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  1. magic added a post in a topic Magnesium Cured My Back Acne   


    Vitamin D -

    Vitamin A -

    Magnesium -

    The zinc I use is a brand I bought in Thailand, zinc gluconate.

    I have recently ordered this K2 -

    This different Vitamin A -

    I'm yet to try them but I'm confident the vitamin A will be just as good, and I want the K2 for its synergistic effects with my other sups.

    Also, to update, I no longer wake up with those tiny spots on my face, I get no acne on my face now at all, ever.

    I've had a few on my back and one on my chest recently when I dropped back down to 10,000iu vitamin A, but once I went back to 20,000iu they are disappearing quick.

    I'm amazed at how well this has worked for me, after 20 years of battling, this is all it took?
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  2. magic added a post in a topic Magnesium Cured My Back Acne   

    I still use the BP soap, but once this bar is done I most likely won't buy a new one, I don't think I need it now.

    And I pretty much don't apply BP gel/cream any more, maybe once a week or so as I have it here and want to use it up.

    An initial breakout with vitamin A is possible, but give it a couple of weeks to gauge how it's working, it really has been a miracle for me.
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  3. magic added a post in a topic Low Dose Accutane For Mild Persistant Body Acne?   

    Vitamin A 'cured' my acne, accutane is just a vitamin A derivative.

    Try this daily regimen...

    Vitamin A - 10,000 to 20,000iu
    Vitamin D3 - 5,000iu
    Magnesium Citrate - 500mg
    Zinc Gluconate - 30mg

    You could also add vitamin k2.

    I'm fairly confident this regimen will 'cure' your acne.
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  4. magic added a post in a topic Stubborn Chest Acne   

    Have you noticed increased anxiety since taking vitamin D3? Vitamin D3 should ALWAYS be taken with magnesium, because your body uses up a lot of magnesium to convert D3 into its usable form. Common side effects of depleted magnesium are poor sleep, constipation and anxiety. Other vitamin D3 cofactors are zinc, K, and A.

    Here's what I recommend, and I'm pretty certain you'll be very happy with the results...

    Upon waking:
    Vitamin D3, 5000iu
    Vitamin A, 10,000iu (from fish, NOT beta carotene)
    Magnesium Citrate, 200mg

    Before bed:
    Zinc Gluconate, 30mg
    Magnesium Citrate, 400mg

    You can add vitamin K, I plan to because of what I've red, but something similar to the above totally cured my almost 2 decades of nasty body acne (I tried everything else under the sun). The vitamin A was the game changer. I stopped all supplements for 1 year before very systematically arriving at my current regimen. I started with vitamin D3 and got noticeable improvement but noticed magnesium deficiency, so I added magnesium and got all round improvement in me but not a lot in my skin, then I added zinc and noticed faster healing, then I added vitamin A and that's when the miracle combination clicked.

    My regimen is pretty much the same as I've outlined but I take an extra 10,000iu of vitamin A at night, but from your description I don't think you need to, I had very inflamed, very serious body acne.

    Also it goes without saying to make sure you shower immediately after working out and immediately every time you ever become drenched in sweat, letting sweat dry on your body creates an acne breeding ground.

    I really urge you to try this, I'm 33 years old and am only now for the first time in my life able to take my top of at the beach.

    Interestingly, I just found this -
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  5. magic added a post in a topic Magnesium Cured My Back Acne   

    I didn't get an initial breakout, and I think the type of magnesium and zinc you take is important, in my nighttime vitamins I mention the types. Vitamin d3 is important, but for sure the turning point for me was vitamin A. My back broke out again but it was due to letting sweat dry in on my body, I live in the tropics and for a few days in a row my back was getting soaked with sweat and was drying in before I could shower, once I stopped that happening my back healed again really quickly. I still wake up with some spots around my chin if I don't use BP, but they're tiny, not inflamed or the type that cause scarring, and they're gone after I have a shower. I now take 10,000iu vitamin A in the morning AND another 10,000 at night. Once my back is completely clear I'll drop down to 10,000 once per day. I really recommend you give vitamin A a try, it should be from fish oil, not the beta carotene type.
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  6. magic added a post in a topic Magnesium Cured My Back Acne   

    Just thought I would leave an update, I added zinc to my regimen, didn't notice a great deal, then I added vitamin A, WOW, it's been two weeks and my skin is looking great, it seems like I've finally found MY 'cure' after 20 years, here's what I take...

    Morning: Vitamin D3 - 5,000iu Vitamin A - 10,000iu (fish liver oil based) Vitamin C - 500mg Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc - 1000mg/400mg/25mg (single multi pill) Night: Magnesium Citrate - 400mg Zinc Gluconate - 25mg Vitamin C - 500mg
    And last week I had 2 days where I drank a LOT of beer, then the day after I lazed about eating pizza and didn't shower or use BP for 2 days, that would be a recipe for a bad breakout but I took these supplements and my skin actually improved further.

    Only 2 weeks, but this combo looks like it could be my 'the one'.

