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  1. Low progesterone causing acne??

    I also suspected that I was developing cysts. If you are nearing, or in perimenopause small imbalances in the hormones can make things show up on your face. I had my hormones tested and for my age/stage of life, it was all in the normal range. But progesterone dipping and testosterone going slightly elevated are normal in your 40s, due to the beginning of perimenopause...hence, the acne. It can also cause more cysts on the ovaries to occur at this time, which further contributes to acne. Progesterone is an androgen inhibitor, but too much elevates testosterone and you get wicked acne/oily skin (hello Aunt Flo breakouts). The past two months, I've had little to no acne and no cysts. I'm going to post my regime shortly to share, I think it will help a lot of women on here in similar situations as mine.
  2. Inositol making acne worse?

    That's actually a really low dose. I am taking at least 4x that daily and not having any side effects. Are you sure it's the Inositol that's causing your symptoms?
  3. My saliva test results! HELP!!!

    I stopped taking the DIM, since it can raise testosterone more. I hadn't taken the chasteberry consistently before, but now I am. I am also taking Inositol. It can help to lower the testosterone also. FYI, I'm not taking any synthetic hormones. I'm using bio-identical, natural progesterone. There is a big difference and if you don't know it, you should look it up--don't use the synthetic stuff--it's bad. An update for this month...all around I am feeling way better. During this cycle, I had a few run-of-the-mill zits along my jawline, but NO cysts! It's a huge improvement.
  4. Inositol making acne worse?

    How much are you taking?
  5. Right, it's totally possible to eat a balanced diet on a vegan or paleo diet. Lots of people do it--they're extremely healthy. But you have to really educate yourself and pay attention that you are eating the right things in the right quantities. A lot of ppl get caught by's just easier to find yourself deficient in nutrients when you cut out any food group. I've cut way back on meat and animal products in general. The only animal product I ate yesterday was some tuna at lunch. Everything else was veggie-based.
  6. My saliva test results! HELP!!!

    I've been supplementing with DIM the past two months. Turns out, DIM raises your free testosterone levels. It prevents aromatase from covering it to estrogen. Great if you're a guy with low T, not so much if you're a woman, or your E to T ratio is okay...I think that may explain why my E is on the low end right now and my T is elevated. I've read several other thread boards where people have reported their T levels rising significantly after beginning DIM. I'm going to stop the DIM...I don't think it's for me.
  7. My saliva test results! HELP!!!

    Okay, been doing tons off research. The low DHEAS does imply that my adrenals have been under-performing, which could be responsible for the hormone imbalance, at least in part. I'm not panicking so much now, because apparently 80% of people have this [adrenals] happen at some point in their lives. Women will feel the effects more...for obvious reasons and some not-so-obvious... I have made a lot of lifestyle changes recently (not staying up late, juicing and eating a ton of vegetables, etc.) and I have already noticed a difference in how I'm feeling. I'm guessing that my adrenals crashed a few months back--at the point where I was SO exhausted all the time I was loopy all day! I really felt awful. I read that it takes several months to recover [adrenals] with effort. Considering that I've been gradually feeling better with the changes, my adrenals are probably on the mend...I will have to retest in a few months to really get a gauge for what's happening there. As far as the NPC, as long as I can find a dosage that alleviates my symptoms...I'm actually reaching good therapeutic-range saliva levels.
  8. waxy rice-like pimple core

    Right? If you're a baseball fan...big moment for everyone!
  9. If you already have a moisturizer that you like, you can try Clinique BIY drops. It's tint made for adding to the moisturizer of your choice.
  10. So the results are in and I'm trying to make sense of them... Estradiol = 1.3 (low/norm) Progesterone = 437 (high, but target range when using cream is 200-3k) Ratio = 336 (100-500 norm, when e2 is 1.3-3.3) Testosterone = 34 (slightly elevated, 30 is prime for age) Dheas = 2.6 (low, 2-23 is range, prime for age is somewhere around 6) Cortisol = 5.5 (spot on for time of day) I have an appt with my doctor at the end of the month, I'm going to get my thyroid tested then too and request to see an endocrinologist. I'm wondering how I can be so low in DHEAS but have elevated testosterone, since DHEA/DHEAS is the precursor to T. (?) Any insight, theories, or interpretations would be greatly appreciated!!! I would like to add, while doing the NPC, I do feel better and didn't get a single new blemish during the entire last three weeks that I was supplementing, although I did notice some bloating happening during just the past week. (I have ceased using it for the time being--based on where I am in my cycle.) I've been doing some research and it would appear that I am, at least, suffering from some significant level of adrenal fatigue.
  11. Workout fanatic!

