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  1. Cyph31 added a post in a topic Drinking olive oil   

    why would it take away the effect ? the additional omega 6 should not impair the absorption of EPA and DHA from the fish oil

    on the other hand chugging back a cup of it total each day in your food adding 21 grams omega 6 is probably not a good idea either

    the reason why olive oil among the best fat sources is because over 70% of it is monounsaturated fat which has many benefits

    practically everything except calorie-deficient foods like most fruits and veggies have high omega 6 content, if you cut them out you will have nothing left in your diet, why the hell nature made it this way i have no idea
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  2. Cyph31 added a post in a topic Drinking olive oil   

    i have no idea

    "Different manufacturers list different smoke points for their olive oils, and some manufacturers list a temperature very close to smoke point as their maximum limit for safe heating of the oil. When these temperatures might be correct for avoiding large amounts of some harmful substances that can be created through heating of the oil, they are not correct limits for preserving the unique nutrients (especially polyphenols) found in high-quality, extra virgin olive oil. Oxidation of nourishing substances found in extra virgin olive oil, as well as acrylamide formation, can occur at cooking temperatures very closer to the 300F range. For these reasons, we recommend a much stricter heating standard involving very little or no heating when enjoying this delightful oil."

    the site suggests that if you cook with it keep the heating brief and low temp
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  3. Cyph31 added a post in a topic The Shit   

    let me guess it prescribes ridiculously expensive numerous supplements/herbs along with expensive organic whole foods like every other diet + acne book out there
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  4. Cyph31 added a post in a topic Drinking olive oil   

    just put it in your meals like over veggies or in a salad

    it is strongly anti-inflammatory
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  5. Cyph31 added a post in a topic Whey Protein?   


    do it for a few years consistently and see if you have the same skin issues at the end, at least you'll have a decent body by then
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  6. Cyph31 added a post in a topic Whey Protein?   

    are you the kind of person who walks into a health store and just starts arbitrarily picking random herbs/supplements to buy ?

    and why the hell do people need a taste in their whey, better yet why the hell does EVERYTHING that you eat need a sharp taste ? does something that tastes like nothing (like water) depress a person in some way ? i don't understand
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  7. Cyph31 added a post in a topic Whey Protein?   

    at some point you need to make a decision with supplements and diet, which is more important to you, cost or quality ? if you go to much in the high quality direction you will be healthier but your bank account might be empty
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  8. Cyph31 added a post in a topic is fish bad for acne?   

    some seafood like shrimp and shellfish are very high in iodine so they might cause more harm than good for your skin, even though they are great for your body overall

    i found a supermarket that sells frozen wild salmon for $7/kg and i eat it 1-2 times a day, great source of protein and calcium and vitamin D and EPA+DHA

    all seafood has some pollutant contamination but the positives still very much outweigh the negatives
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  9. Cyph31 added a post in a topic Whey Protein?   

    if you get a good quality one like from trueprotein you should be fine, the lactose content should be very minimal

    now if you have a sensitivity to a particular protein in the whey isolate profile (there are a bunch)
    then no quality of whey isolate will be good for you
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  10. Cyph31 added a post in a topic Chromium GTF   

    i've been taking 3000 mg chromium GTF for 2-3 months now, i haven't noticed any apparent benefits but my blood sugar was already stable before i started it and i eat lots of tomato and onions
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  11. Cyph31 added a post in a topic Flax vs. Fish   

    if you aren't allergic/sensitive to seafood then take fish oil

    the ALA in flax oil is only partially converted in your body to the EPA and DHA that you need

    i see no problems with "too much" fish oil, the benefits just get greater for me the more i take (up to 18 pills a day)
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  12. Cyph31 added a post in a topic Milk/Soy Milk   

    all things soy should be removed from the planet for the good of humanity
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  13. Cyph31 added a post in a topic CoEnzyme Q10   

    hahaha, one of the abundant food sources of Q10 is ? grains !
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  14. Cyph31 added a post in a topic What Can Be Achieved Using Holistic Methods   

    yes i would say fish oil is the most important supplement for acne sufferers, it has other benefits as well (which i have also experienced) like improved brain function and joint movement
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  15. Cyph31 added a post in a topic What Can Be Achieved Using Holistic Methods   

    nuts, seeds, eggs, beef, chicken, fish

    take your pick for non-grain/dairy bulking, if you have a financial/sensitivity problem with all of them i guess you're out of luck
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