rather quickly. Like a party balloon that had sprung a leak. By the time I got home yesterday it was 1/4 its original size and hardly noticeable. This morning, it's gone...all but the slightly dry spot of skin. Only since starting the DIM (2 weeks ago) and other recent measures to target my hormones has my acne behaved this way. This is the second time this has happened now. I'm kind of amazed...
  10. Estrogen dominance and severe acne

    Yes...Coffee...there have been a couple of haphazard, not entirely scientific studies--but everyone seems to agree that coffee raises your cortisol levels--which contributes to free testosterone and estrogen dominance. So, it's pretty safe to say that dramatically cutting down would help. Boo-hissssss. Inositol...I just read that posting again 30 seconds ago. It sounds like it's worth a try to me too...I'm going to be doing a little more research on the subject... I've been taking magnesium at night--I take a good multi, so I've added about 120 mg at night. See how that goes. DARN IT! I don't do it every day--once in a while. But I have a cold right now, so I popped a Zinc this morning. Everyone says to take it for acne...but I could swear it was making it worse! Now THAT explains it! Thank you! No more extra zinc for me (the multi is enough). I was told by a doctor on a visit that ovarian cysts are extremely common once a woman is over 40...PCOS or not. My face right now...I had a few tiny clogs come and go this week--but I think that was because I attempted to apply my makeup with a foundation brush (again). I don't know why everyone thinks this is the greatest thing to do since slicing bread--it always seems to backfire on me. Anyway, those few came and went in a day or so and no one really knew they were there but me...I'm fine with that. It happens. BUT-- I have just ONE cystic blemish that started coming up at the usually scheduled time (Sunday to Monday). That's always when it happens. It's near the top of my laugh line--so smack in the middle of my face. (Yay!) It's been just hanging out and chilling on the center of my face all week. At least since starting the NPC and upping the DIM it stopped hurting and growing--I was worried I was going to end up with two noses. It's been sloooowwly shrinking since...hopefully by the weekend it won't be so noticeable.
  11. Hi Fisk, I was reading one of your earlier posts (last year sometime?) describing many of your various symptoms and issues, like getting clogged pores/cysts in hair follicles on random places on your body? There were several other things you described as well...have you been diagnosed with PCOS? (Your symptoms on that post just sounded classic.)
  12. Estrogen dominance and severe acne

    It's possible. As it turns out--we are being bombarded by these phytoestrogens and/or xenoestrogens in our environment and foods. There's really no need to go searching for more estrogen. We're already on overload, in general. It's messing us up. That's why all the hype lately about plastics and parabens...but they are only the tip of the iceberg. Just because your plastics say "BPA free" doesn't make them safe--they contain other compounds that are equal offenders. Everyone is different...and I've also heard recently that the amount of xenoestrogens you are absorbing daily can effect how well you do on the cream... I started Monday night...the last couple nights I've slept really well. My stomach is flatter this morning. Other than that, I feel pretty good... I think the worst part is that I will need to cut out the coffee for a bit. I'm whining about that one.
  13. Do the research on Accutane before you or that stuff in your mouth. There are A LOT of us on here that refuse to take it because of the severity of side effects. In a little confused about your worry of birth defects...if you are pregnant, which I'm assuming you are not since you are taking BC, do not take Accutane, it absolutely would increase the risk of birth defects. However, one of the many side effects both men and women have reported is infertility. Accutane is a last resort, not a first...there are so many options you could try. Have you had your hormones tested? I'm sure my acne is hormonal...turns out there are OTC supplements that can correct it, or at least help. DIM, Vitex, things like that... Take care of your health first and good luck!
  14. I think I did something really dumb, help(?!)

    I was just reading about this yesterday...turns out, it's pretty much a myth and the popular advice is probably wrong anyway. You're not doomed. It's a zit...unfortunately, it will take time to heal, they always do. I have to go to a professional job everyday also, zits or not. The good news is, most of the time no one else really even notices. All of the time, my perception of it is way worse than anyone else's.
  15. Clogged pores from Estee Lauder double wear?

    I'm not surprised that the Double Wear is breaking you out. It contains a decent amount of Polyglyceryl-3-Diisostearate which rates a 4 on the comedogenic scale. The Perfectionist fairs better on the ratings, so it's worth a try. I may give it a go myself.
  16. Make-Up Removal without Irritation?