    If I decided to change my workout routine to the morning do you think it'd be better for me to just rinse my face before the gym and wash it completely after my wokout or vice versa? Btw thanks for the reply! I workout in the mornings, or at night...I don't bother beforehand. I shower and wash my face thoroughly (usual washing routine) immediately after working out.
  12. Workout fanatic!

    Agreed! I was going to say, just splash some water on your face--forego the moisturizer. 'Moisturizers" are mostly silicone-based, or oil-based. Most contain several comedogenic ingredients. They don't technically add moisture, but seal it in under a film (along with everything else). This can be a double edged sword. Only apply to clean skin, after your pores have had time to cool and close...and less is more. I have a light gel moisturizer that I use in the morning, to create a thin barrier under my makeup. I have heavier on hand, in case I'm feeling dry...but I use this sparingly here and there and adjust my cleansing routine to be less drying. The less moisturizer your skin "needs" the better off you will be.
  13. I've been doing some (okay, a lot) of research and have been making major adjustments to my diet. I've been low-carb for a long time, so sugars are not the issue for me (thankfully). But while making changes, I have to remain aware, so that I don't get to many sugars, or it could become a problem is that my ratio of meat products to veggies was out of whack. That can result in high androgens, as well as other problems. Right away, looking at your diet...way too many fruits. Your sugars are high. It's a common problem among vegans...they get acne from it and they get fat. (Think green vegetables!) You may want to try looking up low-carb diets, so you can get an idea of where you want your carb intake to land and how many carbs are in the foods you're eating. I am not trying to go strict vegan or paleo, just incorporate the influence. The reason--completely eliminating meat products results in some serious deficiencies long-term and I'm trying to get off that train. From what I can tell from research, I should shoot for organic whenever possible and eat a ratio of 80% veggies/ 20% meat products (easy on the dairy!). Of course I want to eat fruits for their antioxidants, but go easy so that I don't get too much sugar in the diet. You are on the right's a big change, it takes a little trial and error to find what works for you. Good luck!
  14. Im doing same with you but with fruits good acne fighting fruits with chia seeds and coconut water I am adding some fruits in too--but you have to watch it juicing fruits. I watched some video blogs and when they used too much fruit in their juices, they broke out more due to the high sugar content. Balance is long as your getting enough calories, you shouldn't lose weight. Having a high meat/protein diet doesn't necessarily keep weight on you, there are a lot of factors. All you can do is try, right? Right now, I'm not really focusing on my weight. I'm really focusing on my health... I've just heard it so many times--"the acne is a symptom--it's a sign that something is amiss." "It's not about how clean your skin is or if there is bacteria present..." It's sinking in...I mean, I work in the city and walk past bums every day that haven't bathed in months and they don't have acne. My husband works in a shop and gets all kinds of stuff rubbed on his face all day long--chemicals, dust, paints (pore-cloggers!)...he takes a five-minute shower when he gets home using the same soap to wash everything and he never has acne. (Not fair!) I've decided to stop looking for the one magic potion, pill or ingredient that is going to fix it. It's not as easy as just avoiding a certain food--that's not working either...I've decided that I need to look at the whole picture. I'm trying to be realistic too. (I like cupcakes!) There are lots of small changes that I can easily make that in the end will add up to a big change--at least I'm hoping! I've adjusted what products I'm using on my face and my body. I bought a laundry detergent that doesn't contain any xenoestrogens. I've stopped spraying body spray or perfumes onto my skin. I added supplements to detox the excess hormones and detox my liver. I started NPC and am getting a test to address my hormones. I switched from plastic cups, and food storage containers to all glass. I make sure I get over 7 hours of sleep every night, no matter what. I've adjusted my diet by reducing my exposure to soy as much as possible. I've cut down on milk products and meat drastically, I've cut down on prepackaged food drastically...Sorry, I know that was long--I just wanted to share the whole picture. I really started thinking about it...what if all that 'mumbo-jumbo' about your skin being an "elimination organ" is correct? Garbage in, garbage out--right??
  15. I've looked over a bunch, just to get an idea of what I'm doing. I watched a lot of YouTube videos as well, some are really informative... You have to go easy on the leafy greens. All leaves have a bitterness to them, so if you overdo it, your juice will taste nasty! So far, mine have been pretty good! I use a base of 1 large cucumber and approx. 3 decently sized celery stalks. Then, I add 2-3 leaves of a couple different leafy greens. I started with kale and swiss chard...4-5 leaves total. I also threw in a little bunch of living watercress, just for experimentation, 1/2 of each: fresh lemon and lime and a little 1/2" nub of ginger. VĂ³ila! It is weird at first, but you have to think of it like you're eating cold soup...chew it (good for the digestion and absorption of nutrients) and think about soup as you do it... We are so conditioned to thinking our drinks have to be sweeter than candy! Last night, I substituted the lemon with 1/2 of a granny smith apple. Really good. I started saving the pulp. It's pure fiber. I found a recipe for making low carb veggie crackers from it, I'm going to try it.
  16. So, all my research has led me to fixing my diet. I've been low-carb for years. All popular advice assumes that if you have acne, your diet must be high in carbs. Not the case here. I have the occasional treat, because I'm human, but there just isn't a lot of wiggle room there. My acne started well after my change to a low carb diet. Also, I've been suspecting that my mild to moderate cystic acne is largely due to hormones. I've started addressing this with NPC...but this is another thread.... After giving birth to my third (he's now three), I became ill and it took many months to recover. I developed an aversion to vegetables--I was having difficulties digesting them. I never returned to eating them in the quantities I used to. (Which was always a lot--love veggies.) Turns out, a diet that has too much meat can trigger raises androgens, plus creates other deficiencies via added hormones and high protein in general. I decided I needed to drastically cut down the meat (lots of chicken folks) and increase the veggies. My husband bought me a juicer for Christmas three years ago and it's been sitting in our basement ever since (we had a fight about that two years ago--I had asked for a Cuisinart food processor and he didn't know what that was). Through my research I learned that juicing is a very effective way to cram in like 5 to 10 extra servings of veggies per day with low calorie/carb intake. Apparently, it clears a lot of cases of persistent hormonal acne...with or without other measures being taken. There are a ton of reasons why it helps with acne and multiple doctors out there discussing this... (along with countless other health issues, including hormonal) So, last weekend I dug the juicer out of the basement (which triggered another fight-lol) and started. I've been drinking a green juice (low carb, of course) every night. I'm hooked. I'm pretty sure I started feeling benefits almost immediately and my skin is looking healthier's probably a combo of everything I'm doing, but I can really see progress.
  17. Healthier Diet giving me more pimples?!

