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  1. So about 8 years ago I read a recommendation on here from a guy suggesting guys use concealer, he recommended Clinique Almost Makeup, which I understand is now discontinued. But on his recommendation, I thought I'd buy it to see if it could be of any use. I bought a 45ml tube, and for 8 years I have used it regularly and still have way more than half the tube left. In the beginning I was VERY apprehensive about it, thinking someone would notice, and the first few times I used it I was very worried, but nobody has ever noticed, and it works amazingly. I don't use it every day, and I only use very small amounts, but for covering redness it is my true secret weapon. It makes such a difference, totally covers blotches, and is completely invisible. Maybe someone can suggest a similar alternative to Clinques Almost Makeup, but guys, it's not unmanly to look your best. It's not unmanly to be confident in yourself, it's more unmanly to be self conscious about your blotches. Up up to you, but I give it my highest recommendation. Get it a liquid concealer that matches your skin, get a TINY amount on your finger and dab over redness, don't rub it, dab it on, if it doesn't fully cover, get another tiny amount on the finger and dab it on top. i tried to find the original thread but couldn't find it, it's one of the best beauty tips I've ever received. When I say tiny amount, I mean closer to a grain of sugar than a grain of rice.