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  1. I've received strong indications to the effect that I should stay away from AIs and go straight for TRT. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I figure you guys might want to read into it: In regards the the recent posts; No parts of my body have ever been removed. I doubt Cannabis is a magical cure for us. My two genes to that effect are 1/2 T. I've tried DHEA to no avail, and would not recommend playing with it unless you're old. I practice 16/8 intermittent fasting daily. I think it helps, but to think that it cures.. nah.
  2. I've been experimenting with DHT with Creatine for the past 3 weeks. No effect whatsoever. I finally received Butea and took doses up to 1200mg a day. Increased libido and strength I believe, but my face skin is more dry than ever before. I thought more DHT would increase sebum production. In any case, I'll continue experimenting with DHT.. but I don't think it's the cure. I'm still debating which AI/SERM to try.
  3. All you just wrote is absolutely correct. For the best diet to control inflammation, my best suggestion is to buy the Bulletproof Diet book. Dave Asprey is absolutely anal on avoiding inflammation at all cost. Alternatively, most content is available in posts on his website for free. If you seek the perfect diet for inflammation, that would be it. It discusses vit D, how to properly cook meat and veggies to avoid inflammation, cancerous components and degradation of nutrients, and adresses mercury in fish (and fish oil). Take Krill oil. For ALA, don't even look at it. Non-animal o3 is poorly converted and likely rancid by the time you eat it. I wouldn't worry about genes affecting your diet this much. I've looked it all up and maybe you deal with fats a little bit less well than some people, but the benefits from eating fat beat the cons, no matter your genes. In my case, I supposedly handle sulfur and ammonia poorly, but if I try to avoid that.. I'll eat nothing healthy. If you do take 10k IU vit D a day, which is fine temporarily, just make sure you get your levels tested after ~3 months to see where you're at. You don't want to overdo it.
  4. Should I try Letrozole or Anastrozole? I'll request for either on Jan 30th. I'll give the benefit of the doubt to this theory based on reports by Ehohel and the propreciahelp forum. Legendary's hormones before treatment are just about exactly the same as mine, and he reported gym+ living healthy before hand too. I'm trying it. I'd maybe just question.. why did Calcium D Glucarate and DIM not help me as much as I'd thought then? Maybe not strong enough..? edit: Apparently DIM lowers DHT now? Didn't know that! Certainly would explain while I didn't at all feel better on it..
  5. I'll settle the DHT debate for myself. I've been loading Creatine for the past week and will keep at it for at least a month. I've also received my Butea (finally) yesterday and just started taking some. All that'd be left is to order some Boron. I'll be shooting up my DHT (In theory) and see how I feel. As of today, nothing feels different, but I definitely don't feel worse. I'm not placing much hope on this though. @ACCUiTy_drANE I've been following a very strict Paleo/Bulletproof diet. I definitely feel better the stricter I am, and I feel the pain from excess sugar, grains and polyunsaturated/rancid oils very quickly. In spite of this, this has not been the solution for me. It helps me not feel completely miserable, but it does not solve anything. @hatetane I wish I could recover this way, but I think it would have happened by now. Might sound weird, but I too would be skeptic of anyone claiming all their tane sides were cured by simply living healthily. Then again, everyon's body is different, but this feels far too grave to be fixed this *easily*. I wish. I really do, but the tremendous amounts of efforts that I put into diet, workouts, low-stress, supplements... the hours, the money, the energy spent.. all that for not much. I acquire knowledge, I get smarter, but am I physically better than 3 years back? A bit, but barely so. Certainly not sufficiently. @TrueJustice I agree that gut health plays a big part in this. This is a very significant issue for me. I feel bloated as I'm typing this, yet I haven't had food in over 12 hours. It's odd, and never goes away. What I've yet to grasp is how might hormones affect gut health, assuming it's all hormone related.
  6. I'm 99% confident she doesn't speak english and won't even get to read anything I provide her. This is Quebec City. Very conservative, very old, very close-minded... very dumb. I'm not luring myself, I expect nothing from bringing this except convince myself she's unfit to help.