    I think it may be possible that the Accutane (as well as the recent garbage) was storing in your fat cells. (Vitamin A is fat soluable.) So, you lose weight and the fat cells release it into your bloodstream, so you are reintroducing a mild Accutane purge.
  18. how do i stop picking

    Oh, I dread this subject, but let me tell you why... First, let's decide that people are using the term "picking" loosely on this board in general. So, I am going to define it as "popping" or "extracting" a zit. Just digging around on the surface like you're scraping ice off your car windshield is obviously not doing any good... Like most other bacteria, Propionibacterium bacteria produces a toxin. In this case, propionic acid. It's actually named for it. This toxin destroys the surrounding tissues, making it possible for it to spread. (Reproduction is the goal...) The zit will spread to other pores and cause more tissue damage, regardless of whether or not you pick. If you can pick or extract it at the right time, then it can facilitate faster healing. Although it's not fun to have the scabby aftermath for a few days, the damage is not necessarily a result of picking--it's already happening under the surface. Just an Fyi...use it to relieve yourselves of a little guilt. Our basal instinct tells us to get the poison out. Happy "picking"!
  19. Low progesterone causing acne??

    Treatment for low progesterone and pcos are basically identical. Natural bio-identical progesterone cream is the safest and most effective route. After a few months, the testosterone and androgens should lower as a result. Using the cream should help any existing cysts shrink and prevent new ones. I'm not a health professional, but you can do the research yourself... I've been preparing myself to take the hormone test. (Day 20 is a week away) I already started progesterone cream (Emerita from Walgreens website). I'm certain I have low P and that the tests will confirm it, the cream alleviated a ton of mild symptoms I was having from day one. There are also a ton of really good videos on YouTube about how to dose the supplements (Inositol & NPC) and optimize your diet. Good luck!
  20. Help Im desperate :( Hormonal Acne (pictures)

    Hey did you take that saliva test and get he results?? I wish I had taken one before started medication. I haven't done it yet. I have to wait until the 20th day of my cycle, so I have one more week to go. I will post an update when I do it...I'm really anxious to find out what it will reveal!