    I double take the zinc and magnesium because the forms of those minerals in the combined Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc pill are not the best forms, so I take them again later in the optimal forms, and they help me sleep well when I take them before bed.

    The vitamin A really made such a huge difference, but I think there's a synergistic effect happening with all that I'm taking.

    I've been around this forum a LONG time, I've suffered with acne for 2 decades, I've tried everything, I've seen so many threads from people saying they found their cure only for me to try it and it not to work, all I can say to everyone is don't give up, I HAD given up and was just living with using BP and accepting back acne, but finally, I think I've cracked it.
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  7. magic added a post in a topic Magnesium Cured My Back Acne   

    Some improvement, but certainly not a cure for me, I'm going to add zinc starting today.

    Starting the magnesium instantly relieved my anxiety though, and the constipation I was experiencing since starting D3, also I sleep better.
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  8. magic added a post in a topic Gave Up All Hope (Nothing Is Working!)   

    Head and shoulders classic is indeed pretty good for body acne.
    Have you tried supplementing with vitamin d3? Take 1000iu of vitamin d3 per 25lbs of body weight. Take every morning when you wake up. If it works for you, within a week you should start to notice no new or dramatically less new active pimples, and a massive calming or complete end to inflammation and an acceleration of healing.

    If you start taking d3 and you notice any anxiety, muscle twitches, or more difficulty having a bowel movement, start taking 600mg of magnesium every night before bed.
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  9. magic added a post in a topic Help - Anabolic Steroids Induced Acne Fulminans   

    Crazy cycle, and for someone so light too. Those orals were run for far too long.
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  10. magic added a post in a topic Need Help Getting Rid Of Severe Back Acne. Warning: Pics   

    Have you tried a benzoyl peroxide soap and/or a zinc soap (head and shoulders for men is good anti-acne body soap)?

    Using those soaps and also exfoliating your back well should help, exfoliating helped with my body acne, while in the shower, I would get a small towel and soak in in the hot water, then put it over the top of my back holding the towel at each end pulling it tight against my back, then scrape the towel across my entire back.

    I would do that several times, making sure every part of my back was well trawled over to remove all dead skin and encourage new healthy skin growth.

    Your marks don't look inflamed or 'live', have all those marks been there a while then or are new ones like that still appearing?
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  11. magic added a post in a topic How Do I Get Rid Of This Shoulder Acne?!   

    All I can see is what looks like hypopigmented scars. They gradually fade over many many years but from what I know, there isn't an awful lot of particularly effective methods of getting rid of them. Derma rolling and ginger juice might help. There could be laser techniques I'm not aware of that work, I'm not certain of that though.
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  12. magic added a post in a topic Magnesium Cured My Back Acne   

    I stopped all supplements and vitamins almost exactly a year ago.

    I manage acne by applying 2.5% BP every few days and also washing every day with 10% BP soap. This keeps my face clear.

    The 10% BP soap mostly keeps my body clear too, but not completely, and recently, my chest starting to break out a lot.

    So a week ago, being pretty certain that I have some degree of vitamin D deficiency, I started taking 5000iu per day.

    Within days the inflammation on my chest stopped completely and is healing fast. Still a few new spots on my back though.

    I noticed something else when I started taking vitamin D, mild anxiety.

    I searched "vitamin d anxiety" and I find a few articles saying if you start taking vitamin D, and are deficient in magnesium, you may experience anxiety.

    So I am for sure deficient in magnesium.

    Out of interest, I also googled "magnesium acne", and I find this thread and other writings like it.

    I'm going to start taking 600mg per day and monitor the effect, not rush in to taking everything that helped the OP, just one thing at a time and monitor.

    This combo seems promising though.
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  13. magic added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    How To Fix These Scars (Pictures)
    I bumped a 5 year old post asking about this, but thought a new thread might get more attention.
    How can these types of scars be treated? I've just started using fresh ginger, which I'm going to rub on 3 times per day.
    Does dermarolling work on these scars? Any lasers? Money isn't an issue. 

    They're slightly protruding or flat white hypopigmented scars. There is one single indented one right in the centre of my chest but I more importantly want to deal with the many hypopigmented ones. 
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  14. magic added a post in a topic Vitamin B5 Hair Loss   

    Are you certain the b5 caused it? Maybe it would have happened anyway?
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  15. magic added a post in a topic Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)   

    So after all this, would you guys suggest NOT taking b5?

    I took it before for 4 months, my hair got dry but no excess shedding was noticed.

    My skin didn't completely clear, but that was because I was eating coconut oil and coconut milk every single day the entire time I was taking it, and I know with 100% certainty that coconut oil/fat makes me break out like crazy.

    When I took b5 last time, the areas of my back that usually got acne cleared, but my chest and different areas of my back got it instead, I think that was the b5 trying to work and the coconut fat making acne appear elsewhere.

    I've just started taking b5 again, as I said it gave me dry hair last time but no shedding, but I don't know if I want to continue if I'll be bald in a few years from it.

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