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  1. what if I developed allergy to BP

    I have stopped the treatment immediately after I saw the severe redness. I washed it off and put on moisturizer. It's been a little more than a day now, and those patches still look alarmingly red, especially after I took a shower just now. I don't have blistering and crusting, just redness that sometimes itch a little - God bless. But how long does it normally take for one's skin to get back to normal if the treatment is stopped? I do not plan to ever use BP again. Just want the burn to heal before school starts....
  2. @Adeel2111 Yeah you've mentioned it before, but my oily skin cannot take any heavy-duty moisturizer. I get an oily mask within hours of application, and it feels absolutely gross. But thank you anyway! I am really happy for you that you found it to be beneficial for your skin. I am really sorry that your brother said that hurtful thing. He probably does not know how devastating it is to have acne. Most people with clear face don't get it. We understand each other, though. Everybody on this forum can relate to one another, which is very comforting. As for breakouts on forehead - have you been stressed out/staying up late lately? Stress and lack of sleep may result in acne on forehead, which I also have. I have trouble sleeping, and am constantly stressed about school work. Well I guess there's no quick fix to that... And guess what, I did it again. I tried BP again on my lower cheeks and bam - massive redness. I had a pretty bad reaction to it. It looks a lot like the eczema I got last time, only this time it is not itchy and raw. It just looks really, really red - I'm talking scarlet red. I immediately washed off the BP. Will throw away the bottle. Won't ever touch it again. I am freaking out again. Having acne really is nothing compared to having massive skin rash... Fingers crossed. I hope that the redness will go away on its own in a few days.... I am not going back on steroids again.
  3. I put a tiny tiny bit of BP on my lower cheeks for spot treatment, and six hours later I discovered that the areas touched by it got really really red. I immediately washed it off - it does not look like a normal reaction. I've done BP before, and previously I never got this red from this little contact. I had an eczema flareup possibly due to BP two months ago. What should I do now? I am freaking out! Will the redness go away if I leave it the way it is? How long will it take?
  4. A week ago I promised myself that I'd definitely go back on BP this week, because of all the whiteheads on my lower cheeks, forehead and the cysts on my chin. I took a pea-sized portion of BP, and very carefully put it on spots on my forehead, lower cheeks and chin. I went to bed. Six hours later I got up, and saw GIANT red patches on my lower cheeks. The shapes are irregular, and I can tell that the redness definitely came from applying BP - and I put on the finest amount! I immediately washed my face and decided that I'd never ever use BP on my face again. I remember when I started on BP four months ago, this did not happen. My face did get dry and red, but nothing so drastic like this. I think it might have something to do with the eczema outbreak I had towards the end of my BP treatment. My skin has been incredibly sensitive since. My forehead and chin still look normal, because the oil production in those areas is really abundant, which protects my skin from being irritated. I am freaking out. I immediately moisturized my face, and those red patches feel really warm under my moisturizing mask. The only console I have is that they don't sting or itch. I guess right now it's just an initial warning that my skin gave me. I will just stick to the Chinese herbal medicine regimen. I came across a supplement called L-lysine online. I ordered it and will give it a shot when it arrives. Ugh.
  5. Hey you are a gorgeous human being. Yes you have acne, but it is definitely treatable. Your acne looks serious, but it mostly is constituted of whiteheads, as far as I could tell from your pictures. They are easier to treat than cysts and nodules, which occur to a lot of other people on this forum, inducing myself. Try eliminating milk, cheese, sugary foods and seafoods from your diet. Use benzoyl peroxide. Maybe get your hormones checked given your acne is most on your cheeks.
  6. Bloody hell that kind of lines up... It's been more than a month since I discontinued the steroid. However, the lower half of my face and my forehead are still cover with whiteheads, and there are two huge painful cysts on my chin. I'm not very surprised about getting cysts, because I'm used to seeing them. But those crazy whiteheads that came out of nowhere? Now I'm starting to think that the steroid might have done something. Thanks for reminding me. I guess there's nothing I could do about those bastards besides waiting them out... I'm still on Chinese herbal medicine. I'm not doing very well. I got new cystic breakouts on my chin, and new whiteheads along my jawline and on my forehead during the past two days. After washing my face this morning I stared at my face for a good ten minutes in the mirror and felt disgusted. I don't know when this travesty is going to end. Looking at my friends' pictures on FaceBook made my heart bleed. They had so much fun during the break, whereas I did not even went downtown once. I could not even gather up enough courage to go to the gym, because I hate seeing my own reflection in the mirror at this point. Will get back on BP next week. How are you feeling about the treatment? Any changes?
