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  1. From an article about berries & how they help prevent alzheimer's " By the way, rounding out the top twelve most antioxidant foods - besides the small red beans at the number one spot - we find red kidney beans at the number three spot, pinto beans at the number four spot, artichoke hearts at the number seven spot, prunes at the number nine spot and red delicious apples at the number twelve position. So include these other plant-based foods with your berries and you are maximizing your body's antioxidant potential - and reducing your risk of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. " I wonder why red delicious apples. They are the worst tasting apple. i would have thought the very tart Granny Smith would be highest. Cut one and expose to air & it is very slow to oxidize.
  2. Can't figure out right diet?!