    Removing makeup can be a tricky one these days, I mean, back in the 80s and early 90s, the stuff slid right off your face with any decent cleanser. Now...these foundations and concealers DON'T COME OFF. Which is a serious problem--they contain MORE comedogenic ingredients now than they used to. It's important to get it off... All that said, I use Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser. I've tried a zillion others (most of which break me out) and nothing else compares. I can use a very small amount and super-gently massage it around for like 30 seconds (little more attention on the eye makeup) and it melts it off my face...I don't end up just driving the makeup deeper into my pores.
  17. Help Im desperate :( Hormonal Acne (pictures)

    Soy has estrogenic effects and can make estrogen dominance worse. It's best to avoid soy whenever possible. I think it's strange that so many brands of DIM are soy-based. I went looking for one that was soy-free. When I took the brand with soy, I had horrible hot flashes the next day. I switched to the brand without the soy and haven't had one since. No night sweats either. The couple pimples that began to emerge the night before, started shrinking immediately. I could swear that it's helped my energy and mental focus too.
  18. Help Im desperate :( Hormonal Acne (pictures)

    I've been struggling with breakouts that look just like yours, it's only been the last year and a half to two years and I'm now 42, so I think mine is hormonal. I've been can have an imbalance and still be having regular periods. PCOS, or estrogen dominance... I've ordered a hormonal test, so I'll be doing that this the meantime, I picked up some soy-free DIM (supplement) and after a week, I'm already seeing a difference.
  19. You could try using it less frequently on your forehead. Or try alternating it with the BP. I was wondering if you are using the differin at the same point in your regime each time you use it or does your routine vary. For example: ...usually after washing your face, but on Sunday night is after getting out of the shower...or the day before I exfoliate...something along those lines. Just something to consider. The skin/pores of our face do vary by "zones". It can be tricky to find one single product that works for your whole face.
  20. Don't know what to do anymore

    I know, it's frustrating! Something I did that I totally recommend (like many others here) is to research everything you're using at: It's a very useful site. It's not perfect, some comedogenic things won't show a rating, so it may take a little extra investigating, but it cuts out a lot of that footwork. It can also help you start to narrow down ingredients that may trigger your skin (everyone is different--mild allergies and such) More recently, I am investigating the possibility that it is being triggered by my hormones...I realized that certain milk products and soy aggravated my acne. That is commonly an indication that it's hormonal.
  21. waxy rice-like pimple core

    Lol. It's sebum. I've always gotten these, even before I had acne prone skin. It's normal, it's basically a blackhead. All the pus and swelling is your immune system trying to get rid of it. They do usually happen around the mouth and's an oily area...who knows. That's pretty normal though.
  22. For sure, I've noticed my PMS is getting worse lately. I can't wait to get my period, so I can stop being such a bitch. I've eaten really clean this week and I've cleared up. I'm not sure I'd this is from my hormones fluctuating, or avoiding the food. It will reveal itself in time. I'm going to do the test and continue to avoid trigger foods and test them one at a time.
  23. Here is the link to the list...It's accurate--I verified it with the label on one of my boxes at home:
  24. Hormonal acne? Red marks ? pics included !!

    On Amazon you can order saliva tests. They have several different configurations at different price levels, not as much as you would think. You should shop around and think about it. It could save you a lot of $$ from trying products that aren't going to work... OTC treatment options I've come across so far include things like progesterone cream USP (Emerita), Chasteberry, and DIM (look for soy free)... Good luck!
  25. Estrogen dominance and severe acne

    Hi Cloudy... Thanks for bringing this to my attention the other day--btw! I bought some Emerita P-cream and DIM the other day (I had to turn right around and order on the internet--I realized all the DIM available in stores near me has SOY in it. Pfft!) I tried taking the DIM (with soy)...two the first night and then two more the next morning (followed directions) and for the following 24-hours I was plagued with hot flashes! Not sure if it was due to the sudden crash of estrogen from taking it--or the soy? So now my period is late (due today)...I am not even sure if I even actually ovulated this cycle if I did, I'm pretty sure it was late a few days too. (I haven't skipped any periods...yet) Either way, I'm going to start the cream this cycle and cross my fingers. (I'm testing my hormones this cycle as well.) I've also heard that Chasteberry (Vitex) was good--so I picked up some of that and started taking it. Have you used the cream? I would appreciate any shared experiences with this stuff...