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  1. From an article about berries & how they help prevent alzheimer's " By the way, rounding out the top twelve most antioxidant foods - besides the small red beans at the number one spot - we find red kidney beans at the number three spot, pinto beans at the number four spot, artichoke hearts at the number seven spot, prunes at the number nine spot and red delicious apples at the number twelve position. So include these other plant-based foods with your berries and you are maximizing your body's antioxidant potential - and reducing your risk of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. " I wonder why red delicious apples. They are the worst tasting apple. i would have thought the very tart Granny Smith would be highest. Cut one and expose to air & it is very slow to oxidize.
  2. Can't figure out right diet?!

  3. Can't figure out right diet?!

    I would try testing for allergic response by methodically eliminating foods. My cystic acne is a response to citrus.
  4. Better Grains and grain substitutes

    Yes, most links in old threads are broken. It happens every time they upgrade. I used to get them fixed, but no longer have time. Also, many threads have been archived so can't be changed. You can go to my profile & look for my topics. My topics: ZAG thread:
  5. Examples Of How Bad Our 'health' Care System Has Become

    More on how bias leads to faulty research & acceptance by conventional medicine & elsewhere.
  6. More on epigenetics & a revision to our understanding of evolution. “The epigenome dynamically responds to the environment. Stress, diet, behavior, toxins, and other factors regulate gene expression.”
  7. Question about diary and acne frequency

    you just have to try it.
  8. washing your face three times a day?

    Yes. Water only
  9. Work lunch ideas?

    Baked sweet potatoes. You can top them different ways to change them up. I used to eat sweet potatoes topped with sauteed greens & a tiny bit of feta as a go to lunch when I needed one.
  10. Examples Of How Bad Our 'health' Care System Has Become

    5 Common Prescriptions That Should Require Nutritional Counseling Starts off with all the important things blocked by the Statin drugs they are trying to get us all to take as "preventatives" Very few people should take statins. Primarily those few with a rare genetic tendency towards very high cholesterol. Also, covers Hormonal birth control & metformin. Another one not mentioned are blood thinners. People are told to avoid greens, broccoli, etc as they are good sources of vitamin K which helps your blood clot. But people should not avoid these superfoods. They should eat them regularly & their prescription for the blood thinner should be adjusted to compensate.
  11. Glucosamine trigger out acne ?

    You just have to try it. I tried taking MSM which many people take for skin & joints & it made me break out in a strange acne all along my spine from my hairline down. And it took a while to go away, since it wasn't an inflamed acne.