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  1. 2nd month with accutane - DONE!

    yes. i never got any gum bleed when i was on 40mg/day. also, my hair totally dried out after i switched to 60, which is not a bad thing because i love not having to wash my hair with shampoo every single day.
  2. Reading this reminded me of myself. I can totally relate to how you feel. I documented my journey of finding a cure for my acne on this website, and the frustration that reeked through each post was not comparable to the actual despair that tormented me during those days. Birth control worked, then stopped working. Benzoyl peroxide started working, and I developed severe allergy to it. Antibiotics gave me bloody stool. Chinese herbal medicine made my entire face break out into a totally mess and it only got worse overtime. I suffered for an entire year before I finally found a dermatologist. After doing extensive research online I made up my mind to go on accutane. I went to the dermatologist and told her to put me on accutane. She looked at my horrible acne and said, okay. It's the beginning of my 3rd month. I only have one tiny whitehead now. Before I could not even count how many zits I had on my face. They were all connected, and beneath my skin. I can finally look people in their eyes when I talk. Sweet I know exactly how you feel, and I appreciate every second when I feel the way I do now. Talk to your family. Talk to a doctor. If you are really out of options, maybe accutane could save you, as it did for me.
  3. This past month literally flew by. It was insane. I'm graduating from college in ten days, and - I can't believe I'm saying this - I have perfectly smooth, acne-free skin now. I cannot believe it. This is too good to be true. Today I had to film a video with a bunch of friends for a class, and I was scared to death when sitting in front of the camera in a so well-lit room. I thought my skin would look horrible, but it didn't. My skin glowed in the video. I am so happy. I defended my thesis last week. Standing in front of all the people from our department, I was fearless. I knew I was beautiful, and after I was done, so many people, including professors, came to me and said, that was a fabulous defense. Side effects really haven't gone too bad. I was on 40mg/day for a month, and 60mg/day for a month. In the second month I started getting gum bleed everyday when I brushed my teeth. There's was not too much blood at all, and I know that this is normal, because accutane is known to cause inflammation. My lips are chapped, but not too severely. Other than those, I do not have any negative side effects at all. I am so happy with the drug, and I'm getting my 3rd month refill (60mg/day) tomorrow. If you're reading this, I assume that you're either on accutane, or considering going on accutane. This drug literally worked wonders for me, and I 100% recommend it. However, do check with your doctor, and be serious about it, because this is a really harsh drug. Everyone reacts to it differently, and I'm just lucky to have a body that could handle it with ease.
  4. @Mia897 I used to get acne everywhere. On my forehead, on my cheeks, along my jawline, on my chin - you name it. Miraculously my face is not over-dried at all, at least for now. My skin just feels normal now - it was way too oily before. I use cetaphil day and night, and my skin feels amazing. However, my lips are constantly chapped, which can be easily fixed by slathering on aquaphor. The only side effect for me is the chapped lips, and it does not bother me much at all, because my acne used to be so horrible. Give it accutane a try if you think your body can handle it. It has been working wonders for me.
  5. hey honey i can totally relate. this was me last year. i tried different birth controls and diets and numerous topicals but nothing worked at all. two months ago i made up me mind to take accutane. i had waited for so long because i was scared to death by those side effects that people talked about on online forums. however, it was the best decision. i regret that i did not start earlier and i missed so much in my college life. talk to a dermatologist and see if your body could handle accutane. it is a miracle.
  6. Accutane 1 Month

    @cakeycheeks23 I have pathological depression, but it started a year before I even considered taking accutane. I don't think the drug has worsened it in any way, because I actually feel much more confident now. Although I've only been on it for 40 days, I am completely acne-free now. I had really severe acne two months ago - I'm talking about at least 20 pimples along my jawline and on my cheeks. My face would hurt whenever I talked. Now I'm just generally mildly depressed. I would totally recommend this drug if you've tried other prescription drugs with no avail. It is life-changing for me.
  7. Accutane 1 Month

    I cannot believe that I have not been to this site for over a month. I was really super busy with work, and honestly I was not so worried about my skin anymore. I just started my second month of accutane. Now I have only one active breakout on my entire face. One. It does not even hurt. It's just a big lump on my left cheek. I guess it was probably meant to be a full-blown cyst, but since my oil production was curbed, it did not break out as it normally would. I am so amazed by the result so far. I did not have an initial breakout. Or maybe I did not notice because my acne was just horrific when I started accutane and any initial breakout would have just looked like any ordinary breakout that I used to have. My skin now feel so smooth. I even enjoy washing my face now. I cannot stress enough how great it is for my face to not hurt when I wash it. I love the fact that my face would not produce nearly as much oil anymore. I love it dry. I normally would slather on ceraphil in the morning and then sunscreen then some concealer to hide my PIH and redness, and the makeup would not slide because there's no oil to "wash" it off. The doctor bumped up my dosage from 40mg/day to 60mg/day. I'm excited about seeing more positive changes. I'm also ready to deal with any potentially serious side effects, since it sure is a pretty harsh drug!
  8. Beginning of isotretinoin

