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  1. Hey,

    So I have been following these boards for a while now trying to learn how can I better myself and get rid of my acne once and for all. I always see your user name and am quite impressed with your vast knowledge of acne, diet and how they interplay.

    So I know the whole, glycemic index thing;  High GI  foods >out of whack blood sugars> Spike in insulin> IGF1-growth factor hormone released  > excess produced sebum.....and you pretty much get acne through a whole manifestation of multifaceted and interrelated issues. (ie; P. bacteria, inflammation response, etc)

    Now to make this concise, what can I eat?!!! please help me! I mean virtually everything aggravates my acne and I swear the only way to "control or cure" my acne is to literally starve myself. I have an overactive immune system I am guessing, I assume that as i have a severe allergy to peanuts.

    I noticed when I eat only vegetables, yes I won't break out, however that's impossible to just eat like that forever. I've tried every treatment you can think of, and yes the silver bullet accutane. Accutane hands down was most effective, however I think it made me  vitamin A sensitive and did some damage to my GI. During my second course I had to stop immedaitely do to extreme constiapation, narrow stools ,etc. I was so depressed when the "apparent miracle drug" was not compatible with me any longer. So my acne at the moment is relativity controlled, when I "cheat" I pay for it in full with acne. High GI foods tend to give me more aggressive acne, so I stay away.

    Can you list things I can eat, and I know everyone's biochemistry is different and therefore everyone react differently that is like the most frustrating part of this chronic skin condition. I'm a guy and honestly I feel like the quality of my life is ruined by these extreme diet modifications and acne...I feel suicidal at times, I mean why live life if I can't enjoy it.

    Like right now I have relatively clear skin, plus or minus a couple dark marks left behind by acne aftermath. I currently take a WHOLE bunch of supplements, zinc, berberine, milk thistle, selenium, MSM, and viatmin C. I'm thinking to experiment with Saw pamello but I am scared as a guy it might throw my hormones out of whack. I'm 22 so, in conclusion my adult acne is definitely caused by food triggers and hormonal imbalances. I just want normal skin, sigh.. You got any advice that can help me? Please advise it would be much appreciated. Also,  kinda random, but are dried dates safe to eat? I need something to munch on during the day, I already do pumpkin seeds, but hoping to include something else as well to keep things different.

    Anyways, I've learned a lot of from your posts in which you have clearly engaged in a host of topics which you appear to be well l versed in. Ultimately i just want normal skin, I want a diet I can enjoy and stick too. Thanks in advanced.

  2. Would you be willing to talk with me one the phone? I'd be willing to pay you.

    Really could use some advice.

    Please email me [email protected]

  3. Look to your ancestry for clues to finding your optimal diet.  A few tips. 
  4. "let your skin breathe"

    Exercise like walking improves everything to do with health which means it helps your skin skin.   And yes, chemical & emulsifier filled occulsive liquid or cream makeup and other topicals are detrimental to skin function,  so does soap.   See        
  5. Fresh aloe vera gel for acne flare ups!

    Yup.  This is basic.
  6. It was Atkins dieters claims of the diet clearing their skin that made me realize that all those dermatologists were wrong and diet does affect acne.  And from one of Atkins books, i grasped how damaging sugar is and we cannot be consuming anywhere near the amounts that are in the typical modern diet.  There's more sugar in one can of coke than we should have all day. That said, I don't care for the diet.  Just eat real, whole nutrient dense food.  South Beach Diet people did a survey of their dieters & most reported clearing skin.  The creator is a really important cardiologist, btw. 
  7. Hi!

    I have read quite a bit of your posts on here. I have changed my diet completely around 5 months ago. I m definitely seeing progress but still have work to do.


    Right now I limit sugar, no dairy, and no refined grains.



    saw palmetto, nettle, vitamin d, zinc, b5 , omega 3 on and off.


    I am wondering if you eat any grains? I have yet to try this because I am so afraid that I won't be able to. I rely on grains to get enough calories. I would be really interesting in hearing what your diet is like and what current supplements you take.


    Thank you so much! Im sure you get plenty of message