  7. I had never looked up the propheciahelp website as I thought it may not give me accurate information seeing as I didn't take Finasteride, but reading this right now today.. this is exactly in line with my conclusions from 6 months of experiment. I'm going to keep working on this.
  8. Thank you for reminding me. I've printed it and will present the document to my Andrologist on Jan 30th. This gives me more confidence that going on Androgel would not help me. Now that I know for certain I have low T, LH and FSH.. this kind of gives reason to this whole document.
  9. Thanks for clarifying. I guess zinc really isn't for me then. Dry skin, haven't lost a single hair in years. I'll go on with Creatine for now. Oddly, it's very hard for me to think about taking it, because it's not in pills. I'll make an effort and see what gives. Good if you know your magnesium, I guess Citrate makes sense in this case ^^ I shouldn't, but that last line made me laugh quite a bit. In regards to MK-677 sides, I was going off the wikipedia that provides some info on the effects of excess GH. I'll order MK-677 soon, definitely over a month's worth. I'll need to read more on Anastrozole, but I'll look into maybe having some by the end of January. I'm soon receiving 100ml of 5% Iodine. I'll get to experiment with higher dosages of 50-100mg. I've been without Iodine for over a week now, and I'm again beginning to require more and more sleep. I hate feeling the need to nap constantly.
  10. Magnesium is pretty awesome. I've been taking 500mg daily for a month in conjunction with Iodine, vit C and vit K. I recommend you look into this post as Citrate is not the ideal version. Look into Glycinate. Next on my list is to request a brain scan. I've been on a waiting list for it since Sept 2014 due to ophthalmic migraines, but I'm getting sick of waiting so I'll get it done somewhere else, ASAP. My goal is to verify the Pituitary Gland. Everything always points back to it.. including magnesium.. including LDN.. including Agmatine. I'm sure it's this gland that is the issue. Accutane must have wrecked it. Can you guys clarify why Anastrozole causes joint pain? Ehohel, any sides you can attribute to MK-677. I've been getting ready to order some, but it doesn't seem completely devoid of sides, is it? How do you feel about this SARM at the moment? I don't have any new supplement or protocol to try besides MK-677, so that will be next. I feel like I'm already taking all the supplements I should. Diet is top notch. Gym performance is at its best yet. I still have many issues, but this right now is a definite improvement from June this year. Main cloud over my head is my T levels, and how hard it is to obtain a proper body composition. Working on it. I'm reintroducing Creatine. I had never noticed it increased DHT. I've been reading so much I somehow blocked this fact from my mind. I recently supplemented some EGCG, as I had done in 2013, and somehow, I feel it made things worse. I read a bit on it and... it's a 5-ARI. Of course. Lastly, there's one thing I can't seem to understand. Why is Zinc recommended among us? I've yet to try supplementing Zinc, but isn't it a 5-ARI too? What's good about it?
  11. Little survey question; how many of you have at least one mercury amalgam filling?
  12. Thank you all for posting your hormone results. I think we can all agree from there that we're dealing with low T and reduced LH/FSH signaling from the pituitary gland. I personally also deal with higher E/SHBG than normal, though I see some of you don't. Let's work on hormone/pituitary/igf-1 ideas and see what gives! I'm glad we're paying more attention to body composition. It's 4 years of constantly not getting expected results from going to the gym that made me subscribe here. Some dryness here and there I thought was normal-ish, but being completely miserable while most people around me got better results from 1/10th of the work.. that sent a strong signal that something was really, really wrong. I think I'll refuse to go on Androgel. I'm afraid this would make matters worse and I have zero confidence it would actually help. I'll keep Iodine, order MK-677 sometimes in January, and in the mean time research hormones a bit more to understand what exactly went wrong and how to fix it. For those looking at SA, I suggest resveratrol in bulk, I just ordered some capsules myself seeing as DIM did nothing for me.
