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  1. Cali04 added a post in a topic How To Take Spironolactone   

    Thanks so much for the response! It really helps knowing its normal. I bought Aveda hair thin shampoo and I think it is helping.
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  2. Cali04 added a post in a topic How To Take Spironolactone   

    About the 6th month mark, I noticed strands of hair falling out easily. It's not clumps. But when I put my hand through my hair one or two pieces fall out. And I notice more in the shower. The has been going on for a few weeks. Should I be concerned?
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  3. Cali04 added a post in a topic Mineral Powder Makeups?   

    I use glominerals. I order it online. Would never switch makeup.
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  4. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    So I have been off accutane for over three months. I have been clear! If I do get a pimple, its VERY small, does not hurt and goes away in less then 24 hours. So I never worry when I wake up any more and have to run to the mirror. Its a great feeling. Anyone who is frustrated ... just keep taking the medicine and it will get better!!!
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  5. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    DAY 178 - 208


    Skin -- Clear!!! I haven't had a pimple in such a long time. I don't even worry about it. Hopefully, since I have been off this medicine, my face stays clear. I will do updates. So in the past couple weeks, I have gotten three skin complements from people I didnt even know. Someone asked me if I ever had a pimple in my life, I laughed and said yes, and she said I must not of suffered that much. I just laughed (if she only knew). So this stuff really does work. I didnt really notice a change until the end of the fifth month. So be patient! I was on 40 mg the first two months then went to 60. I went longer than I should have to make up the 40 mg that I was taking the first two months.

    Side Effects -- Dry lips but not bad at all. All the side effects that people say they have, I really didn't have any.

    I will update Post-Accutane ... to let you know if there are any changes!
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  6. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    DAY 164-177

    Skin -- No break outs in a couple weeks!!! I only had one, small pimple in the last three weeks. Its such a great feeling not have to run to the morning to see if anything new is on my face. I just picked up my last prescription, yesterday. So I have one more month. I can't believe its almost over!!!

    Side Effects -- Dry lips. My thoat also gets very dry.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
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  7. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    Thanks Laindenver ... I hope you are doing good!!! I know I also dread the cold weather!!

    DAY 143 - 163

    Skin -- Wow its been awhile since I last updated. Skin is doing good ... no horrible pimples in two weeks!!!! I am very happy about that. I still have about a month and half to go. I am on accutane a little longer because I started out with a lower dose then increased it to 60 mg. My finish date should be around october 22nd.

    Side Effects -- Lips get dry ... but not bad at all. Aquaphor fixes them quickly. NO other side effects!!!! I do use vaseline in my nose to avoid nose bleeds bc I did get one in my first month but I havent gotten one since. ALSO, i was in the Las vegas sun for a few days and I did not get sun burnt what so ever!!!

    Questions -- Does anyone know of any good creams that could take stains away on your face??? Thanks!!!!

    Alright... I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!
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  8. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    Lain and Pippi .. I wrote on your log

    DAY 130 - 142

    Skin -- Doing much better. I think its clearing. I had two pimples last week but went away pretty fast. Right now I have nothing ... some slight scarring which I think is going away (i know it can take awhile).

    Side Effects -- Dry lips. I was so scared to start accutane bc of all the side effects that I read online but I did not experience any of it besides dry lips. and i have been on 60mg for about 3 months now.

    I will be done my course around october 22nd!
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  9. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    DAY 117 - 129

    Skin -- Doing much better than when I last posted. I just got back from a week vacation and I didn't break out that much. I think I got two but I tried not to stress about it. I am down to one pimple right now. I have something under my skin that I can feel but not see... I just hope its nothing.

    Side Effects -- Dry lips. Thats it ... and its not bad at all!
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  10. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    DAY 111 - 116

    Skin -- Still breaking out. What the hell? I thought i would be clear by now. I am worse than I was a couple of weeks ago BLAH! I have a huge one right in the middle of my cheek. It doesn't look so great. When is this going to get better!?!?!?!

    Side Effects -- Dry lips.
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  11. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    DAY 109 - 110

    Skin -- Horrible. Breaking out really bad. I haven't had this bad of a break out in a while. I thought I was done with this. I guess that was too good to be true. I am so upset. I cried about my face for the first time in a while. Seriously, when is this stuff going to start working!!!!!

    Side Effects -- Dry lips.

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  12. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    DAY 102 - 108

    Skin -- Doing ok. I have a couple new pimples. About 3/4 clustered together. It makes me so mad .. I just want to have no acne all the time. I guess I still have to be patient but its so hard! I just got back from a weekend in Boston and the pimples were on my mind but I tried to make the best of it.

    Side Effects -- Dry lips and dry arms.
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  13. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    Pippi and Laindenver .. thanks!!! you guys are the best!

    DAY 93 - 101

    Skin -- I reached the 100 day mark ... so crazy, its going by fast. So I had a great time on vacation... my face did not break out all week!!! I was sooo excited about that. Part of my vacation I was in Vegas fun!!! I love going to the clubs. Tao is one of my favorites but so is Pure .. I love them all! Anyway, my face is doing good. Scars are getting better. I did not really lay out during my trip. I was too busy shopping and stuff. I also drank a lot ... hopefully this does not affect my blood work.

    Side Effects -- Dry lips. My arms are also more dry. The inside of my nose was bloody a little, but never bleed. Being on the west coast where it is dry probably made my side effects worse but its not a big deal.

    I hope everyone has a great week. I am so tired.... I'm trying to get adjusted to the east coast time and its so hard!
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  14. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    Pippi & Laindenver .. I will write on your log soon!

    DAY 86 - 92

    Skin -- Doing ok. I had three small pimples pop up but went away in a day!! So that was exciting. I am going on vacation so I am really nervous that my face will break out. I am going to be around a lot of people and sharing hotel rooms so I hope everything stays ok! This is my first year not really feeling comfortable about going to the pool. I need to wear makeup to cover some scars but I want to get tan! Annd I don't want to get my marks darker. So I am not sure what I am going to do about laying out. So fustrating ... usually I live the for beach. Oh and I will be most likely drinking this week so I hope that doesn't effect my face!

    Side Effects -- Not too bad .. dry lips!
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  15. Cali04 added a post in a topic 40 mg per day   

    Pippi and Laindenver .. I commented on your logs.

    Asader .. I know its so hard to avoid mirrors, esp in your car .. mirrors are everywhere! Thanks for the info about Scottsdale, I will have to be extra careful. I am not a big help with the moisturizer. I use the one from my derm. You cannot buy it in stores .. sorry! Good luck with the rest of your treatment..keep me updated!

    DAY 80 - 85

    Skin -- I had a good week with my skin. No breakouts all week!!! But I don't want to get too excited. There are so many ups and downs! Oh and I have been taking 60 mg for about three weeks now.

    Side Effects -- Dry lips. No big change in side effects from going to 40 mg to 60 mg
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