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  1. grapefruit added a post in a topic Is accutane for me?   

    @latte- what else can I do? My family has enough money but that doesn't mean they'll support me over anything cosmetic, regardless of the fact I've had body dysmorphia for a couple years now.

    @jordan- Well it sounds like my only real option. The scarring has doubled since I made this thread, and I've had panic attacks and suicidal thoughts more often these last few weeks.

    It's not just my skin, I've been thinking of maybe getting on zoloft and accutane in time for summer but with no insurance and no college until I can tolerate myself, I have no insurance or payment options.

    I figure even taking accutane on my owns gotta be a lot safer than having to drink myself to sleep for the rest of my life.
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  2. grapefruit added a post in a topic Is accutane for me?   

    Sorry for the late response. What if I had someone of similar size get a similar dose under their insurance and buy it off them?
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  3. grapefruit added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Is accutane for me?
    I'm a 19 year old male who never had acne, around 18 I started getting break outs, as my life began to become much more stressful and full of depression, I noticed it got worse.

    Now I'm 19 and it's the worst it's ever been, mostly where my facial hair would come in, my shoulders and arms. Strangely it was rarely on my back and only 1 break out on my chest in my entire life.

    Summer is coming and I need to have this problem taken care of by then, is accutane for me? I have no health insurance and have been suicidal due to concerns of my image for a while now.

    I'm curious how much it'd cost, how much it'd effect an intense work-out routine, and if I could use pro-tan or other bottled tanners rather than a tanning bed, as I've read this is a terrible idea while on accutane.

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  4. grapefruit added a post in a topic Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids   

    Most people concerned with nutrition or even weightlifting take like 2-8 of these a day, I'm not sure why half of the replies in this thread involve some kind of fear of fish oil..

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  5. grapefruit added a post in a topic I hit an ULTIMATE low today   

    This post provides pretty good insight on the last years of my life. I'm a young male who has given up his social life and multiple jobs due to insecurity. Was just posting to say how spot on it is, even good people who used to care about others non-stop can become lonely demons.

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  6. grapefruit added a post in a topic How I got rid of my bacne..   

    How much should you take and where did you buy what kind?
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