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  1. Hi!

    I have read quite a bit of your posts on here. I have changed my diet completely around 5 months ago. I m definitely seeing progress but still have work to do.


    Right now I limit sugar, no dairy, and no refined grains.



    saw palmetto, nettle, vitamin d, zinc, b5 , omega 3 on and off.


    I am wondering if you eat any grains? I have yet to try this because I am so afraid that I won't be able to. I rely on grains to get enough calories. I would be really interesting in hearing what your diet is like and what current supplements you take.


    Thank you so much! Im sure you get plenty of message

  2. alternativista,

    How can I get in touch with you? I have tried to PM you, but it looks like you no longer accept private messages.

    I am trying a holistic approach for my acne and would like to have you give my regimen a look if you don't mind.

    Thank you!

  3. Fluoroderma

    I wipe my face with a damp cloth at bedtime & in the morning.   I've rarely experienced my pores being clogged by topicals, but yes, your sunscreen can potentially clog your pores.  I rarely use it personally, other than my mineral powder makeup. Your skin can protect it self to a certain degree if you stop interfering with it's ability by washing with soap & applying topicals that interfere with it's ability to function.  You can also apply things topically that help like green tea and high linoleic acid oil. And consume nutrients that help like green tea, lycopene, etc. And if your are going to be in the sun for a while where a hat & sleeves.
  4. Caveman Regimen - Dead Skin

    The "the dead skin mask" isn't doing anything.  So why live with it?  don't worry about wiping it away daily.  Or about washing with water unless your skin is particularly sensitive to the minerals or chlorine your water. In which case try buying filtered water.  reneehps, how old are you?
  5. I've already cleared my skin via diet.   The Seignalet diet seems to be a kind of raw paleo diet.  There's been tons of paleo dieters here. And raw vegan dieters. Getting people to eat raw meat may be kind of hard in these parts.
  6. Magnesium is a really good thing to get adequate amounts and most people don't get enough. Food sources of magnesium are greens & seeds.  It's a major component of chlorophyll, which is why it's in leaves. & I suppose it's in seeds to provide the magnesium the sprout needs to make it's first leaves until it's roots get deap enough to get it from the soil.  If you want to try supplements, take it at night. It relaxes muscles & blood vessels. It's very helpful for sleep.  You could also take epsom salt baths or make magnesium oil to get it topically.  Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate & the sulfur is also good for the skin topically.  Both are also very good for sore muscles and sleep. 
  7. tea for acne

    ^ Yes.  And chamomile and other teas that help you relax & sleep.   I would make ginger and/or turmeric tea a habit. Since good chamomile has a strong sweet apple flavor that I don't like, I like to add a slice of ginger.  You could also add a clove.  Clove is strongly anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Good for oral health. Chamomile supposedly alkalinizes your mouth which is good. So clove & chamomile makes a good bedtime tea for oral health. Just buy whole cloves from the spice section/store. Ginger from the produce section of the supermarket.  I mix nettle in with my green tea in the morning. Nettle is high in minerals. It tastes mineral-ly.  I used to make peppermint tea a lot, but am out of that habit. Since it's just dried mint leaves, it can be found really cheap as an herb from many sources way cheaper than 'tea.'. Like a Greek/middle eastern food store.  One near me sells a huge 2 pound bag for like $5,  And bulk herb & spice stores or sections in supermarkets may also have it super cheap.   Get a mesh tea ball to use loose tea. Hibiscus tea is also very beneficial and as it's tart, it makes a great substitute for juice. I make it weak and don't sweeten it.  I buy it cheap from markets that cater to hispanics or people from the Caribbean. It's a major component of Republic of Tea's Get Georgeous tea, which also has mint. 
  8. EGCg and Acne

    Have you tried an elimination diet to determine food intolerances?  Because I suspect cystic/nodular acne tends to be a reaction.   
  9. Desperate. Autoimmune disease?