  7. Great! It may over-dry your skin, so make sure that you keep your skin moisturized. Don't use too much in the beginning, because your skin needs time to adjust. I really hope that it takes care of the problem for you! Keep me posted. Good luck!
  8. Thank you for the information! I did not have any acne while I was on a low dose of steroid. I was worried about it though, because I've learned that steroid could mimic cortisol, which increases stress level, thus an elevated oil production. That did not happen for me. My acne flareup started about a week after I quit steroid... probably because I travelled from the States to China for the winter break a month ago. Hopefully it'll heal faster after I get back to the States in a few days!
  9. You can buy it without prescription. It comes in creams, or face wash in different concentrations. It may actually feel pretty good on your oily skin, because it dries up the oil. This website, Acne.org, has so many success stories from people who used BP. Definitely give it a shot!
  10. Well acne is another problem that adds to all the trouble we face in real life. I mean, I have friends with crystal-clear skin complaining about their lives all the time. Staring at their beautiful skin, I absolutely cannot relate. Hey girl, I'd say to my friend in my head, what if you had acne in addition? What if your face looked like mine? What if you had to deal with the problem you described, and moderate acne? I don't complain about anything else besides acne. Honestly I think my life would be fantastic without acne. I don't mind having red marks because I can cover them up. I hate seeing are pimples every morning. I hate hating myself for the problem I have absolutely no control over. I did not do anything wrong. The only wish I have right now is that I wish I did not have any skin problem. However, I guess it would take a miracle for it to come true.
  11. Yay! Glad you got help! Beware though, the BC pills may make your acne look worse before making it get better. Give it at least 5 months I'd say. It takes a long time for your body to adjust to synthetic hormones.
  12. Hello friend you are not alone here. My ex-boyfrined broke up with me a year ago, and my acne came back full force (my face was clear for about one year thanks to birth control) following the depressive breakup. Now I have a lot of whiteheads all over my face, not to mention the red marks from old acne. I understand how you feel. I feel ugly every morning when I see myself in the mirror. I have to force myself to wash my face, put on skin care products although they may not help at all, and put on BB cream to cover up as much as I can. Because of acne I cannot go out with friends at night, or even travel to exotic places (I've always wanted to go to South America) for fear that sweat, alcohol, and changing environment would make my acne worse. I've missed so much, but there's nothing I can do about those things that I missed. As for moisturizers, maybe you should ditch the one you are using right away. coconut oil is known to clog pores. Be careful with that especially when you are already suffering from acne. Hot water definitely is a no. Wash your face with luke warm water only, because hot water can irritate and over-dry your skin. I am currently on birth control and Chinese herbal medicine. I've seen small improvements during the past week, and I'm expecting the situation to improve faster once I fly from China, the polluted land, back to the States, where the air is much cleaner. Acne is a SOB, but I do believe that it has something to do with our internal organs. Stay strong friend.
  13. The acne lesions on your forehead seem infected. Did you pick at them? Those on the side of your face look like regular whiteheads. I think you can have your hormones checked, given that you have acne on your chin and your cheek - those locations usually indicate that you may have problems with your sex hormones. The doctor may put you on birth control pills, as they do help alleviate hormone-related acne. As for those on your forehead, drink a lot of water, increase fiber ingestion, and maybe try out benzoyl peroxide = research has shown that it unclogs pores and kills bacteria inside. However, all of those methods described above take months to fully take effects. Curing acne is a long and tough battle. I am still in one myself. Hope you find your cure!
  14. It's been two weeks since I started taking the Chinese herbal medicine. The amount of acne on my face has not been drastically reduced, but I do see some improvements. The whiteheads along my jawline have subsided a little bit. I'm starting to think that my acne breakout is the result of the environment. I started getting whiteheads on my forehead one day after I landed in China. It's been almost a month! This country is cursed. I came with a face so smooth, but now I can feel bumps everywhere. Five more days I shall leave this damn place and really, actually, truly start healing.