    So I FINALLY got my first month's drug supply from the pharmacy. I'm so excited. This is finally going to begin. I'm still working in the library and I don't think I'll be done by midnight. It's okay. Taking the first pill will be like a religious experience for me. For the first time I decide to put myself through potential danger by actively taking a drug that is so harsh. I am proud of myself.
  9. Beginning of isotretinoin

    So everything was good...except that when I arrived at the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me that they did not have accutane in stock. Great. I will have to wait until tomorrow - which is not that bad because it's literally just a day. Well I did get a little moody afterwards because going to the pharmacy is not the easiest thing for me. I do not own a car and walking takes too long. Often time I would call a cab but it means extra money. Oh well there is an actual price to pay... I stocked up on chapsticks. Things are going to get real.
  10. Antibiotics for transition to Accutane

    Thanks for the warning and suggestions. I've lost all hopes for topicals and natural remedies. I know all of the side effects that could result from taking accutane, but I'm willing to take the risk. I have been suffering fro seven years without the help from a doctor. Now my skin is horrible enough to be put on the craziest drug one could possibly take for acne, and I'm doing it. All drugs are dangerous. Life itself is dangerous. I want to be able to live my life to the fullest:).
  11. Beginning of isotretinoin

    I cannot believe it has been one month since my first visit to the dermatologist. I remember crying in my room on a Saturday night because of my ugly face and not being able to get any work done. I went to see the doctor on 2/8. I told her right away that I wanted to be put on isotretinoin. She looked at my face and said, I think it will work for you. But you will have to wait for a month to begin. Here I am, exactly a month later. The needle wound on my arm from doing the blood work two days before is still a little sore. I'm headed to the dermatologist's office in two hours. My accutane journey will soon begin. I am very, very excited to start taking this drug. Although my acne now is not as bad as it was a month ago, I want to eliminate any possibility of it flaring up really badly again. I have been suffering for seven long years. It has done enough damage to my self-esteem and self-confidence. I am not going to let it beat me anymore. Will update on this site as often as needed to record my journey. Sometimes I would go back and read those posts that I wrote previously when I was using BP and natural remedy. I sounded so hopeful back then. I thought they would work with minimal damage to my body. But now I'm disillusioned. There's a price to pay. There's no way I could get clear skin without trading my health away. Fine I'll do it to counteract my cursed genetics. No big deal.
  12. Accutane - Week 1

    I can resonate so much with you. I am about to stat taking it next week. It was a hard decision to make, since all of those horror stories online made me question whether or not I would want to risk my life for clear skin. The answer is yes. This is how badly I want to look normal. I'd rather have other complications than a face full of cystic breakouts. Acne hurts me mentally and physically... And honestly all drugs are dangerous. There's no guarantee that one drugs that works for others will be your miracle cure as well...so you gotta try in order to see whether or not it works for you. It sucks. Life is unfair and I feel sorry for myself from time to time for being blessed with bad genetics, but fighting back is the only way to pull myself out of this misery.
  13. Hi Lily I'm really sorry to hear that. It is true that your acne is very likely due to hormones, but it does not mean that you should just let it happen. I started getting acne at the age of 14, and my mom did not let me use any makeup/treatment for it because she believed that it would go away on its own. Well guess what I'm 22 this year and my face is broken out in severe cystic acne still. I'd say definitely keep in touch with your derm. It may take a long time for you to find a treatment that works. It could be as simple as cutting out dairy, or as hardcore as going on the most powerful drug out there (isotretinoin), which I'm about to do since all of the other treatments failed. I guess the most important thing is to not let acne atop you from doing things that you want to do, such as socializing and getting your work done. You are young and beautiful, and as long as you keep searching, there's got to be a way to fix the problem. Fingers crossed for you. Hope you get your flawless skin back soon.
  14. I can totally relate to you. Moderate to severe acne is not the result of not washing your face. It's mostly genetic. Some people could be treated with simple topicals or antibiotics, but others do not respond. I'm one of those. Tried topicals, elimination diet, vegetarian diet, herbal medicine, extraction, antibiotics and birth control - most didn't work, some worked for a while (longest was birth control, it kept me clear for about one year). Try out different things and some might work for you. If not, and if you think acne has been hindering your life the way it should not, talk to a doctor about going on isotretinoin.
  15. acne rant

    I don't think stop your periods could help...I'm suffering from bad cystic, hormonal acne as well, and it flares up really badly one week before and after my period. I'm on birth control but it does not help any more. Have you considered accutane? I'm going on it next week. I've been waited for so long and it's time to end this skin disaster once and for all.