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  • Interests I'm looking to fix my inability to gain muscle and keep an optimal body composition, hypersomnia + lack of will to live, dry face skin and eyes, chronic rhinitis, easily inflamed and aching joints, IBS, constant bloating, low libido, brain fog, etc. All the classic post Accutane symptoms.


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  1. I'm definitely interested in having more data on all the trials you've put yourself through. What do you think has been worth trying? What should be avoided?
  2. I'm followed by an Andrologist, but I inject myself every week. SubQ is super easy. No pain, no scars. I use 27 gauge needles. I just pin it in my belly and inject. It's stupid easy. You can probably check some videos on youtube if you need, or just get help from a nurse somewhere for your first time. There's really no worry about it at all. It's as easy as it gets. I prefer it to having to apply gel to my arms every morning. Regarding the Chinese study linked today. I'm eager to know more. I haven't had the time to read it, but any Accutane related study that discusses hormone issues, IMO, is on the right track.
  3. Word of advice, go straight for injections. I do subQ Enanthate at 80mg weekly at the moment. I've increased my T to over 800 most recently. Androgel will fail you. Don't go on it. This is the one problem we know most of us have, that we can address. I'll report my story soon, but I'm finally starting to get better. I doubt it will cure every issue, but it's a damn good start.
  4. You gotta go on TRT. You have extremely low T and your body is not reacting to it, not trying to produce any. You guys need to understand that. Get your hormones tested. In all likeliness, most of you have low T and need to be treated. This should be the most crucial part to address here.
  5. Here's an email I've received. Those who are trying to spread information regarding Accutane, definitely contact them. Can't hurt. Kynarr, I hope you don't mind us contacting you. We're trying to get a better understanding of the genital anesthesia reported in some cases of persistent sexual dysfunction after using isotretinoin. Particularly, we are trying to understand whether this genital numbness appeared immediately upon starting the drug (ie. after the first dose) or whether it developed later. Is this something you have experienced, and if so, at what point did it develop? RxISK