  15. Beginning the regimen take 2

    One thing that could be happening is that the birth control is not right for you. There are so many brands out there, with the same active ingredients, but trust me, it is possible that you body responds to them differently. I took BC to treat my hormonal acne. Mononessa worked wonders for me, but after I switched to Sprintec, the GENERIC brand of Mononessa, my skin freaked out and went back to where it was year ago. It took me a long 6 months to realize that the BC could make you, or break you. Talk to your doctor. See if you can switch to another brand. If the cause of your acne is internal, external treatment is unlikely to work well, and you'll see catastrophic outcomes when you slack off.
  16. When can I stop PICKING

    Hey girl your skin looked okay before you picked at it. Stay away from the mirror. I'm not a picker, but I do tend to touch/feel my acne a lot when I stand in front of a mirror to check now bad it really is. My trick is to stay away from anything that could possibly show me the reflection of my face. Have you tried any topical/dietary treatment? Your case does not seem horrible. It should be curable with the right method within a few months!
  17. Thanks for the advice! I have tried aloe vera before, and it did not change anything for me after weeks of usage. Isn't vaseline a kind of moisturizer? I never used it because i'm afraid it's too greasy for my oil skin and may break me out. I'm going to introduce benzoyl peroxide back to my current regimen after I go back to the States. I did not have a single whitehead while I was on it a few months back when I was still suffering from huge cysts. Oh maybe I've mention it to you before - have you tried 2.5% benzoyl peroxide? It worked wonders for a lot of people. Did't help me get 100% clear but I was close. It can help dry up your cysts so that they do not feel so bumpy and painful in a short few days.
  18. Whyyyy?

    Hey friend you are not alone here. It seems that you are on a very strict diet and that your skin responds to almost everything you eat. Have you tried any topical treatment? I'm not talking about steroid creams, which can make your skin 10x worse in the long run. I mean salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide - chemicals that have been proven to unclog pores and kill bacteria to prevent new breakouts and accelerate healing. There are thousands of success stories on this site from people who used BP. If you are interested, do some research online and give it a shot. It might work!
  19. Thanks for sharing your experience with your family... So far I have not seen any drastic improvement, which makes sense because both diet and herbal medicine take a long time for the effects to show up. At least 3 months I think. I think that I may be getting fewer new whiteheads this past week, but it could be psychological. Yeah the air in China is really, really bad. I don't think my lung has the capability of filtering the filth. The toxin in the air maybe execrated through my skin, which is why I have so many crazy whiteheads. Again, this is just a postulation. Will know for sure after I go back to the States, which is, excitingly, in 5days. I honestly can't wait.
  20. I'm currently on vacation in China, and the doctor here prescribed me a "soup" made of 20 different herbal medicines. It's supposed to flush the toxin out of my system, which prevents further breakout. I've eliminated diary products, sugary foods, rice, alcohol, spicy foods and seafoods, chicken, beef and lamb from my diet. I also drink a lot of water daily. Although I sound positive sometimes, I feel pretty depressed most of the time. Like when my mom talks to me, I can tell that she's checking out the acne on my face - she's always looking at somewhere on my face, but not my eyes. I dread about the 13h-flight I'll have to take to go back to the US. I don't know what the flight is going to to my already-damaged skin. I don't know what is going on exactly, but I've never broken out with so many persistent whiteheads in the US. Maybe it has something to do with the horrible environmental condition here in China. I'm praying and praying, hoping the problem will solve itself after I go back to the US. If it does not, well, I'll take some more time being depressed then lol.
  21. Check out Sara K's channel! She is a makeup master, and this is not the only reason why I'm recommending her to you. She is also a master at being self-confident. There's a video of hers called how to be confident with acne. Definitely watch it. It is super inspiring.
  22. Hey it's you again:)! We've talked before in many other threads. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad to know that my words made you smile a little. My condition is not too bad. I don't have any cyst on my face, which is a plus, but those lingering red marks and plenty of whiteheads are driving me crazy. I'm currently on herbal medicine and a strict diet. Things are slowly getting better, but it may take month for me to look presentable without makeup. I'll continue to take good care of myself and hope for the best:). How are you doing? It seems that you have found a way to control your condition! I do believe that you will be 100% clear soon, given the method that works for you and this cheerful attitude!