  13. MK-2866 was an attempt to find something that helps me build muscle without yet dabbing into steroids. As it's very minimally suppressive and I only took it for 4 weeks, I figured why not. If I go on to take Androgel... well, this, without a doubt, will obliterate my natural Testosterone levels. I currently have zero confidence that supplementing Testosterone in this way will fix my issues, rather I'm afraid it will complicate everything. I researched SARMs a lot and MK-2866 is reported to have no sides, unlike older SARMs such as Andarine (S4). MK-677 is another one that appears relatively straightforward in its approach. I'm definitely not worried about trying it, but I'll be looking for an update from Ehohel as I'm burnt out from trying things left and right these past few months. I've really just split my approach in two. On one side I focus a lot on hormones, and on the other on detoxifying. Maybe my hormone approach will make more sense to you from my thread on the Bulletproof forums, I've received a lot of answers suggesting many different things to try.. I too like the FoxO1 angle. The first study I linked is by far the most complete piece of data and evidence we have of the impact of Accutane. The people who published this study know their stuff. This is why, maybe, MK-677 will be my last attempt before giving Androgel a try. In the mean time, well I'm really bummed out about my T being even lower than in June. I've yet to look into it, but I think my LH/FSH signaling is low. I think this would confirm my theory that the pituitary gland doesn't signal properly. I'll keep taking Iodine.
  14. Results are in. Total T: 434 (15nmol/L) SHBG: 47 nmol/L Prolactin: 7 ug/L FSH: 2.4 Ul/L LH: 1.1 Ul/L PSA: 0.83 ug/L Estradiol: Missing from the results. SHBG is down by 3. Total T is down from 505 by a lot, considering how hard I've been trying to increase it. PSA is up from 0.65. So that's the results of 6 months of intensive research and experiments with CdG, Iodine, MK-2866, vit K, magnesium, LongJack, DIM, vit C.. Funny thing, on the PSA results, there's a paragraph about 5-ARI caused by drugs such as finasteride and accutane, and that the reference range needs to be cut in half. They're rubbing it in my face I swear haha. I'll be honest, I don't know what to do anymore. I'm actually crying. I try to be optimistic, but I feel I'm screwed no matter what I try. On to Testosterone therapy for the rest of my life..
  15. @Justmom It should, at least according to what I read on, however I did not feel that the symptoms which I thought were caused by Vit A toxicity improved all that much. It's a tough call. Maybe I didn't take enough CdG. Maybe the body just doesn't flush vit A as we'd like it too. Maybe we're no longer dealing with vit A toxicity years down the road. In any case, my perspective right now is that it's not as simple as treating a vit A toxicity. I still have it in mind to attempt other supplements that in theory flush vit A, but I'm busy trying other things for now, and I've already tried vit E, Taurine, Thiamine, vit K, CdG.. I know there's others such as Chlorophyll I believe, but I don't put much faith in it. See I've tried MK-2866, but now we have @ehohel trying MK-677, which impacts IGF-1. I still have the FoxO1 theory I've yet to attempt myself. I believe if ehohel's condition indeed improves, then it likely has nothing to do with Anastrozole, and more so with MK-677. I don't have much on the IGF-1 theory except this: The idea: Issues from accutane stem from increased FoxO1 gene activity. The transcription of FoxO genes is stimulated by FoxO3 and repressed by growth factors like insulin and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) which are increased in puberty and acne-associated syndromes with insulin resistance. By increasing IGF-1 levels, we can reduce FoxO gene activity and establish a proper balance. Accutane leads to a reduction in IGF-1 levels. Proper IGF-1 levels would help with: Facial sebum production Testosterone levels Positive, stable mood. Thiamine/Benfotiamine (B1) and NAD+ (B3) would also reduce FoxO1. Sources Isotretinoin and FoxO1 - very in depth, also discusses Lithium. Comparison of retinoid-induced apoptosis in various cell types The role of transcription factor FoxO1 in the pathogenesis of acne vulgaris and the mode of isotretinoin action Official Accutane Thread Benfotiamine counteracts glucose toxicity effects on endothelial progenitor cell differentiation via Akt/FoxO signaling
  16. @tanedout I don't sweat and my face skin is very dry. Where does that leave me? Getting DHT tested is not currently an option. I take creatine and lift weights. @Justmom I was dosing 3g CdG per day. I'd recommend 1g three times a day as it clears the system within 5 hours. I felt much, much better on it. Most of my IBS symptoms had gone away. Skin was less dry, and I felt in a better place mentally. I'm not sure if I've kept its benefits now that I'm done with this trial. I haven't taken any for two months. I took a total of 90g. I suggest you look at my post history as I wrote quite a bit on it. As for glucuronolactone, I haven't played much with it. I'm not even sure if it acts the same, though from what I've read it's safe to take in higher dosages too, especially as it's calcium-free. I will experiment again with these two compounds later down the road, but despite feeling better, I believe these helped convince me that we are not dealing with a vit A toxicity issue. At least not primarily.
