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  1. LAET added a post in a topic Anyone had acne return after wiping out scars?   

    I'm curious as to what kind of scars you had that you were able to wipe out with those procedures.
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  2. LAET added a post in a topic skin serum questions   

    Maya thanks for responding, so it kind of sounds like, since I'm concerned with skin thinning that maybe the alpha lip serum wouldn't be good for me?? By the way, it sounds like you're skin is on the way to success--I'm glad for you!!
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  3. LAET added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    skin serum questions
    What does alpha lipoic acid serum do for the skin, does anyone know? Also vitamin C oil, what kind of results have people had?
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  4. LAET added a post in a topic Aloe Vera, information please   

    Where do you live? We grow lots of it here in AZ. Come for a visit and I'll cut you off some of mine.
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  5. LAET added a post in a topic Skin culture home skin peel?   

    I didn't remember the name of the ingredients 'cause it has been a really long while since I did it. I do not recommend it!!!
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  6. LAET added a post in a topic Skin culture home skin peel?   

    This skin culture stuff used to be called global esthetics. This is the home peel that ruined my skin. I tried the first peel medium strength I believe and I didn't notice any improvment after all the pinkness went away. They sent me something stronger, the strongest one. Your face looks like a sunburned, shriveled monster for like a week and then it starts to peel. That product was the one that left me with the open pores that I'm still trying to close. Does anyone know what's in it? Is glycolic acid, or??
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  7. LAET added a post in a topic Scar cream may work!   

    I agree.

    It sounds like Bez isn't really seeing the kind of improvements promised either. I would like to see Rumana's pre scar and post scarfree photos as well. Sounds reasonable enough to me.
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  8. LAET added a post in a topic how does brad pit treat his acne scars   

    Well he hasn't returned my calls, but as soon as I get a hold of him, I'll ask him.
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  9. LAET added a post in a topic the best cheap way to get rid of scars   


    I've been using exfol serum which is made by Skin Biology. It has 2% salylic (I know I didn't spell that right) acid in it. Any way, I use it daily and it's doing an awesome job of exfoliating. I recommend it as a daily exfoliator which does a great job without irritaing your skin.
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  10. LAET added a post in a topic BEST EXPERIENCE WITH MAKING SCARS FADE   


    Thanks for sharing your good news. I hope your skin continues to improve! I'm wondering is this the first chemical treatment you've ever tried? Secondly, did any redness remain after the peel, or any negative after affects to your skin? I'm trying to gage if I might be a good candidate for the same procedure, but haven't had the best luck with strong chemical peels in the past. Also, what type of scarring do you have? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks, LAET
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