    Where did that list come from?  Is the picture while on the diet or off? Because if it's on, she likely has a useless list.  And I would try avoiding citrus, since it causes cysts/nodules for many people and isn't on the list.  Get her to add in other foods. There's no reason she can't get adequate calories without those foods.  How about gluten free oats, buckwheat & quinoa to replace the gluten grains? Sweet potatoes & squashes to replace potatoes.  Beans like lentils, pintos, garbonzos, lima are fairly benign although you should soak them before cooking to reduce antinutrients. Same with the grains. I really like red lentils which cook really fast & can easily cook until they are mush, making them another good substitute for mashed potatoes. I add sea salt & turmeric when I cook them.   Try sea salt in place of iodized salt. It will also help provide essential trace minerals.    Mackerel, herring, sardines & salmon are much better fish than tuna. lower in mercury & higher in omega 3 fats and more sustainable.  And you can get canned mackerel from bumble bee for an inexpensive protein source . (but note you shouldn't eat large species of mackerel. The ones in the can are small)  Also, cooking oils aren't all created equal so it's silly to put that on the list like that.  Avoid vegetable oil, crisco & margarine. That's for sure. Be carefull with PUFA oils like canola, grapeseed etc.  It is important to be concerned about quality of the oil as PUFAs go rancid quickly.   But coconut oil doesn't.  
  10. Food That Causes Acne

    Wrong.,  Many of those foods listed would be beneficial for most people's acne. I.e. Salmon and other high omega 3 fish,   And many people will break out from peanuts.   Really, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to your list  You say peaches cause acne, and yes, many people are intolerant to stone fruit. Therefore, the other stone fruit & almonds should be on the list of foods that may cause an individual to break out. And there has been tons of research demonstrating the relationship between high glycemic foods & the factors that lead to acne such as elevated hormones, inflammation & hyperproliferation & hyperproliferation of skin cells.  And even studies on low glycemic diets showing imrpovement in people with acne.   High glycemic meal habits are extremely bad for you in ways far more important than acne. I suggest you never eat mass quantities again.  
  11. Eating Too Frequently Cause Acne?

    Yes. What was the point? But at the time I believed the dermatologists and they kept trying different antibiotics. And then later 2 courses of accutane.   And why do the people making the many, many 'about to start my second (or third, or fourth or fifth) course of accutane" threads do it? Why do the derms keep prescribing it? What's the point?  They are not the solution and are very bad for you. 
  12. demodex mites cause acne?

    Demodex mites can cause an acne like reaction for some people. But it's not everyone.  I think there's much more evidence that it's at the root of rosacea.   And why the hell was this 2008 post not archived. When many far more valuable discussions that are just a couple of years old have been? Once they are archived, they are very hard to find. They don't appear in your Content I Follow, My Content, & other lists.  Also, not impairing your skin's ability to function is a really good way to control this.  Because everyone has these mites, we just don't all have the same inflammatory response and possibly an overgrowth of them.   Soap, lotions & other topicals impair skin function.    You can also eat right to improve sebum quality & in the meantime, apply a high linoleic acid oil as that is what sebum that works is mostly composed of.
  13. Citrus VS Citric Acid?

    The reaction isn't necessarily due to the citric acid.  There are other compounds that can be allergens/toxins.  Some citrus oils are used as pesticides after all.  Especially orange.  I've written info about this somewhere in one of my threads. I don't memorize the details.  And yes, I get cysts/nodules the day after I consume citrus. And different fruits cause the cysts in different places. I.e tangerine/satsuma = cysts at temple/eye area, oranges = jaw & neck.  Although I can get them anywhere, they just mostly follow that pattern.    If you routinely break out just or mostly in one area that could be a clue it's a food intolerance.  Also, I suspect that cysts & nodules tend to be a food intolerance. 
  14. Food That Causes Acne