  17. @ehohel I'm unsure I see the purpose of going through anastrozole, and most importantly, I feel like you're trying a lot things at once, which while not necessarily bad for you, will make it hard to determine what does what. I tried CdG and DIM most recently which most likely reduced my E levels, and while I generally felt better on CdG due to what I believe was a combination of detoxification and hormone flushing, it didn't change my world. DIM has done nothing for me, I'm just taking it as PCT with LongJack after going on MK-2866. I feel like natural compounds would be enough to clear excess E and allow more free T, unless you're boosting yourself with steroids or have actual proven levels of dangerously high E. My Estrogen was double yours in June, but I guess my focus has been more on my total T being low, even though for sure, my SHBG/E is abnormally high for my age. My view is that maybe this helps you to have more free T, but I don't see how this would impact your total/free T production long term unless you consistently take aromatase inhibitors. If anything, I believe this goes to prove that we should focus more on WHY we don't produce as much T, which as far as I'm concerned, seems to point to the pituitary gland. Btw, I'm curious how you get to spend so much time and $ as a 18yo. It's good that you do this though, definitely helps! By pushing our experiments, we'll soon find something that consistently works.
  18. @ehohel When will you receive the results from your test after trying Epitalon? This telomere length is very worrying for an 18yo. The post a member had posted on Reddit was showing the telomere length of a 55yo as he was 49, 0.58 basis I believe based on your chart. Your score is a little bit lower, yet you're much younger. I'll read more into it, but depending on your results I too might get my length tested soon. Can't wait to hear more from you, and thank you for doing this! @hatetane Got my hormones tested yesterday. I added Estradiol and FSH myself to the list, but I couldn't abuse the additions too much.. ;). I'll get the results within a week or two.
  19. Well actually, Iodine is pretty useful in case of a nuclear attack... but I digress. Many of you don't wanna hear it. You'd rather boohoo, complain, and make this pain of yours into your new identity, than actually fix yourself.
  20. Arguing trivial details I see. Yes, I did meet with an andrologist. I don't care much for the title, if anything she was pretty incompetent, as are most health professionals. I didn't learn much, I just now have access to prescribed Steroids if I so desire to shut down what's left of my natural T production. My reason for meeting with one is as simple as can be; I have low T and high SHBG/Estradiol. I guessed for years that I had low T. Hypersomnia, low energy, always tired, joints prone to aching, dry skin, inability to gain muscle. Doesn't this bear much resemblance to Accutane sides? I'm through working on an Accutane toxicity theory. It makes more sense to focus on what's proven to be abnormal. I fully expect not a single person here has proper hormone levels. I fully expect none of you here gets decent results from going to the gym. Main focus right now is the pituitary gland / thyroid. Again, pointing back to Iodine. I don't know yet for sure but I'd guess my hormone levels have improved in the past month. We'll know for sure soon enough. My goal is to avoid going on Androgel. It will be hard to know for sure because I'm playing a lot with Iodine, but I believe the pituitary gland is too screwed up to send proper LH signaling for T production. Any of you have clear fluorosis signs on your teeth? For the record, I have a very high libido. The only thing that ever affected this is depression and anti-depressants. That's just not a concern for me. Not sure why.