  23. I've been literally sulking for weeks, ever since the break started. I hate whiteheads all over my face. As old ones are slowly healing, new ones keep popping up, driving my self-esteem into the toilet. However, it has just occurred to me a few minutes ago, that it really is not that bad, if I look at this from another perspective - that is, when I compare this to another skin condition that I used to have. I developed eczema from using BP a month ago. It was the worst ten days of my life. I woke up with a red, raw and itchy face, and my eyes were too swollen to even open. My entire face was swollen actually, and my facial features got so distorted that when I Skyped with my mom, she screamed. I was rushed to the ER in an ambulance 7 days after I started developing those symptoms, and the situation for under control after the doctor gave me a huge dose of steroid via IV. I was on oral steroid for 10 days afterwards, in case the eczema flared up again. I remember the despair I felt when I looked into the mirror and saw a raw, red, swollen and distorted face that I could not recognize. I almost missed having acne. I definitely had thoughts like, I'd rather have a face full of cysts than this elephantic, red monstrous face! Well my wish sort of came true. My eczema was cured, but my face is now back to its acne phase. I watched a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube, in which makeup gurus teach people how to cover up acne. Well at least I can choose to cover up my acne with concealer if I feel like doing so. I can take hot showers and baths because they don't hurt eczema-less skin. I can still be proud of my facial features because they look normal! But with eczema I used to have - jeez not a chance. No makeup in this universe could fix a swollen face. I had to take cold showers because any hot water would burn my face so badly that I'd cry because of the pain. I looked like Frankenstein's bride when I had eczema! I am not being dismissive of acne though - acne is a serious condition and I feel bad for all of us who have to suffer it through. However, this IS NOT the end of the world for me, because I've experienced something worse. I'd assume that you are also suffering from acne since you are this far down in this post. Dear friend, this is not the end of the world. It is bad, of course, but it could be a lot worse. Think this way does not solve the problem, but it may help you feel a little bit better.
  24. I am seriously considering slowly introducing BP back to my current treatment. Herbal medicine may be helping me regulate my internal health, but it sure does not do anything to help my face clear up faster. Right now I still have a bunch of active whiteheads on my forehead (painful), tens of whiteheads on either side of my jaw, and a bunch of other whiteheads scattered all over my face. Those PIH marks make my face look worse than it actually is. Sometimes even I mistake acne marks for actual acne lesions. But oh well. Looking into the mirror and seeing your own face covered with red pots, some of them raised and painful, is not fun. Based on my experience with BP, it should be able to take care of whiteheads fairly easily. Only this time, I will start very slowly, and take extra care to keep my skin moisturized. Last time I broke out with eczema, which looked much more scary, and felt much worse than having moderate acne. It's been a long time since I dined in a restaurant last time, or enjoyed a cup of warm milk before bed, or had a cheeseburger, or had a crepe cake, or even drank a cup of coffee - and I'm a college kid trying to get all A's. I miss having clear skin. I used to bike in mountains all day, run in the city on hot summer days, go to the gym and sweat all I wanted without worrying about my face getting cakey. I used to live my life. Now I don't even know how to live it. Anyway, I will not stop search for a cure. There's got to be a way for me to stay clear. My body cannot play this dumb demonic game forever. I do not believe in God, because I believe that I could be in control of my own life, and all the suffering I am going through now is building me up for the day when i eventually deserve to live a happy life. Dear fellow acne suffer - I assume you are one because you are this far down this senseless blog post - you are beautiful and brave. You seek help and comfort as I do. You want a cure as badly as I do. Keep on fighting and taking care of yourself. We will eventually reconcile with ourselves by either curing acne, or loving ourselves so much that nothing skin-deep matters. Either way it'll be fantastic.
  25. Got hurt

    @KillMeNow33 Thanks for your comment:). People with clear skin do not understand how traumatizing it is to have others pointing at their faces, jeering. Every time I see a person with acne, anywhere, I would want to hug them. I would not share with them my strategies and such - I would just want to show them that I understand how they feel, and that they should never ever hate themselves because of something that they have no control over. Well I still need help convincing myself, but I'm getting there.