    I wish you would change the title to say Foods that cause acne for you.  Because this is not applicable to everyone.  I have no problems with most of those foods and I really never got whiteheads.   Also, you don't even mention one of the most important 'cause' for acne & just about any other health condition and that is high glycemic impacting meals/drinks & snack habits.  
  15. 30 years from age 10 to 40 for me.  And we've had people much, much older here.     You don't have to drink only water. You just should not drink sugar. Smoothies are better than juices.  And don't require another machine that has only one use.   All meals should be low to moderate glycemic, but few need to avoid all sugar.  However, added sugar should be a rare treat.  High doses of Pantothenic acid can have side effects.  
  16. There is not significant amounts of iodine in eggs & onions to worry about.  You could however try avoiding them a bit to test for allergy.   Is your acne different since you began avoiding sugar/gluten/dairy?  Do you eat citrus?  My jawline acne was due to a citrus intolerance.  And dairy doesn't noticeably cause acne for me.  But there's too many ways that it impacts the events involved in acne formation for me to make it a big part of my diet. Especially unfermented dairy.
  17. Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne

    Depends on what kind. it can't be the standard test for IgE antibodies that cause an immediate response and is all most allergists & doctors care about. It has to look for other antibodies and other inflammatory responses.
  18. Eating Too Frequently Cause Acne?

    Yes, I just read it again and was reminded of all the benefits. Including that it reduces cell proliferation, which means it may specifically reduce the hyperkeratinization/hyperproliferation of skin cells that are at the root of acne formation. If you search for intermittent fasting, you find many threads filled with people saying how well it worked for them. But that thread I posted is filled with real information. And Lucas, if I was susceptible to the placebo affect, then all those years of antibiotics and accutane should have worked. But they did nothing.
  19. Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne

    Citrus was the trigger for my severe cystic acne. I had grotesquely oily skin and other kinds of acne as well. And I figured it out by luck. One winter, when citrus is plentiful & cheap and I started having it as an afternoon snack each day expecting to be good for my skin, my skin got much worse. Then, a coworker who had watched my and my cystic acne filled skin eat oranges everyday for weeks without saying a word, came in one morning ranting that she had 2 big glasses of orange juice for weekend breakfast and now her chin was broken out. She otherwise had perfect skin so she was able to easily figure out the connection for her. I'm still annoyed that she new this and didn't mentioned it as a suggestion for me. And it was over 20 years ago.
  20. Eating Too Frequently Cause Acne?

    Yes. It could. It can keep your blood sugar/insulin levels elevated. Also, you need to have a period of fasting. Going hungry once in a while stimulates numerous processed that won't happen otherwise. Hence the anti-aging calorie restriction diets. And for those that don't want to be miserable, Intermittent fasting in which you eat all your meals within a certain number of hours each day and fast the rest of the day. The most extreme is the Warrior Diet which involves eating within a 4 hour window. Less extreme is the eating within more like an 8-10 hour window leaving a 14-16 hour fast. We've discussed it a lot here in the past, with many saying they can be less strict with the foods they eat while doing this. Info
  21. Omg, Topical Probiotics

    No that isn't normal. It sounds like you are allergic. Maybe check out coconut or other alternative to dairy yogurt & see if they have the strains mentioned above.
  22. Topical For Cystic Acne?

    dissolve a plain aspirin in water & apply like a paste. Also, ice or cool compress. aloe vera.
  23. Something About Prickly Pears...magical.

    Just about all mucilagenous foods are very beneficial for you. Especially for your digestive tract. But I would ditch the vaseline. Try grapeseed oil.
  24. Gf Vegan And No Processed Foods. Whats Next?

    The feeling them coming is how I identify cysts when I still get them. Especially since my diet changes cause them to be so much smaller than they used to be. And I don't mean feeling them with my fingers. i mean you feel like there's something on your face. Or in your face. Although mine didn't take a week. I usually get them a day after i consume the citrus. And they always come to the surface and are red.
  25. well, few people need to consume more omega 6 fats and the researchers didn't believe that our deficiency was system wide. We are just deficient in our sebum. Several possible epigenetic traits were mentioned in the studies I found & posted earlier in this thread. The linoleic acid does spread throughout your sebaceous glands. So you don't have to apply it every where. That said, it's not hard to apply a thin layer all over. Applying it to wet skin or with wet hands makes it easy to spread a very small amount. Do it after you shower before you dry off. I mostly apply it to my face & legs as my only moisturizer & to backs of arms where I tend to get keratosis pilaris. (if that's the right name, I haven't thought about it in so long, I can't recall what it's called.)