  21. Hey guys, little update regarding the hormones. Was able to meet the andrologist today. She agreed that I have low total T and high SHBG, which she used to determine I have low free T. She doesn't test for free T, rather deduces it from these two numbers. I was prescribed something called Androgel, but I'll have blood tests done asap to determine where I'm at since June, BEFORE attempting anything. The only things I could get her to test is Hematocrit, LH, Prolactin, SHBG, Total T and PSA. Nothing else. She has no use for any mineral or vitamin, didn't care to test other hormones, doesn't know anything about DHT, has never heard of SARMs, believes doing exercise and going to the gym does not in any way impact Testosterone, and of course knows nothing about my issues being potentially caused by Accutane. I'm not sure if this is standard, but through speaking with her, I could really see how much of a generalist she is, ironically, even though she's supposedly a specialist. I doubt she's deepened her knowledge in the past 30 years. Didn't seem to know much of anything besides what she must tell every man that enters the room. I guess she just prescribed me the same thing she prescribes any other person, independently of their situation, only because I have low T, and without caring for any other factor. I'm really not sure if I'll take anything prescribed through her. I don't at all feel understood or confident that this would truly help me. It will be tough to find a better specialist here in Quebec so I'm not sure what's next.
  22. Weltschmerz47 I'll let you read this then. Once you're done reading this, buy Iodine and report how you feel. You've taken Accutane. A little essential element shouldn't scare you.. Oh btw, Iodine flushes Cadmium..... ^^
  23. As far as I can tell, just about everyone in the western society, including most experts, have been lead to believe that Iodine is potentially very dangerous. It's not. Just account for the average japanese taking 13.8mg a day on average. Now add the fact that we intake so much chloride, fluoride, bromide, and you can easily see how Iodine would be very, very hard to overdose from. I'm slowly ramping up my dosage to 50mg a day while taking the many co-factors, and I feel fucking awesome. I don't know how else to say it and how many times to repeat myself. I cured my hypersomnia. I have insane amounts of energy, I feel abnormally aggressive, in a good way. Strength at the gym improves continuously. Joints are better. Less overall dryness. I'm not saying this is the cure, because I don't think it is. But if you consider that halogens calcify the very same glands that accutane ruins, then we're fixing a very common problem through Iodine. I've been trialing tons of things just in the past few months and I won't stop until I'm more than cured, but my god you guys have got to stop discussing how accutane is bad, or how you have X or Y side effect. Everyone knows by now. What we need are solutions, trials, data, thoughts, info. Try, share. Try again, share more. Let's fix this.
  24. Here are mine: APOE: C;T (half bad) RS738409; G;G (all good) rs2187668 ; G;G (all good) gs155; non-expressor I have many autism genes. No MTHFR issue. Btw, I'm through my 4 weeks Ostarine cycle. Possibly the best gains I've had in my 4 years of training. No sides. All good. I'll play more with SARMs after taking a little break with the PCT I' m going through right now (Longjack + DIM and other supplements). Nothing is perfect yet but I would say easily, with all the things I've tried since subbing here in July, I'm definitely at my very best mentally and physically. I maintain, and I will AGAIN reiterate as nobody here seems willing to discuss it. TRY IODINE. MEGADOSE IT. LOOK IT UP.
  25. In regards to appointments, personally i've just been going through my entry point, my family doctor, and just telling her exactly how I feel, where I'm at and what I want. I think that's the best way to at least get started. It's okay for a doctor not to know how to help you, but at least be sure then that you are then referred some place else. For stress, and this is coming from a once extremely shy, agoraphobic teenager stuck with extreme general anxiety, what helped me was learning that nobody cares. Everyone's much too busy worrying about their own issues to really care about yours. The more crazy you get in public and do stupid stuff, ironically, the more you see that the only people it can make uncomfortable, are those around you who are too stuck up to understand that it's possible to be free from concerns. Go to the gym, go for walks outside alone, try meditation, yoga. Buy an acupressure mat. Try natural, non-dangerous supplements/drugs (avoid prescription pills). Chamomile tea is awesome. Passiflora. Phenibut if you can avoid dependency and abuse is something out of this world. Listen to relaxing or familiar music. Be sure to eat as healthy as possible (Bulletproof/Paleo). Sleep well. If you're a guy, don't watch porn, don't masturbate. These are all logic and simple things that when put together put you in a great place.