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  1. I'm Ready to Fix My Acne Scars

    I had subcision on the 5th of this month. I'm still a little bruised under the eyes and some yellow spots on my face and I showed up to work today. I had to wear some makeup to cover some of the bruising.
  2. Thoughts on this?

    Its not worth it right now in its early stages. One day I'm sure they will perfect the formula and make it better for acne scars. Its a hassle to use and it takes hours to get it right so I just gave up on it.
  3. Check out these before and afters

    You can tell from the shape of the jaw how its a different person.
  4. TCA cross and Subcision update

    The posters on this site who complain the most about their skin are the ones with really mild scars. I have noticed this for years.
  5. The Derminator Thread

    I needle an area until I see a bloody mess, like actual blood gushing out, not just little dots of blood.