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  1. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    Thanks im definately interested in it now, I'll do some research around the boards

    EDIT: Cheers Lima I'll check that out
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  2. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    I dont eat any refined carbs or high GI carbs whatsoever, the 3 main carb sources I basically live off are quinoa, new potatoes and brown rice, which are all low GI. I also eat quite alot of sweet potatoes at times, and sweet potatoes seem to never break me out, even if I eat loads of them, but its too easy to put on weight with sweet potatoes so I avoid them generally.

    Yeah I think Ive had a brief look at that youtube lecture once before but I'll definately check it out and have a closer look at the athletic part.

    No I havent, to be honest Ive never really been too keen on anything to do with fasting, but im currently on a week or so rest from training and now would be the perfect time to try I guess...can you tell me more about fasting and how it helps?
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  3. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne occurs (why it starts during puberty)   

    I used to eat shitloads of sweets as a kid, I mean I was addicted to sweets always buying them with my pocket money and eating loads of them, I never gained weight so I never thought of it as a problem.

    But I genuinely feel that all the sweets I ate as a kid fucked up my carbohydrate digestion/insulin response when I hit puberty. I feel that if I had never eaten so many sweets as a kid I wouldnt have half the skin problems Ive had as an adult.

    My basis for this is that whenever I go on a low carb diet my skin clears up like hell (as long as I avoid foods I know Im intolerant to aswell).....In fact, every single time Ive gone low or no carb for a few days my skin clears like magic.

    Its absolutely incredible how effective it is, yet its impossible for me to sustain due to my sport. Ive tried training on a low carb diet but I literally feel like death, I know that my body will eventually get used to using fats as its main source of energy but unfortunately the type of sport I do uses carbohydrates and glycogen as its main source of energy (around 70% anaerobic)

    So basically for me its a question of having clear skin but giving up my passion, keep my passion but have to deal with acne.

    I just wish my body could handle carbs better

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  4. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne   

    Weird I have chronic rhinitis too, Ive been using a nasal steroid which has helped tremendously but I still dont know the underlying cause. I had a skin prick test done for common airbourne allergies and I found I wasnt allergic to anything airbourn. But when I asked for a food intolerance or food allergy test my doc said that rhinitis is rarely caused by food allergies
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  5. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne   

    This might not mean much, but whenever I eat cacao nibs regularly my skin usually clears up quite a bit, and cacao nibs are really high in antioxidants
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  6. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic how do you deal with scarring?   

    I just deal with it, there a definately days where I get a bit down about it but all in all I try not to let it affect my life
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  7. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic Biotin & MSM for the hair   

    Alot of people have also reported a skin detox/purging effect from MSM, personally Im kinda sceptical of that to be honest.

    I did use MSM for a while though and I dont think it broke me out, although I wasnt taking it in high doses, I did notice that my hair and nails grew alot faster though which is why I stopped taking it
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  8. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic One sweet potato with every dinner = clear *update May 2001 - Doesn't work anymore*   

    I went through a period of eating sweet potato with every meal for about 3 months or so, I cant say it really affected my skin in any way, although it probably wasnt hurting.

    The first time I tried sweet potato the flesh was pretty much white and I found that it cooked and tasted extremely similar to a normal potato which was awesome, but after that every single sweet potato I buy always has orange flesh, which is still nice but not as good as the white fleshed ones.
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  9. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic Why do I get so many colds?   

    I dont eat gluten as in, if it contains any gluten in the ingredients list I avoid it. I probably get tiny amounts of gluten in me from cross contamination or whatever but I doubt thats causing my constant illness.
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  10. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic Why do I get so many colds?   

    @Jess - Yeah I take around 1000iu - 3000iu of vitamin D3 daily

    @Dotty1 - Im not sure if I am gluten sensitive or not, but I dont eat gluten either way because Im sure it aggravates my acne

    Anyone know much about glutamine? I bought some L-glutamine a while back hoping it would help my acne but never really kept at it, ive been reading that it helps the immune system and that after heavy exercise glutamine levels are usually pretty depleted. I think im going to start taking this stuff daily and see how things go.
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  11. JoeBloggs added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Why do I get so many colds?
    I dont get it, my immune system seems to be really weak for some reason, I seem to get colds all the time, in the last 4 months Ive had 3 colds, right now Im in the middle of a cold.

    The thing is, on paper, I should be healthy as an ox. My diet is really good, I eat alot of nutritious greens like kale, collard greens etc, I dont eat any sugar etc etc.

    I take vitamin C and zinc daily, and occasionally take herbal supplements like echinacea, astragulus and ginseng which are all supposed to help the immune system.

    I dont smoke, or drink or do anything that fucks up my body basically.

    Physically im very fit and in great shape.....overall I would consider myself extremely healthy

    But for some reason I seem to get so many colds throughout the cold season. Anyone know why this might be?? Its really starting to get to me because everytime I get a cold it really messes up my routine/plans and I feel like a week or two is wasted.

    The only thing I can think of is my training schedule, I train 5 days a week for my sport and 2 out of those 5 days I do high intensity interval training that leaves me exhausted, the other 3 days arent as heavy but still quite intense. Ive read somewhere that intense exercise can temporarily leave the immune system in a weakened state and Im thinking maybe this is why Im always getting ill? That straight after training my immune system is vunerable and I catch an illness in that short period?

    On the other hand, I dont feel as if Im overtraining and even though my immune system maybe a little weaker straight after a hard session, shouldnt my general fitness and health offset that?

    Is it a pretty normal thing for athletes to get ill alot? Is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening? I feel like im already doing everything right and yet I still end up getting ill all the time!

    Please give me some advice!
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  12. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne   

    It should be stickied goddamnit!
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  13. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic Olive Oil Happiness!   

    Same here, the only oil that doesnt clog my pores or irritate my skin is sunflower oil, even jojoba oil clogs my pores somewhat (not as bad as olive oil though) and even irritates my skin slightly.

    Olive oil moisturizes sooooo well with zero irritation but its breaks me out like mad.
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  14. JoeBloggs added a post in a topic Scarring looking worse due to lack of sleep?   

    Yeah dehydration definately makes the scars look worse for me, I hate it on days where I dont get enough sleep, I always know Im going to wake up looked rough and ragged.

    Funny you should mention red eyes aswell, whenever my eyes are red or bloodshot it kind of makes the red marks on my skin stand out more I think
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  15. JoeBloggs added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    Scarring looking worse due to lack of sleep?
    Dont know whether to put this in the nutrition forum or scarring forum....

    Anyways I was just wondering, for people with acne scarring, do you find that when you dont get enough sleep the night before, your acne scarring seem more pronounced during the day?

    If I get a good 9 - 10 hours of sleep my scars dont look too bad, but if I only get like 3 or 4 hours sleep, my skin and scars will look terrible, really ragged and rough. Anyone else notice this?

    And why is it that this happens?
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