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  1. sleaman added a post in a topic Not cleansing my face for a month.   

    Not trying to be a pessimist here, but if you have been doing this with your back already (just using water) and you still have acne there why would it cure the acne on your face? I think its great to just use water, but I personally think it is important to at least lightly rub your face to get dead skin off and stuff. I feel like a dirt-ball if I dont at least wash with water once daily. But hey, thats just me. Good luck tho
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  2. sleaman added a post in a topic How do I meet my calorie mark?   

    well youll probably have to start preparing some meals in advance, since you say you cant cook throughout the day. Chicken is probably the best meat to eat cold IMO, and just cook it with some coconut oil for calories. Nuit butters and nuts/seeds are good too. You cann add avacado to your salad which has a good amount of calories.
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  3. sleaman added a post in a topic No Soy = No Acne!!!! :D   

    Ive read lots of people with soy allergies etc, can consume properly prepared fermented soy products like miso or traditional soy sauce. I think the problem for acne sufferers and those with allergies is the enzyme inhibitors and phytates(sp?) which make it very very difficult to digest. But hey, thats just my 2 cents. I never noticed a connection with soy but then again I pretty much never eat anything that has soy.
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  4. sleaman added a post in a topic A String Theory for Acne?   

    Its usually suggested to hold off on probiotics until you get your leaky gut healed a little. Otherwise, even "good bacteria" can cause problems if it passes through the permeable membrane and enters the bloodtsream. Or at at least thats what I've learned through my reading on the subject in the past.
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  5. sleaman added a post in a topic Diet doesn't cause acne, correct?   

    I think the issue is more that your body is not assimilating and using everything you put into it like it should. I used to never be able to gain weight no matter what. I was eatting 4000-5000 calories/day and working out 5 days a week and never gained any significant amount of weight. AFter I did a long fast(21 days) and some thorough cleansing I am now putting on weight like I should eating less than 2,000 calories/day. I have put on a good amount of muscle mass and no longer look like a walking twig, plus my skin looks amazing, and i eat very little. SO many people just think, "I have a fast metabolism" or something alomg those lines, when in reality its more about the fact that their body isnt able to get what it needs from the foods they eat. SO my suggestion is focuss more on getting your body back in balance and you should be good to go. Thats my 2 cents at least, hopefully it makes sense or helps a little. good luck

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  6. sleaman added a post in a topic Sweet sweet denial.   

    Read up enough on the health impacts of eating all that crap. For me, all it took was to realize how horrible candy/cakes are for my health and that is enough to keep me away from them.
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  7. sleaman added a post in a topic Dessert Recipes and Ideas   

    This isn't really a recipe, but sauteeing apples in some ghee or coconut oil and sprinkling with cinnamon is soo good. Its like apple pie without the pie if that makes any sense.
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  8. sleaman added a post in a topic I'm cool with gluten.   

    i have no problems with it either, despite convincing myself for months that i had celiac. I still dont really eat any grains simply because they have very little nutritional value and I feel better without them. Just because it doesnt give you acne doesnt neccesarily mean you should be eating it all the time IMO
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  9. sleaman added a post in a topic Glucomannan   

    Not sure if you got the idea from my post above about this topic but to me it would make sense. candida will feed off of undigested food no matter if its carbs, proteins, whatever. Since this stuff basically prevents digestion in the stomach all of this undigested/partially digested food will become perfect food for the yeast. ALl I know is that my tongue got coated when I used the stuff, and feel like some of my candida related symptoms got worse. I think its a very good possibility that is what caused your falre up but hey im no scientist
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  10. sleaman added a post in a topic White spots on finger nails. Why?   

    i think thats usually a sign of zinc dficiency. maybe try taking a zinc supplement daily
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  11. sleaman added a post in a topic Raw cashew are greattttttt :)   

    yea theyre not really raw, but they are called raw for some reason. They have been basically roasted real quick without oil to make them not toxic. They taste way better than roasted though, but yea they arent raw technically
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  12. sleaman added a post in a topic Raw cashew are greattttttt :)   

    yea raw cashews are awesome. i usually soak them though because i cant handle a lot of nuts unless theyre soaked first
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  13. sleaman added a post in a topic Does anyone have any tips for eating healthy on a tight budget? (college student)   

    lots of co-ops are designed for people in the cities. its basically like a bunch of people buying a big enough amount to make it worth the farmer's time/money to deliver the food to the cities. I am almost positive chicago would have frmers co-ops. just google "chicago farmer co-op" or "chicago produce co-op". Your bf sounds like he has the same diet i used to have, haha. i lived off mac and cheese, frozen pizza, and pasta for like all of college

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  14. sleaman added a post in a topic Does anyone have any tips for eating healthy on a tight budget? (college student)   

    you can look into farmer co-ops or csa's(community supported agriculture). You pay a fee and get a weekly supply of foods. its great since it makes you eat what you get, adding variety to your diet which is important, and all the food is fresh and local. I know lots of csa's require you to pay ahead of time, but some co-ops let you buy in whenever so look into that in your area. Since its summer starting a garden is another great option. Eggs are pretty cheap,a s are fatty cuts of meats. You could try some organ meats too since they are super cheap and very healthy. Im on a super limited budget too, and i still manage to eat very well (all grass-fed/pastured meats and eggs), lots of veggies. Finding good local sources will be your best bet. farmers markets have amazing deals sometimes.

    Maybe consider spending less on skincare items too. A good diet will eliminate the need for expensive creams and moisturizers, i think. good luck though
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  15. sleaman added a post in a topic Liver cleanse! I love them! :)   

    yea thats the stuff. you shouldnt have to order it online though. I would think any pharmacy or grocery store would have it.
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